the depression that is taking over melyssa ford

as you know,
or didn’t,
but melyssa ford was in a car accident in july.
melyssa is a video vixen icon from the 90s,
but she now works alongside jason lee on his podcast,
“hollywood unlocked”.
well her jeep flipped over 3 times before landing upside down.
she was seriously injured because of what happened.
a few weeks later,
she posted this message on her youtube:

she is lucky to be alive.
well today,
she posted something that made me really sad on her ig.
it seems she is suffering these days…

that reads like she learned who her friends are (or aren’t).
i always say you’ll learn whose down for you when:

you have no money
you fall from grace

you’re in a horrible accident
you leave social media

those really show the true “characters” of the ones you run with.
during all of those tests,
you always shed an old you to make way for new growth.
that means the walk after might be lonely.
you’ll have some who will stay down,
but a vast majority will leave.
that’s the reality.
those who are dependent on likes and attention,
once that ends,
the silence and invisibility will make them go completely mad.

either way,
i am sending a ton of foxhole love to melyssa during her healing.

lowkey: she should take this time to make a youtube channel.
“starting over”.
it can help show her day to day in a real and raw way.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “the depression that is taking over melyssa ford”

  1. I hope she is surrounded by people who understand depression. Depression is something extremely dark that requires people to be more than just surface friends and not many can do it.

    1. Aman too that. I hope she pull through this as well. the type of business that she was in, she really never had real friends. her real friends are family not Hollywood people.

    2. The crazy part about it is you may not realize you’re suffering from it. I went through it when my father passed and when my nephew was executed a few years later. Never realized it, thinking more that I just wanted to be alone and deal with things on my own. Never talking to anyone. Then one day, out of the blue, I just broke down crying. After that I realized something wasn’t right and I made an appointment with a therapist, who told me I was going through depression. That visit helped me a lot. I never thought of hurting myself, but I was pushing everyone away and becoming anti-social, almost reclusive to a degree…without realizing it.

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