Sexting Can Get You F*cked Nice ‘n’ Hard (Literally)

we have all done it.
it’s usually seen as foreplay before “12 play”.
sometimes you can sext all day and get “no play”.
i have sexted quite a few wolves and it went no where.
well who knew you could go to jail for it?
i certainly didn’t.
this black mini baller wolf now has a record because of it.
everyone meet levar allen.
he was sexting a snow bunny and well…

Levar Allen is a 17-year-old standout three-sport student athlete at Parkway High School in south Bossier City, La.

An award-winning wrestler, football and basketball player, Levar is beloved at school and in the community. He’s never been in trouble with the law a day in his life — until now.

Levar did what millions of kids in America are doing — he exchanged naked text messages with a 16-year-old classmate.

First, she sent Levar a nude video and then he sent her one in return. Call it gross, but a recent study found that 54% of kids under the age of 18 have done so before.

Parents may hate it, but when it’s consensual, it’s definitely safer than in-person intercourse.

But Levar lives in the deep South. He’s black. And it appears his biggest mistake wasn’t doing what the majority of American teens have done. His biggest mistake was doing so with a white girl.

Her parents called the police when they discovered what was happening. Of course, they arrested Levar and he was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and possession of child pornography for the video he still had of her on his phone.


Yes, she’s 16 and he’s 17.

Yes, she sent him a video first.

Yes, this was consensual.

Yes they attend the same high school together.

Yes, this is a bogus symptom of the mass criminalization of black folk in the New Jim Crow.

When pressed on whether or not race played a role, Lt. Bill Davis, who is also white, seemed offended and told KSLA-TV, “I have nothing to say about that. It doesn’t matter what your race, what your religion, what your ethnicity, don’t do child pornography! Plain and simple.”

Except a 16-year-old and 17-year-old in the same school consensually sending each other sexual videos of themselves isn’t child pornography.

In Louisiana, the law states that anyone under the age of 17 found to be sexting any person of any age can be charged with a misdemeanor. It’s not widely prosecuted. If a 17 year old, even if they are in high school together, does the very same thing, with a 16 year old, they can be charged with with child pornography. The law lacks the nuance it deserves and ultimately criminalizes common youth misbehavior between peers.

Now, this young man faces the prospect of having a criminal record and his mother is having to scrape together every single dime she can find, $4,000 already, just to defend him from these outrageous charges.

Of course race has everything to do with Levar Allen being charged with these trumped-up crimes. Millions upon millions of teenagers are doing this very thing and he was selectively targeted among them, and made an example of, because he crossed a line that clearly irritated not only her white parents but white law enforcement officers as well.

Charges should be dropped against this young man and his mother, a single mom of three, should be reimbursed for all of the needless expenses of this charade.

Beyond that, these laws must be adjusted to have nuance for normal sexual behaviors between two consenting 16 and 17-year-old kids.

spikewhat disturbs me about this story is his picture only being out there,
while that snow bunny is fully anonymous.
bring her out!
bring her out!
she was a willing participant in trying to get that black dick.
if he goes down then….
oh right.
she is a snow bunny.
different rules apply.
see this doesn’t help the:

“we can’t trust the snow kind”

…theory most of “us” have.
you try and give the benefit of the doubt and shit like this happens.
this story kinda reminds me of the movie,
i had to wonder:

Can blacks really trust white people?

there are many whites who have helped me,
but sometimes i gotta wonder if they really have my back.
you are doing great at work and school now,
but god forbid you get in a scandal,
will those same whites turn on you?
hell can we even trust our own?
we like to turn on “us” as well.
image-17don’t act like i’m talking crazy.
we aren’t the most supportive group of animals to each other.
we also allow the snow kind to turn us against each other as well.
again: don’t act like i’m talking crazy.

i hope this doesn’t effect his future goals,
but i’m sure it will.
when the snow is against you,
they will make sure you are buried.
i wish him well and will pray his record gets expunged.

lowkey: we need to know our laws in our home states.
do you know yours?
a lot of the black wolves at my job are thirsty to fuck the snow bunnies there.

