The Answer

We all have crushes from way back in the day.

Funny enough, all my “Back In The Day” crushes were with mostly ballers.

I had good taste even as a cub.

Take a look at one of my first “Daddy Dicks”….

Who didn’t have a crush on Allen Iverson?

He is the finest thing to come out of Philly.
Alot of the Wolves in Philly are not that cute…. from personal experience.

I remember I would watch his games on TV just so I can get a glimpse of his fine short ass. He brought “thug” to the NBA… and that was just what we needed. Gone were the “good guys until some shit happened and they were exposed” ball players.
Not my man AI.

He was not the type to follow the rules. He broke them.

Never coming to practice.
Smoking weed.
The abundance of bling post game interview
The laid back “fuck u crazy” persona
Fucking all the hoes even though he was married.
Threesomes, foursomes, and ten-somes.

He just had this raw sexuality about him.
He knew he was the shit…

I probably heard every rumor about him… and I still wanted a piece. These days he is pretty low key. I miss seeing him but, some things must come to an end.

I’d still let him smash though.








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