I Think I’ll Wear Coats Over My Shoulders This Summer

f302bdb7bf36b17acef6aac0703c8bf9^this was kim kardashian in 2012.
you see that?
the correct way to wear high waist pants.
well the following is kim kardashian in 2016 at the snapchat offices.
i saw these pictures today and well…

tumblr_nqgp9yDWTq1rimcybo1_400so much questions i’m having:

why is she wearing that heavy ass hot ass leather jacket?
what season are we in?
did she get the inspiration from shredder off the ninja turtles?
is she really gonna be wearing strategic fat blockers all summer?

why are the pants pulled all the way up to her chest?
why is it pulled all the way up to her chest?
is she wearing spanx?
can we tell?

i don’t get it.
kim must have extreme low self esteem.
if my wolf told me i had to wear the hideous clothes he picked out,
it would be grounds for a divorce.
bye bye muthafucka.
i got tah go.
this is after all his shit was on the lawn.
don’t even disrespect my closet and me with the nonsense.

get it all the way together.

lowkey: there must be a “cooler” way to hide your fat.
she use to be so quick to lipo something out her body.
is there a reason she isn’t doing this?
clearly the gym and her is a foreign concept.

pictures credited: akm-gsi \ woom/akm-gsi

13 thoughts on “I Think I’ll Wear Coats Over My Shoulders This Summer

  1. I wonder if she may be depressed. Living with Kanye has to be exhausting at times.

  2. Kim was so beautiful in the Kris Humphries era (2011)… Baby WHY did you have to toy around with that natural beauty??? Some folks need surgery but KIM was a 10 without it. I just don’t get it. Apparently surgery is like drugs in Hollywood. Everybody has had at least a nip or tuck. And then at one point it becomes an addiction. I’m not against surgery but Kim dead-ass did NOT need it on her face! Like at all. I prefer her style now though lol. No more leopard print maxi-dresses. Kanye is the stylist now

  3. Kim tries so hard to be high fashion and usually fails. Kim and Kanye both fall into fashion as uniform. Fashion as uniform works for Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, or people that stick to the color black. And thats because they’ve found things that flatter or work for them and stick to it. I prefer people that have fun with fashion; risk taskers like Rihanna, Pharrell, Gwen Stefani. Theyre not afraid to look bad, cause they know tomorrows another day and a whole new look. Whats sad is I feel like Kim thinks she looks good?! Fire your whole team! And stop wearing Balmain. It doesn’t look good on you!

  4. I’m not even feeling the bell bottom pants from 2012.

    Kim used to be bad before she started messing with Kanye!

    Khloe basically stole her style now.

  5. I feel like 2008-2012 was when she peaked; before she started fucking wit her face and before Kanyetta starting dressing her like she’s 5’11 115lbs. She looked glamorous, shapely, chic and most of all attainable. She may not have worn super high fashion then but she looked great which was part of her initial appeal; girls wanted to dress like her. I’ll be happy when someone finally tell her couture and super high fashion is not her strong suit, She too many surgical procedures and kids beyond these frocks.

  6. Damn Kim I just got two words for you-Low Carbs. Shit did Aretha Franklin have a garage sale. I know she has been on a budget thanks to her husband blowing through so much money on his failed fashion line but this is ridiculous. She looks like she is one Patti pie away from needed her one touch meter and a shot of insulin. Im praying for those ankles cause they are leaning on the everlasting on. As much as her ass is on IG she needs to find a trainer ASAP cause this aint cute. This family has been cursed by a fat gene.

    1. Look don’t come for me and Kim because we like our sugary carbohydrates.

      Thick thighs and don’t discriminate against pies!

  7. I think it’s because of the high-end fashion designers paying her at this particular time to wear their shit…allegedly. In my mind, I believe most celebrities are paid to wear their designs for these “candid” photo-ops as advertisement. Kim is probably just working with horrid designers at this time, but money talks, so she complies.

  8. In one picture it looks like her ass is about to collapse. Y’all see it? lol.

  9. I thought she dressed so well pre-Kanye. She really knew what worked on her body. I hate just about everything she puts on nowadays.

  10. Yes, she definitely doesn’t dress as well as she used too. Oh, and I think this time around she’s trying to lose the weight the old school way. Rather than lipo like before, that’s my guess.

  11. Wow such a difference, in the 2012 pics she was a banger nowadays she’s just kinda meh. She doesn’t really wear color like she used too, she either it black, white, or neutral tones.

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