“i really want a snow bunny yo”

they look their pussies as some sort of trophy.
i just look at them like they are completely stupid.

article taken: ny daily news

50 thoughts on “Sexting Can Get You F*cked Nice ‘n’ Hard (Literally)

  1. Yea, this story is saddening and is also another reminder of how powerful white america is and how oppressed we still are. When will black men learn that they cannot trust the white woman? This dude has probably messed up his entire life over a piss ass girl who could care less about him. I bet she did not even say anything in his defense, and I assume she will cooperate to the fullest extent because that is what young white girls are raised to do at the expense of young black men. He is probably going to be convicted of this because of the legal aspects involved though since the age of consent is 17 in Louisiana. I bet he did not even know it was illegal since the two of them are basically the same age.

  2. I mean the boy should have known better since it is the south and it’s Louisiana for God sake. I never been there nor I do want to, but I know not to talk to white people down there.

    But I also have to admit black women are no better because like some you guys mention about black women with white men. Have you guys ever notice black women tend to be sweeter, nicer and caring with their white partners, but a complete fucking bitch with black men? And yes some black women do teach their white partners about social inequality and white privilege, but there also been cases where black women find themselves in a relationship with a racist ass white guy who calls her a nigger in bed, but she choose to stay quiet and remain with him because he have money and a job. But God forbid a black man calls her a bitch, all hell will break loose. So don’t think a black woman with a white man has the perfect relationship, you don’t know what happen behind closed doors.

    One thing I definitely notice and bothers me within the black community is “one man trash is another man treasure” this definitely applies to the black community because let say there is this disgusting looking ugly ass white girl who doesn’t stand a chance in the white community because the rest of the white girls are beautiful, fit and well-dressed while she is consider trash, so what does she do? She goes to the black community because she knows that black men will treat her like gold.

    I will never EVER forget this ugly fat semi-bald headed dude who wrote to me on this gay site way back who told me how he was racist when he was young and found black men gross when they would hit on him. He was attractive in his teens, but as an adult he is hideous. But as an adult all of a sudden he find black men attractive and want to be in relationship with one. Why? Because you’re ugly now and white men don’t want you anymore? The sad part is I already know gay black men will happily take him. But I blocked his ass after I finish reading that message. Get out of here with that bullshit.

    Another thing I want to address is I am getting sick n tired of these black men complaining about gay white men not accepting them. The only reason why gay black men complain is because white men aren’t treating them like a sex object. Every damn time I would see a big smile on these black men when white boys become hungry for their big black cocks and grabbing their crotches and taking them to the restroom to fuck. But when a white boy have enough of black men, they go back to white men, I see these niggas screaming “RACISM, RACISM, RACISM.” Shut the fuck up!!! And these would be the same black men screaming RACISM who would be disgusted or ignored another black man who tries to hit on them. Oh yeah, I forgot it not call big black cock anymore, it’s call nigger cock because so many black men seem to accept and get aroused by it. It’s a thing now, you guys.

    At this point I am seeing black men as a sex object now. They’re only good for sex and nothing more. And it not that I want to view them as a sex object, it just that black men are accepting that role. It’s increasing. I can’t even have a simple conversation with a black man without him saying “So when we gonna fuck?” o “U like raw?” We just talk a few minutes ago, you don’t know even me, I could be a killer. I’m sorry for writing so long it just that I’m really disappointed and angry. It just that you can see the potential of doing something great, but being wasted on stupid sex.

    1. Stop disrespecting Black women on this blog, Hispaniola Fool…..Go to a Latino blog, racist bastard. You got a lot of nerve talking about White Southerners but your Spic ass is spreading bigoted rhetoric towards Blacks, primarily Black women.

      1. Oh wow I’m shaking. It’s funny that you call me racist but yet you are the one who is calling me a Spic. I don’t disrespect black women. All I’m stating are observations and experiences…. I know why you’re bother by this because everything I said is the truth and you don’t like it. It’s funny that you have to attack me by calling me a Spic which farther proof that I am more correct.

      2. Actually Lindo there are times that U make generalized and what I consider to be racist statements regarding Black women. You may want to look into yourself and figure out why u have some of the feelings that u do.

      3. Lindummy I can make general observation about the Latino community as well. Lets start, racism and colorism towards Black or Darker skinned people, Self Hate issues about their Mixed identity, how they worship whiteness, Welfare anchor babies, Heroin and cocaine drug use, Machismo culture, Gang Violence, illegal Immigrate to the our country draining resources from the Middle and Lower Income Native born Americans. etc. So don’t go there with generalizations. The majority of Latinos are in America because they come from corrupt, violent, 3rd world nations. Every Latin Country has Blacks and Darker skinned Mulattos as third class citizens, White or Lighter Skinned Mulattos are all apart of the upper class. Even in Your native Puerto Rico, the wealthy ruling class is primarily Eurocentric looking…..But like you said this is just my observation.

