The Final Job Interview

tumblr_mm6d0dmnOc1qfb46yo1_500i thought i was going to late af today for this job interview.
dead ass,
the train was delayed and it was 1045am.
i had to be there 11am.
i know.
not only that,
i didn’t know where i was going exactly…

when i got to my stop,
the building was a few blocks down.
it was also around the corner from the new vixen’s old job.
thank god for google maps.
when i got to the floor,
i was met with a pretty attractive receptionist.
he was a dark caramel wolf with the shiniest hair.

i’ll take him and the job.


i met with the nicest blonde snow vixen.
when she walked in,
she instantly made a compliment about my outfit.
it helped how friendly she was and made a lot of jokes.
i instantly felt comfortable.
she told me she would keep me in serious consideration for the position.
at the end,
she wanted me to meet her colleague,
who was a a brunette snow vixen.
she wanted to hire me for a temp-to-perm position,
but since i’m getting health insurance,
it wouldn’t be good look to hire me for that.
if the job fell through then i’m assed out.

so that’s it!
3 job interviews completed.

tumblr_n9vtvhPx1h1tymklvo1_500the “insidejamarifox” media kit up next.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “The Final Job Interview”

  1. YES! Great job buddy! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Waiting for a response is the worst part!

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