The Final Job Interview

tumblr_mm6d0dmnOc1qfb46yo1_500i thought i was going to late af today for this job interview.
dead ass,
the train was delayed and it was 1045am.
i had to be there 11am.
i know.
not only that,
i didn’t know where i was going exactly…
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Got2bReal: The Final Episode

g2bri hate to see them go,
but this is the final episode.
i know.
i know.
-1 skorpion show.
those who were already wondering…

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So, What Is The Return Policy for the Wolf With The Good Pipe?

I have Foxes all around the world.

I love it and I love them.
It is always a joy to hear about someone else going through the same thing as me,
but in a totally different culture and time zone.
Who knew Wolves were assholes all over, huh?
But, I always appreciate reading the stories,
which are either laced with sadness or triumphs.
Just know, I feel you.

I got a story last night that shows that you can get your Wolf,
but that can come with consequences.

At what price are you willing to pay for a Wolf?

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