        I’m going to call you a Spic everyday when you make racist generalization about the Black community, especially Black Women. My Mom’s Black and so are all the women in my Family. You are never going to get a pass so long as I’m on this Blog.

      4. @Truth

        But there is colorism and racism towards Afro-Latinxs, that’s nothing new. Even within the AA community, there’s a lot of colorism going on where light-skin is a desire to be and having mixed children are a must have.

        Welfare anchor? Funny, so are African Americans, but AAs are slightly more:

        The drug, gang violence, killing, and illegal smuggling just like places in Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, New York, Baltimore, Atlanta that consist of African Americans who keep on doing these illegal acts even tho they are “Native born Americans” who come from extremely poor neighborhoods in the U.S.

        What about AA women who keep on having multiple children with different baby daddies and using their child to get child support and seeking government benefits even tho they know they can’t financially take care their children.

        Every states in the U.S. you will find more African Americans living in poor neighborhoods and very few living in middle/rich neighborhood where white Americans who are part of the upper class.

        I’m fine with you calling me a spic because you just gave me all rights to call you a dirty stinking black monkey that belongs in a zoo because you don’t know how to contain yourself. So as long you are on this blog, I can call you a black monkey. You luck I don’t call you something worst which you are pushing me to say tbh cause I think you really want me to call you the N word, you’re pushing for it.

        Now I didn’t say anything untrue o mean about black women. It’s no secret that black women treat white men better than black men. Str8 black men have consistently been complaining on how black women are extremely mean towards them. You even have multiple videos where black women are beating the shit out of black men. Not too long ago Jamari post a video of this black girl bullying and hitting this black boy in school. Another reason why black women tend to be nicer to white men is because black women are in the bottom of the dating pool therefore when they do find a white man they will make sure to everything they can to keep him even if that means their white partners calls them racial slurs in bed.

        Don’t believe me, read these:

        Unlike you, I was speaking from a place of love especially for black men because for some reason now shitting on black men is a trend and black men are accepting it which is not right. Everyone is acting like black women are innocent o saints. No, they are not. They do a lot of fuck up shit and it’s even on YouTube and WorldStarHipHop. Granted yeah there are good black women out there, but it not like they come in huge groups.

        The difference between you and I is that I don’t deny o get offend because some of the things you said are true about the Latino community. I always address those issues but with other Latinos because they care. Dominicans always talk about other Dominicans who always be asking for money. They would joke about it, but they know it’s true.

        You’re like a baby, just overly sensitive and calling me names instead being a real man and having a mature conversation. I can tell you are a feminine black man o he she w/e you call yourself and probably act like a stereotypical black woman with that lip smacking. I’m not even surprised that you are friends with black women who use the word gay as a slur against str8 black men but you are okay with it because you’re a damn fool. I dealt with your kind before. Disgusting I might add. And I also know you are a messy queen who likes to out DL niggas and destroy their lives.

        Keep on calling me a Spic, you black monkey.

      5. @Lindummy Thanks for that Racist White man’s Burden Novel LMAO…..My point has been proven. The real question is why are you here Fuck boy. Jamari and the majority of the Foxhole is African American…..You Spic ass Mutt, I’m going to throw bigotry at you ever time you disrespect my community.

        You Font like a White Supremacist from Yahoo and Stormfront. GTFOH LOL!

        I can pull out tons of factual articles on “Truths” about your community, especially you being a Puerto Rican which I highly doubt. Your entire community is under class and your ancestral homeland is Broke and Bankrupt. Yall contribute nothing to this country and I wish the American Gov will just drop you from the Commonwealth realm and let you Island monkeys fend for yourselves. No more American citizenship and Welfare….my Tax dollars have had enough.

