F0xMail: Where Is He?

I got a wonderful email from a female Fox in distress.
I love my female Foxes who check me out.
They help bring another spin from the dating perspective.

Check it out!



So going back to your blog from yesterday or the day before (I cannot remember) it really is hard to find someone in these mean streets.

Anyways, long story short I met this attractive got a lot going for himself dude through a friend and after like 3 decent/semi good conversations never heard from him again. Last week we tentatively set a date for today and I am sure your guessing that’s a flop. I’m so over people. I just don’t get it. I don’t even ask for these ppl they find me and yet I still get the shytty end of the stick. I’m really over the triple L’s (Love/like/lust). I just do not want to be bothered for a while.

It just blows because I actually kinda thought he was cool. He was the first dude to hold my attention in a LONG time. Smdh.


Aww no baby! Don’t u hate that? U meet someone and they bail.
Well guess what? U didn’t fuck him and then he bailed – so that is the positive!

Things happen and he was just not that into u. It has happened to me countless times. I did learn something about myself within every “lost” – something.

It hurts BUT I always find out later on he was an asshole and I was saved a mega bullet.

U gotta just focus on u.
I started doing that + I read some great books that have helped me evolve into this Super Fox that is out for his
… and have fun and conquer the world (and some fine Wolves in the process).

Move on, my female Fox! U will find your way!

Always think to yourself:

“At least I’m not gonna look like some white girl who was skeeted all over with no call back and possible slain reputation.”

Then exhale and have a Pinkberry.



3 thoughts on “F0xMail: Where Is He?

  1. “He’s just not that into you.” That statement really changed how I date. It’s never too serious to sit around and mope about.

  2. It happens, but unlike 7/11 you are like sams club and he just lost his membership! We can not hold slots for people that are LATE!

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