Kyle Long Thinks Baller Wolves Get Taken Advantage of By Hoes

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 6.19.56 PMso kyle long,
baller wolf for the chicago bears,
has some thoughts about the whole “ezekiel elliott/snapchat” debacle.
he took to his twitter and said this…
















well then,
here is a thought:

stop sleeping with the obvious hoes

9870-Safety-Or-Deathlets look at the average hoes most baller wolves meet.

club hoe
“waiting outside the arena”-hoe
“the saved and sanctified” hoe

they get exposed because instead of judging character,
or carrying on a full investigation,
they see “potential pussy to fuck”.

tumblr_nnwlu5SnFC1ru873no1_250so when this hoe shows her full ass,
or turns out to be a gold digger AFTER they get ger pregnant,
suddenly that same baller wolf is confused.
well boo fuckin’ hoo.
be confused.
get her free money ready.
his brain and common sense wasn’t on.
it def wasn’t on when he was deep dea diving in her coochie..
if she:

taken a million selfies a day = danger
waiting after the game with her tits out = danger
has no goals/career plans = danger
has more baby fathers than money in her purse = danger
is wearing a full face of make up in the gym = danger

baller wolves would do so much better if they had standards.
put some standards on your penis!


^this will always be the downfall of many wolves.
don’t get me started on the dl and the messy ratchet gays.

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picture credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “Kyle Long Thinks Baller Wolves Get Taken Advantage of By Hoes”

  1. It’s funny to me how these pro athlete are acting like they’re innocent helpless victims, like they’re not here fucking anyone with a pulse. They know what the deal is so stop with the victim act

  2. Everyone wants to be a victim these days.

    These dummies fall into these traps these thots set for them because they are suckers for pussy and women that stroke their overinflated egos.

    These women only need to sleep with these dudes once to get pregnant and get a check for 18 years. Who can blame them if these dudes are not very discerning about who they stick their penis in?

    There are no victims in these situations.

    1. Exactly Jay, and since I’m not a straight man I don’t know how their minds work, but from straight wolves around me pussy is pussy and so when they see a pretty female they definitely trying to get that pussy. I swear majority of men cheat. By the way Kyle Long is cute.

  3. How about dealing with the girl you grew up with next-door, or the girlfriend you had that supported you when you were a nobody. Huh? you don’t remember them

    Boy cry me a river, I don’t feel sorry for these athletes to get played like this. Just as you posted when is clear that this vixen you’re messing with it obviously in it for the come up.

    1. ^THIS!! They forget the one that stood with them, when they had nothing! Soon as the big booty, bit tittied, face full of makeup skeezer shows them some attention…they forget about the “basic” chick that stood with them.
      OR they will wife that chick, but go around stickin’ the dick up in any and every chick that shows them attention. Sad!

      1. Yep, so they can have the best of both worlds. A wife who takes care of the house and kids so the baller and look like a stand up kind of guy and side chicks that can be flown when ever and where ever at the drop of a couple thousands and a bag or something.

    2. Preach, brothers!!!

      Poor Athletes, I feel SO bad for you! People want you? They put a spell on you, and you can’t help yourself, so you had to impregnate her and now you have to pay child support for the child you won’t take care of, even though you have all the resources in the world to raise a beautiful, happy child in a stable home? Poor you. It’s tough having money!.

      Would those chicks ever have looked at you had you not had any money? It’s okay, I’ll wait. in fact, I won’t bother because I’ll be dead before I get the truth from these clowns so I’ll keep it moving. LOL!


  4. The killing part Is these athletes mess with chicks that haven’t seen a W2 since they worked the drive thru at Taco Bell in high school.

    They always messing with “models” and “actresses” and that’s just the ones who front like they have a job at all. The only jobs these chicks they fuck have is trading club outfits with their homegirls and hunting dummies like you in the club and after games.

    Get a nurse, school teacher, physical therapist, or a woman with an MBA smh

    1. @Jay…they’ll get them…but they’ll stick fuck the thots and end up having kids with them!

      1. Yep so I don’t blame them either. Shit, I’d fuck and marry my way into wealth too. Sallie Mae don’t care how you get them payments and neither does the bank that takes my car note lol

  5. Well most of these athletes better look for a woman from another country because American women are fucking sluts. I’m sorry but it the God honest truth. I must admit Latin American/European women carry themselves way better than U.S. American women. It’s true. I seen Spanish women from Spain who dress conservative but sexy at the same time while U.S. American women either dress like a slop showing butt crack and lumpy titties o wear tape that they call a “dress” thinking it’s sexy. No baby, you dress and walk like a street walker. And you wonder why men treat you like a one night stand. Plus U.S. American women are very masculine.

    1. @Lindo…I gotta disagree with you on that one. The Latin American women do not carry themeselves better than American women…at least the ones I see. The ones I see are ALWAYS dressed in something tight and ill-fitting, no matter the shape of the woman…short, tall, fat or skinny.
      It seems that Latin women are taught at an early age that you have to wear something tight to get attention…and that isn’t the case. American women are not masculine, unless they are lesbian or bodybuilders. Your statement is inaccurate.