      6. @Lindummy since u like disrespecting Black women, know that Black women have conrtibuted more to this county then any Spanish Bitch from here to Guatemala has ever did. They are way more accomplish and respected than Spanish Lolitas From Billionaire, to First Lady, to Secretary of State. Find me a Jennifer Lopez that can compete with a Oprah Winfrey or Michelle Obama. A black woman is the first person and only one of color that will be on American currency. When you spending them American 20s eat Harriet Tubman’s pussy Fuck boy.

        hundreds of Black women, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Shirley Chisholm, Florence Griffin Joyner, Ida B Wells, Harriett Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Condolezza Rice, Susan Rice, Jackie Joyner Kerse, Maya Angelou, Aretha Franklin, Tyra Banks, Angela Davis, Wilma Rudolph, Ruby Dee, Mary Mcleod Bethune, Madame CJ Walker, Zora Neale Hurston, Mae Jemison, Hattie Mcdaniel, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Loretta Lynch (Current US Attorney General) etc. Shits on any Spanish hoe in American History. Especially a fucking Rican Hoe

        African American women more 3 times more likely to be educated then Hispanics and among the top of the list when it comes to College enrollment.

    2. Black men aren’t complaining about white gay men not accepting them. The issue is the stereotypes that have been set for gay black men and you’re an example. Black men aren’t sexual objects and they don’t all have a “bbc”. Most of those unattractive white men you’re referring to are nothing more than a piece of ass, so the standards are low.

      Also, I’ve seen more relationships where black women are with white men because they have them wrapped around their finger, not the other way around.

    3. Every single one of your comments you’ve ever written on here reek of insecurity, unhappiness, and self hatred.

      You should seek help for that. You won’t bait me into any pathetic back and forth because you’re miserable in real life.

      Be well.

    4. Shut up you runaway stray dog. Hispanic men are the runt of the litter. I’ll take sex object any day rather than your kind. Believe that.

  3. Why are her parents calling the police and not dealing with the WHORE they raised. Sadly this dumb ass pineapple, thought that being a star athlete and believing the hype that all those White Coaches and Boosters really cared about him he was immune to the racism that most Black people in this country face. So many of our star athletes have been coddled and sheltered that they believe that everything is peaches and cream in the world. That is why so many of them never speak out about injustices when they make the big league because they really never faced any.

    This girls parents are typical of Whites who always tell minorities that they want to play the victim card, but no one in history has played the victim more than these immoral hypocrites. This is such bullshit and that racist ass police chief knows, his own whoreish daughter has probably slid on a couple of black knobs and that is why he is so gun-ho to lock this kid up. Black people one day gone learn about trusting them.

    If you are familiar with issues facing our youth in the school system and criminal justice system, you will see stories like this all the time. Black youth are treated as adults and never seen as youths who make mistakes because they are young. Most times they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, as white youths are given second chances. The parents and law enforcement are sending the message that they are going to make an example out of the Black youth for even thinking about looking at their precious white daughters.

    I dont want no part of their evil corrupt world, I hope this young man can come through this, but history has shown time and time again, that with his Black skin it is going to be hard to win.

  4. Black people, we have a long way to go. We’re so busy worrying about Jesus and everybody else that our communities are falling apart before our eyes. In the South black males need their fathers much more to teach them these things. There’s only so much a mother can teach. I don’t know man…This bothers me a lot.

  5. this is only giving our sistas ammunition to use against us:

    “this is what they get messing with these snow bunnies”

    …but why don’t we ever get on them when they date snow wolves?
    it’s always:

    “yes girl!
    get that snow wolf!”

    …but when we do it,
    we are sell outs.

    why is this?

    1. The difference is when black women get with white men they typically impart knowledge of the social inequity minorities deal with if they aren’t aware. Every single couple I’ve encountered involving black woman and white man, the white man is not your run of the mill white dude.

      These dudes often get with white women to assimilate so instead of sharing their culture with the white women and schooling her on the shit we deal with, they have her out here still talking wreckless and ignorant and some of these coons will even join in on the disrespect.

      As long as Iggy Azalea has been with Nick Young she should not still be making stupid comments.

      Have you ever heard Robert Deniro, George Lucas, or Robin Thicke (when he was married to Paula) make insensitive or uniformed statements?

      1. Very good points JAY.

        From what I’ve seen in my own personal surroundings and in other places a lot of white men that get with black woman treat them like queens. Now I know there are exceptions to every rule but like Jay said these white guys that get with black women seem to have a better understanding of white privilege. (once again exceptions to every rule).

        I feel like black women a lot of times only have other black women standing up for them. For years black men have had the sistas backing them up but when it’s time for black women to get support and standing it doesn’t happen in the same way.

