When Your Past Tweets Comes Back To Haunt Your Future

maxresdefaultanimals really need to be careful what they put on their social media.
tweets have a way of coming back and biting you in the ass.
well that is what happened to pre baller wolf,
wendell smallwood.
he just got drafted to the philadelphia eagles,
but he wasn’t feeling philly way back when.
look at what he “had” did via outsports

When West Virginia running back Wendell Smith got the phone call from the Philadelphia Eagles that he was coming to the City of Brotherly Love, he quickly flipped through said phone and deleted his Twitter account. It was already too late.

In addition to tweets about not wanting to play football in Philadelphia and what a bunch of losers live in PhillyDeadspin had already screen-captured this little gem:


The negative and sometimes nasty tweets were from several years ago and were, according to him, the thoughts of a much younger athlete. Shortly after being drafted, Smallwood didn’t dodge questions about the tweets.

“The stuff on Twitter — I was young,” said Smallwood, according to Pennlive.com. “It’s real embarrassing. I don’t believe anything I said. I’ve definitely grown since that stuff was sent out. I’ve learned from it.”

I believe it. The tweets were from several years ago at a time when same-sex marriage was illegal in most states. Things have changed so much in five years. He was 17 and still in high school. Sure, he deleted his account once he realized there could be a problem, but we can accept that he has learned a lot in the last five years and just wants to move onto the next phase of his life.

His views on the city of Philly have obviously changed dramatically in the last 48 hours as well.

So while Smallwood doesn’t get a “pass” for his tweets, his acceptance of them and his acknowledgement of the need to move on is welcome. Of course, if he does something like this again, we can look back at this tweet. But for now, we wish Smallwood success with the Eagles and thank him for taking responsibility.

here are the full tweets:

Wendell-Smallwood-Tweet-2011 Wendell-Smallwood-Tweet-2012 Wendell-Smallwood-Tweet-2014


karma has a way of coming back around.
if that wasn’t a perfect example of it.

lowkey: how does he know about philly and their “gays” tho?
as always:

thanks to the f-bi who always keeps me in the loop!

article taken: outsports

watch video of wendell shittin’ bricks: here

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “When Your Past Tweets Comes Back To Haunt Your Future”

  1. Nobody was really popping in the looks department in the draft this year.

    I’m interested in how Terron Beckham is going to do.

    1. Yea, I heard Terron was trying out with the Jets. They may keep him around, but he may not make the final cut tho.

  2. Tha’s my question too,like how he be knowin’ all this?…I’m really curious to hear from peeps hailing from/living in Philly.

  3. Baby please! He over there looking like Bulbasaur…
    Exhibit-A htp://img01.deviantart.net/39cb/i/2012/088/9/6/bulbasaur_by_songokukai-d4gecpp.png

  4. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m not surprised he made a tweet like that. Who knows if he had a change of heart from getting drafted (Which I’m betting is the case) or if in the past five years he’s really grown.

    I know this is going to come up real small minded but I feel like majority of straight young black man think this way anyway.

  5. I think he feels the same way. Probably had a few” interactions” and Philly and felt when left..he left for good…

  6. He was using gay as a insult on a “man’s manhood,” because in a homophobe’s mind, it’s still a bad thing to be gay. People do change though, so as long as it is acknowledged and apologized for, all is good.

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