Chris Brown’s Pipe Is One of The Reasons He So Skinty

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.26.08 PMoooooooh no.
well i do like chris brown with weight on him.
i think we all do.
i mean that ” x 2009-2010” look.
that is when he is was his most handsome-est.
anything after that was,
he explained in a recent ig comment what his weight loss regiment is.
this is a chris brown official statement
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Lesbians Only Play Basketball

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.03.33 PMwell i didn’t say it.
sidebar: i really need to find foxhole terminology for lesbians.
do they even need one?
anyway so another baller wolf; another child support drama.
this time one involving nba baller wolf for the golden state warriors,
andre iguodala.
the irony in what he said about basketball and lesbians.
well his baby mama used that in a testimony at a child support hearing.
his is what tmz has to report…
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Wavy Pre Baller Wolf Rome_Capone, Brooklyn’s Own

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 9.38.21 AMum…
ok so one of my favorite vixens sent me the dossier of ^this brooklyn pre baller wolf,
now i can’t find what college team he plays for,
but he does play basketball in a uniform judging from what was sent.
she also wanted to know if ive seen him around bk in my travels down there.
i told her i don’t hang around those parts too much,
but dammmmmmmmmmmmmittttttttttt…
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MEAT: (378)


he thought this morning shot was boring.
so he tried this one

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Trey Burke Enters The NBA Draft… and The Foxhole Meat Locker

92ac3a1c96fe11e28d7d22000a1f981a_6i’m starting to think every light skin wolf gets the “breezy wolf tattoo special”.
they purposely go and get a mural on their chest.
we know you got the complexion for crayola but damn…
either way,
one of my favorite readers wanted to show off
the newest in pre baller wolf meat to grace the foxhole…

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Does Serge Ibaka Have An Anaconda In His Sweats?…

…or is he happy to see me?
i want to say keri hilson won a little bit.
sure she is the running joke amongst town hall crazy beyonce stan meetings,
where they plot more ways to look crazy,
but she managed to capture this



…to comfort her from all the crazy stan abuse and buy her pretty things.
 keri can we pow wow for a sec.
is this picture fact or fiction?…

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