Wavy Pre Baller Wolf Rome_Capone, Brooklyn’s Own

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 9.38.21 AMum…
ok so one of my favorite vixens sent me the dossier of ^this brooklyn pre baller wolf,
now i can’t find what college team he plays for,
but he does play basketball in a uniform judging from what was sent.
she also wanted to know if ive seen him around bk in my travels down there.
i told her i don’t hang around those parts too much,
but dammmmmmmmmmmmmittttttttttt…

…if he (and his wolf pack) isn’t fine as hell tho.
then he got that chill bk swagga:

those lips would look better moving on:

BM62zshit id let him smash.
he definitely looks like the “weekend/late night to early morning wolf” tho.

drain his dick a few times,
swallow and use his skeet as your beauty facial,
and then send him back on his way until horny.
i’m not seeing “cuff” material… just yet.
he looks a good time,
but im sure you’ll find yourself fallin for the swagg.
i’ll be real,
the meat in brooklyn always looks so enticing.
bk wolves can get you up out your drawz without hesitation.
i dunno if its the confidence or the charisma,
but you find your underwear always sliding down around them.
they throw you on their trophy case and keep it pushin.
see: all the southern boys and girls who were victims.

ladies and foxholes,
check out rome_capone IG: here

lowkey: i see herbalife has found its way in bk.
rome is promoting heavy like the other “real trainers of instagram”.
it is muscle crack?
whats so good about it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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