Hate is such a strong word.

She is a classless fame thirsty single mother biggest bird ever who gets hard dick from all the rappers.
She is the new obsession.
She is like a train wreck that we cannot stop watching….

….. and I think I maybe tuning in.

the girl is classless.
She is Super Head version: No point O.

Can we agree Foxes?

I didn’t know anything about her or her blog until a few month’s ago.
I read something about her messing with a few rappers (Bow Wow, Nelly, Wocka)
and just being the “Ho of the Hour”.

It wasn’t until she fucked Soulja Boy (in more ways than 1),
I started to look at her differently.

She was actually getting smashed by rappers we all fantasize about….
(well some…. She fucked all of Young Money and thought that was status.)
She was taking pictures and providing all this evidence about these dudes she was fucking.
I must say… I was impressed.
But impressed at her balls.

Was she ultimately doing all the fucking?

All these other hoes just TALK about it.
This bitch was snapping a Kodak with the nigga sleeping next to her.
How can one judge her, when if given the opportunity,
we would fuck the celebrity of our dreams.

Her whole vibe is just trashy but,
I can’t even talk about her because
I am the male ho to go to for rappers, singers, and ballers (You see how I hunt Devin Thomas).
She is a step ahead of me because she actually fucks these niggas…. and then back steps: FOR FREE.

… and that is my problem.
If Ima fucking a man of status,
I will not be going home in no damn cab…. and bragging about it.
Then again,
it is all how you speak and carry yourself.

I don’t know when the Kat Stacks hype will end.
She is propelling herself into stardom just by her abusive past and her shady future.
I was on her Twitter page and the bitch has FANS!

I am doing something wrong but I would handle mine alot more differently.

^This scene doesn’t even EXIST in my play-book.

I do fear for her safety because everytime I see her,
she got a open hand in her face and her mouth on the floor.
She needs to hire security.
(Can she even afford it?)






Melyssa Ford giving her thoughts:


I like how she speaks.
Just a sidebar.

The game is changing Foxes.
These new batch of hoes are something else.

Stay Tuned.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “@IHateKatStacks”

  1. she must be doin something… cause these celebs keep going back to her knowing what she’s all about! Hope they are strapping up cause she’s a body bag waiting to happen!!

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  3. Well she’s a step ahead bcause she’s a fysh. They do have the advantage when it comes to men. But i think men do like the classless and trashy. They don’t have to put in much effort and guys hate going beyond themselves. Or at least we’ve become lax enough to allow them to be that way. She does her thing though, ill give her that. But she does need mental help. At times i do feel bad for her.

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