FACIAL: (38)

tumblr_o4pd6wTSMQ1rkih50o1_1280his facial is stupid prettttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
his skin is flawless.
…the hell is his skin care regiment?
goat’s blood?
unicorn pee?

Author: jamari fox

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24 thoughts on “FACIAL: (38)

    1. Jay…that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking, makeup.
      It makes him look kinda feminine in this pic.

  1. Lol used to talk to him. He’s a good guy and finally found love. Oh so happy for the guy.

  2. Looks a bit “too pretty/perfect” in the photo for me, but he is very attractive. I have a feeling he looks more natural in person. No doubt a stunner. I like his hair style and the length, I’m trying to get something like that done.

  3. Nice looking dude but the skin care secret is a good filter that you can download in the google app store. No Tea No Shade 🙂

  4. @Jay not necessarily… It could be a good filter and/or camera.

    P.S. Just came back from Houston, and I think y’all have some of the cutest black man in the country… I was hoping to run into you lol. For some reasons H-town guys think I exclusively date white guys, don’t know why…

    I didn’t get the chance to do much as I was with family members. Any places I should definitely check out next time?

    1. Lmao how were you going to run into me? I’m not walking around with a insidejamarifox shirt on lol

      It really depends on your interests though. Houston is a big spread out city with a variety of things to get into.

      1. Lmao Hey who knows, you’ve been member of the foxhole for many years so maybe you are walking around Houston with a Insidejamarifox shirt on…Smart Alec lol.

        I was hoping to run into a “6’4”, dark-skin, African American man, with a big mouth” Does he look familiar? lol

      2. omg. what a great idea. InsideJamariFox T-shirts…..Hats…..tank tops…………joggers……..

        *Files Trademark*

  5. No shade to the guy in the pic but I do hope you know there is such things as “filters” and “airbrushing” that can make your skin look perfect online. That’s why all these “perfect” people on IG have clear skin. I’ll be damned if I uploaded a pic of myself online with a face full of acne scars & blackheads. Just saying.

  6. The skin correcting apps are cool, but who knew there was an app for whitening teeth? I downloaded it to my ipad for shhtts and giggles. And it works amazingly! LMAO @ the photoshop sorcery.

  7. He looks to feminine in the face or like he has on make-up. He is attractive in his own right but I like my men a lil rough around the edges.

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