Trey Burke Enters The NBA Draft… and The Foxhole Meat Locker

92ac3a1c96fe11e28d7d22000a1f981a_6i’m starting to think every light skin wolf gets the “breezy wolf tattoo special”.
they purposely go and get a mural on their chest.
we know you got the complexion for crayola but damn…
either way,
one of my favorite readers wanted to show off
the newest in pre baller wolf meat to grace the foxhole…

everyone meet trey burke:

54f765a0942111e2ad1322000a9e28e6_6 ed1c310878b511e2b1c722000a1fba7b_6 point guard for the michigan wolverines.
buck 90.
just put his bid in for the nba draft.
= check in his future.
let’s hope a vixen doesn’t get that sperm for 18 years.
if not already?…

these damn scorpios…

i think he looks better in motion.
in pictures he looks like any typical spanish wolf you see in times square.
i’m sure i saw about 16 copies of “him” when i went down there yesterday.
would that stop the original from getting a low smash or two from me.

i ain’t cray…
let’s hope you get in the big leagues trey.
the foxhole is watching.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Trey Burke Enters The NBA Draft… and The Foxhole Meat Locker”

  1. He’s cute.
    P.S. Did anyone watch the new show on Cinemax called “Zane’s: The Jumpoff”? It’s so sexy!

  2. Meh.

    Love every shade of brown, but the “lightskin boy with a million tattoos” look is played to me. They all look alike.

    Watched the video and wasn’t impressed. He could benefit from a few speech classes.

    That said, I love Scorpios.

  3. Trey has such a beautiful smile. I love him you guys and I think him and I would be good together lol. A Scorpio is an open freak and a us Leo’s are freaks on the low. Where is Ronnie and Icced at?

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