      2. ^whats crazy is God willing he gets scouted for colleges,
        those same coaches have the snow bunnies act as whores to persuade them to attend the college.

    2. Everyone does this. Plenty of black men do this to black women too, and this is far from being limited to Black people, or straight people. Gay people do it to each other as well If you’re paying attention, you will see this is very common across all demographics in one way or another. Everyone wants to blame other people for the problems they have in their own lives instead of focusing on fixing said problems or sorting out their priorities. Why would they spend so much time focusing on someone who they supposedly wouldn’t want anyway? They are perpetuating a whole situation about a couple they don’t know in their head to cater to their narrative of insecurities. People like this need to keep it moving and get their lives together rather than worry about this”black men “only” dating white women or Black women “only dating white men” type rhetoric. If it’s not for you, fine, go get a good black man/woman and change the narrative yourself as opposed to expecting others to do it for you. They are putting THEIR expectations of “blackness” on other people which is a “doomed to fail” concept. Live your life, do things your way, and keep it moving, stop creating stories in your head about other people you don’t know. You don’t have to agree, but the actions/inactions of others shouldn’t effect you if you feel like you’re living your life in the way that you see right!

      People who say stuff like that are only exposing their insecurities.
      This wasn’t directed at you Jamari, just the people who repeat these bs ideologies as if it’s truth. Quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing people spew that crap. It’s just stupid.

  6. Louisina is only good for a few things:

    Food and a good fuck with your own and make sure you don’t plan to stay there because the police is corrupt.

  7. Imma come out and say it. I do not trust the white race. At all. Why? Is she even coming out to his defense saying that it was what she wanted? I doubt it.There is a system of power that protects white interests and the institution that we call racism that keeps them at the pinnacle while we suffer at the bottom. Now this boy’s life is ruined. Over cunt he never had the chance to slay. We need to be honest enough to say who is an enemy and who is a friend. Stick to people of color.

    1. ^i see your point f&s,
      but can we really say not to trust all the whites?
      i feel that’s blaming an entire race over a few,
      or a lot,
      of assholes.

      maybe im too optimistic?

      1. No one said not be cordial and respectful, but I agree with not trusting white people or anyone for that matter that a trust hasn’t been tested thoroughly.

        Racism and prejudiced isn’t as in your face as it was for our parents, grandparents, and their parents.

        They were called niggers and monkeys to their face, but they knew where they stood. That’s not polite or socially acceptable for the most part now. We’re operating in the dark because white people will smile in your face as they facilitate your downfall.

        Don’t drink that kool aid that everything is all good because we had a black President for two terms. I’m not confident it will ever happen again.

      2. My personal opinion is that we can blame them. Where are the white people asking for this boy’s release from prison? If whites were to band together and riot about racism in this country the same way they lobby for gay marriage and abortion rights, there would be no racism in America. But where is the white outcry against racism. Few and far between. I find beauty in all races, but I’d rather stay with my own because at least if I get burned w/ my own, it won’t most likely be about race.

      3. Bob Marley or is is Mosiah Marcus Garvey who said a man who doesn’t know and learn from his history is bound to repeat the mistakes he’s made in the past.

    2. It’s not even about blaming all white people, but only FOOLS ignore HISTORY.

      They have largely thrown us under the bus at every turn. They haven’t even switched up tactics. They still use the divide and conquer and elevate a few us (the ones they can control) to keep the rest of us in line.

      Might sound dramatic, but you have to keep in mind, they have destroyed multiple civilizations!

  8. Maybe I didn’t read the story right but I’m trying to figure out why isn’t she being charged as well?

    These laws are so outdated at times, I want to say almost every teenager who is doing sexual stuff is out there sending nude pics and videos. I think older adults seem to forget that hormones are at a all time high at that age. It is nowhere near fair they are charging this young black man because we all know what would happen if this was a white guy so yeah I’m going to call bullshit.

    Once black boys reach a certain age Society stops seeing them as young teenager and starts seeing them as criminals. Had it have been a white teenager she was doing this with they would just saw this as typical teenager Stuff but the parents are shocked that it was a black teenager their daughter was talking to.

    I’m curious on what the white girl is saying, is she playing victim or is she aginst this.

