So, What Is The Return Policy for the Wolf With The Good Pipe?

I have Foxes all around the world.

I love it and I love them.
It is always a joy to hear about someone else going through the same thing as me,
but in a totally different culture and time zone.
Who knew Wolves were assholes all over, huh?
But, I always appreciate reading the stories,
which are either laced with sadness or triumphs.
Just know, I feel you.

I got a story last night that shows that you can get your Wolf,
but that can come with consequences.

At what price are you willing to pay for a Wolf?

My London Fox hit me up a couple of months ago with a dilemma.
He was in deep like with 3 Wolves that caught his eye at his campus.
All of which were doing things to make him think they were interested in him.
He had a feeling (like we always do) but he wasn’t too sure.

Well he hit me up last night to update me on his Wolfie situations.
He was on Grindr one day and a D/L Wolf hit him up with no display picture.
They kept chatting back and forth and when it was time to exchange pictures,
the finest Wolf out the 3 was behind the mystery.

Like a good Fox,
he did not hesitate of getting him hooked…
and then letting the hook up happen.

Yes Foxes and Wolves, they “shagged” as they say in London town.

The dick game was pretty good.
The Wolf was packing some major steel.
I wonder what he word is for “he banging his back out” in London?

Sadly, the Wolf hasn’t called him back so it was pretty much a “1 fuck for free” situation.
Even with a sore Foxhole, my London Fox is pretty much over it…
…and wanting to throw in his Fox badge and be celibate until death.

Here is a piece of what he said:

“Men number 2 and 3, I am completely over them. No attraction anymore whatsoever. Its weird.
I think this gay lifestyle is very fickle cos inasmuch as I want a stable man to love and who loves me, I don’t think we are capable of being interested long enough for it to work. This is coming from me, a hopeless romantic I am completely over men. Cos I think once the sexual bit is over, what next? the sex if we’re being honest isn’t really that pleasurable-esp for a bottom. The tops attention can never really be held for an extended period anyway cos they can stick it anywhere they like. We are the receptacles as the bottoms and hence more prone to heart ache, anxiety over a mans feelings/intentions, etc. The best bits are kissing and cuddling which u get over at some point.

The positive lesson from this experience however is that the mind is a powerful thing. if you desire something hard enough, the universe, in a round about way, brings it to you. Man #1 was my first choice and i ended up shagging him so yay me!”

Well I salute you London Fox!
You got the Wolf you were dreaming about and some sex to boot.
As much as he got you, you also had him.
I’m sure when you see him on campus,
you can smile to yourself and say:


But you left me with a lot of thoughts.
Of course a Jamari Fox entry would not be complete without them.

Okay, so check it…
I finally snag Devin Thomas and we end up fucking.
As much as this Fox wants to stay exclusive and do our thing,
his mentality could be “stick and move”.
I’m just a collector’s item in his Wolf bag of TRICKS.
And being that I am in a sort of spotlight, he is trying to bang the “superstar” blogger on the scene.

For my Foxes out there…
Are we just chasing hopeless Wolves who only see us as consolation prizes after getting “us”?
Sure, we meet them and they are intrigued by us and what we bring to the table.
We turn them on so much that the only thing on their mind is “FUCK HIM ASAP“.
There is someone out there just waiting for the day to pipe you down.
But after we wake up to a sore Foxhole and a smile on our face,
he is suddenly gone with no sort of return policy.
It is like we get an expensive cell phone and losing it the next day…
and then come to find out we have to pay full price again for another one because we didn’t think to get ins.
To some, that maybe not a big deal to shell out another 400 dollars.
But to others, it maybe a lot more work to have to put in for a second time.

So what is the price?
Are these Wolves we meet just for limited time after we fuck them,
only or do we need special bonuses just to keep ’em?
I couldn’t stop and think…

After we FUCK these Wolves, are all sales final?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “So, What Is The Return Policy for the Wolf With The Good Pipe?”

  1. The “Hit and Run” youve gots to love that one lol. Thats the specialty of the wolf. Sometimes you might get one who will contact you maybe four days later after you sent a text as simple as” hows it going?” and then nothing at all until the weekend. Every where you go theyre the same .They make you feel like leaving men alone all together and becoming celibate. Well guess you have to wait till they get in their mid 30s,you know when they finally decide to calm they ass down to catch one LMAO

  2. “No sex before monogamy.” Thats the mantra.

    A guy that wants to get to know you with a possibility of going beyond dating doesn’t put the focus on the sex. Sometimes we use sex as a means of keeping men around. Other times its like a positive reinforcement like “thanks for treating me like a decent human being for two weeks… here you go.” But I do believe in waiting. It gives you an idea of whats hes really in it for.

    The part about how powerful the mind is really stuck out to me. I’ve experienced this many times when it comes to wanting to meet or get to know men. I think we can all learn from that.

  3. I know that I will sound like such a whore when I say this becuase not “material” item is more valuable than myself but I’m spit it like I told my phone a little eariler, most wolves only having intentions intially to get to know a little about you and see where your head is and then they just wanna fuck and keep it moving. So I do what Vain does, only I add a twist. I dont have sex unless I’ve “aquired” something in the process.These acquistions range from clothes, shoes, money, etc but it essentially is my return policy, because I’m expensive and I like “unique” stuff. Lol so after I’ve “acquired” some items and you hit it and run, its cool because you’ll be running with them pockets a little it lighter than you started.

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