melyssa ford gets out of pocket; cam’ron puts her in the corner pocket

better times?
when i write entries,
i give my opinion but i try to stay objective.
some things i’ll throw “alleged” around while giving my opinion.
remember when i wrote about ( x mase and cam ) the other day?
it was about them running a train on a vixen from a ho house.
i didn’t even peep the alleged “she might have been under-aged” angle.
that was the furthest thing from my mind.

they never mentioned ages so i went on what the story entailed.
the facts of how the story was being presented and what i was seeing on socials.
i’m confused how melyssa ford came to this conclusion:

cause you watched a show about sex trafficking????
weird assumption incoming.
so of course cam went tf on her on IG live

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the depression that is taking over melyssa ford

as you know,
or didn’t,
but melyssa ford was in a car accident in july.
melyssa is a video vixen icon from the 90s,
but she now works alongside jason lee on his podcast,
“hollywood unlocked”.
well her jeep flipped over 3 times before landing upside down.
she was seriously injured because of what happened.
a few weeks later,
she posted this message on her youtube:

she is lucky to be alive.
well today,
she posted something that made me really sad on her ig.
it seems she is suffering these days…
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Guess Which Video Vixen Looks Good and Can Sell You A House?

there are a ton of washed up video vixens.
some end up making escorting their final career choice.
others end up working at restaurants and allegedly giving wolves the herp.

not this one.
this retired video vixen wanted more for herself and has the degrees to prove it…

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Braylon Edwards Can’t Sit His Big Butt Down

my big booty braylon edwards is teamless,
but he stays with a new vixen on his arm.
last time, it was an skinny amber rose knock off.
this time, it is a tia and tamera look alike.
theybf has shots of him poolside in miami…
and there just might be a wet peen shot involved.

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Hate is such a strong word.

She is a classless fame thirsty single mother biggest bird ever who gets hard dick from all the rappers.
She is the new obsession.
She is like a train wreck that we cannot stop watching….

….. and I think I maybe tuning in.

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Daddy in Red, White, and FINE

… and these shots come at a time when I am at my horniest maximum level…

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