    2. @Lindo
      I have been trying to give you the benefit of the doubt but I’ve come to realize you are a racist,misogynistic idiot.If American women are “fucking sluts” than I am a slut.I am not.Then every guy in the Foxhole mother,sister,daughter, female friend or relative who is American, is a slut.Is Michelle Obama,an American woman, a slut? You need to stop making these asinine comments where you generalize all Black women or all American women.Because I can make some statements generalizing all Latino or Hispanic men as well but I will take the high road.I don’t know if you are ignorant or if you are trolling but enough of this Bullshit.I realize everyone is entitled to their opinion but when you paint over 100 million woman as a monolithic group it’s a clear indication that you are beyond clueless.Stop generalizing all women.It is so difficult to say “some women” do this or “some women” act like this?

      I guess it’s in my best interest to not read any more of your comments to avoid anti Black or Anti women comments.

    3. Hispaniola Fool ass nigga been saying dumb bigoted shit for awhile on Jamari’s blog unchecked. He said derogatory things about Black women a few post ago but lust after the men that are birth by them…….If u feel that way about American Women take yo ass Back to Hispaniolastan with the rest of your arrogant, shady, American mooching ass people.

    4. Everytime I check this blog you always have some disparing comments to say about black women. Do you suffer from an illness where you cannot shit your mouth? You love black dick but hate black people especially black women. It is no surprise, Latinos are so anti-black they seem to forget that they have African blood running through their veins.

      Please do not prop up Latin American/European women as trophies as if they aren’t cum guzzlers their damn selves who are chasing after these ballets. You visit a blog that features black men knowing damn well they come from black women. You don’t see black men as nothing more than real life sex toys. If I ever catch you talking cash shit about black women again, I will drag your bitch ass through the comments time and time again you twit. I have got time time for your bigoted ass today.

      1. Exactly^. He’s “one of those”… UGH. Those nasty PARCHED ass non-blacks that THIRST for the Black male anatomy but shame the same chocolate queens that BIRTHED those men.
        N*cca without those women there would be none of these bronze-complected men featured on the foxhole for you to gawk at and beat your meat to everyday! Remember that.

        I always side-eye people like that. If you’re racist to one gender of people in my race then I’m sure you have some ill notions about Black men too. It’s just that your penis disagrees with your brain on this one so you can’t help yourself.

    5. Lindo paddle back to Mexico Sir. Or Trump gone get ya ass! You’re nothing but a thirsty troll who probably doesn’t get out much.

  6. I can tooootally understand sleepin w/ these thots when they’re flingin’ themselves on you like you own their air supply…I’d porlly have my fill if I was in their shoes…but what I can’t understand for the life of me is the said “sleepovers” opening yourself for shit like this…and then goin’ beyond that and havin’ offspring by these gold-nutted hoes…a fool and his $ are soon departed, even before the ink is dry.

    1. I would probably hit it too of they were giving it up…but you better believe there will be TWO condoms on and once I’m done…I will dispose of the condom, not her! And she will be shown the door once we’re done, ’cause you will not get an opportunity to snap photos or steal sperm out of the condom whilst I sleep! Not gonna happen! LMAO

  7. The truth is, a lot of these athletes lack good judgement and common sense. The majority of them are not intelligent, which leads to them making bad decisions. They were only enrolled in college because of scholarships, and after only one year, many of them enter the draft.

    The youngest ones seem to be the worst ones though. Since they are new to the lifestyle, they often celebrate by having sex, lets just call it what it is. Once they realize they may need to slow down, they already have three children before the age of 25. It is sad. We sit here and lust after these athletes, but none of us would be truly happy with one, which is the reason I have never wanted to be with one.

    1. Me too. These “baller” men are over-rated. I don’t want one, nor do I want any part of that lifestyle. I like more normal men, with a brain and sensibility. Someone who is more than sex. I need to be able to have conversation of substance, or I lose interest real fast. I don’t see the appeal of these “hurr durr durr” type of men. Looks aren’t everything, and neither is sex.
      Me and these type of men aren’t compatible AT ALL! Give me a banker,engineer, teacher, etc. ANY day.

      1. There are intelligent ones out there Diggy. We just get bombarded with the ignant ones, unfortunately.

      2. This is true! I think there was one guy “baller” posted on here that was very attractive to me, but more for the fact that he seemed like a good dude with goals and aspirations, completed his schooling and valued his family, and hard work ethic. Now I don’t know what he’s REALLY like behind closed doors, but if I were to check for any of these types of men it would be that type, Don’t remember his name though xD

    2. Because so many of them come from nothing, and then they step into a lifestyle (the first round picks) that allows them to get whatever they want…to include the ass they would only dream about! LOL
      Nah, I probably wouldn’t be happy with one, because I know he’d be sticking whatever gave him the opportunity to do so…so I’d settle for being happy for an hour or two, no strings attached. LOL

  8. So, nobody going to talk about how cute Kyle Long is? … Common guys, athletes will be athletes *Jennifer William’s voice*. Why r we still talking about this???

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