    1. ^i have no doubt she is either playing the victim or being coached to play the victim.
      let’s hope im wrong and she is kicking up dust…

    2. Good point. His family could sue and charge her unless the age limit is 16. And with the son being 17… I bet her parents would drop them charges quick if he also charged her and then there is evidence she initiated it…

      1. That’s what I was asking! Sue her ass too! If you’re going to make me go through all this hassle, I will dowhat i can to bring you down too. She was engaged in the act as well, in fact, she instigated it. If anyone is going to be sued and penalized it SHOULD be HER!

        Taking everything you guys said earlier, I see how it can be a tough situation for him in general. His family doesn’t really have the money to support all this, and it’s going to be used against them.

    3. They’re saying anyone under 17 is illegal, even if it’s one year apart.

      I don’t know why, but this had me so heated. They just possibly killed any chance he had at a good career because they’re in denial about the daughter being a thirst trap. This is a young talented athlete in school, not someone in the streets.

  9. Well, if they can sue him, can’t they sue her back? How does that work?
    This is just all kinds of wrong! Sue her family back! Or can’t they?

    1. This is tough…this is why knowing the lawsame can hrlp.. people in power choose to apply the law and when they dont. I’m sure there are many laws people break daily but are they if he has a good lawyer he could argue a minor cannot be held accountable for a law because he cannot legal consent to a contract or maybe of an age cannot interpret a law …. rarely used but state laws differ. .. this is where the judge should use common sense when interpreting and applying this law. I’d he exercises his right of a jury trial and they do a damn good job of jury selection …he could get off

      1. I really hope they can get him off, because this is a complete joke.
        Absolutely ridiculous, but this is how it is.

    2. ^right!
      she should be lawyered up ready to get into that family bank account.
      you not gonna have my cub in jail and their daughter is home playing with her easy bake oven.
      no way…

      1. This is Louisiana. His family might not be able to afford a good lawyer so he might be forced to get an overworked, underpaid public defender that could care less.

        Even if his record is expunged his mugshot is on the internet forever while white girl keeps her anonymity smh.

        THIS is why the organization like the NAACP should be important.

  10. Honestly, this isn’t anything uncommon. Black men are being convicted and forced to register as sex offenders and STILL pay child support for children they make with teenage girls just a year or two younger than themselves.

    So sad.

    Being raised in the south, his parents should’ve instilled the reality of this type of situation with him.

    I remember from a young age my mom always saying “Don’t bring her home if she can’t use your comb!” and she was DEAD SERIOUS.

    You’re nothing but a form of rebellion to some of these white girls in the south and they will throw you under the bus and ruin your life in a heartbeat.

    1. ^DEAD at what your mother said.

      its funny this kinda coincides with the entries with ezekiel and that snow bunny.
      now this one may have a ruined life because of pussy.
      if this was two black cubs,
      im sure this would have been a “who cares!”.

      1. I don’t have nothing against interracial relationships but we have to stop being so damn gullible.

        Have we learned nothing from Emmett Till, Jamesis Winston, Kobe Bryant?!

        We gotta teach these young black men to stop believing the hype white people tell us like we’ve overcome and we live in a post racial society.

        Don’t be no sucker for pale skin and pink nipples!

        Police will believe lowest class of white trailer park, cooking meth in the barn, white people over a black man from a decent family EVERY SINGLE TIME.

        We been risking our lives for white pussy since slavery smh.

        Maybe its different up north but black men from the south should know better.

        1. ^i love this line:

          “We been risking our lives for white pussy since slavery smh”

          it is so true.
          you see how some of us can get once we fuck the sought after white pussy and accepted into the family.
          don’t know how to act LOL

    2. FACTS! 100%. Dating a black guy to white girls/guys when your black in the south is like touching the forbidden fruit. They might smile in your face and it may all be good in the hood until somebody hollers rape…

    3. @ Jay, EXACTLY. Even in this day and age. any time a “little” white girl want to get out of trouble, all she has to do is shout “black man.” And the world in its entirety will stop and accommodate her. Even when everybody knows it is a lie. People like to talk about the “evils” of black women. But, they never talk about how MUCH worse white women are. That white man was offended that that white girl, want to touch and tease the “big black man” even when evidence shows that the white girl is the aggressor.

  11. Wow. This actually upset me. It’s the same circus over and over again. If only I had the money. I would hire her the best damn attorney in the country.

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