Kerry Rhodes “Peanut” Has Finally Been Identified!

55948-mr_peanutwell peanut has been found!
his name is alton craig
an f-bi sent in these pictures tonight to squash the drama.
kerry insists that it was his assistant in those pictures.
not a nephew.
not his sister friend uncle girlfriend baby mama cousin’s son.
this is is the guy he was carrying...



 well thank god!

lowkey: thank god he cut that godforsaken mohawk off his head.

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34 thoughts on “Kerry Rhodes “Peanut” Has Finally Been Identified!”

  1. I saw these pics the other day, but I didn’t think it was the same dude. Is how peanut looks without the glasses and mohawk? I don’t know what the rest will say, but as usual I do not care. Mr. Peanut can get it, and I ain’t ashamed to say it. Come here peanut lol

      1. I’m
        I thought Pistachio…I mean Almond Joy..I mean Peanut Butter was the ghey? And he’s not cute BTW…IJS

    1. LMAO…”Maybe he was sick or something…” Yea, he looks totally different. It’s was the hair and his facial hair. I’m less attractive with facial hair. I haven’t cut my goatee since Jan. 2012.

      1. Yea, someone was doing him dirty, unless Kerry did it himself. I doubt it tho. I do think something is fishy. The pics with the women mean nothing. Shit, I still talk to females.

  2. Are we really sure this is the same dude? Something ain’t adding up…
    Where’s the shoulder tattoo? FBI, I need receipts!!!

    1. I mentioned that. I didn’t think it was the same dude. Something is not right you guys. The smile is not the same either.

      1. It’s not an imposter. Whoever wrote the story about Alton did not know what they were talking about, it’s that simple. They are two different people.

  3. It’s not him, it’s hollywood. I found a pic on Alton’s instagram with both guys in it. Two different people. Either way you put it Alton is fine.

      1. Op. That was mean. I think they are all friends or something idk. It’s all confusing, which means a lie is somewhere near. I smell a rat. I’m no longer buying this nephew story. If that is his dude so what? That’s not the issue. Being sloppy with it is and getting caught is. Who holds their nephew like that? I wish any of my uncles would pick me up, I’d be mad af. Got to do better Kerry.

      2. This is the shit that happens when a wolf gets messy. either way i dont care if he is having sex with his assistant/friend/play cousin/brother i think his whole point in lying is intriguing

  4. He’s not the first man that has had more than one gay (or perceived to be gay) assistant/friend/play cousin/brother/forty night stand. What’s the problem?
    Nothing to see here.

    Kerry on.


  5. messy. So Kerry/kelly is gay’? He needs to quit this charade and just come out, he and his boyfriend are all over intagram

    1. I just woke up so I’m still a little groggy but I am confused as Hell.Who is this new guy? IS the new guy the assistant or Peanut the assistant? I need to drink some coffee and read these comments again because I am clueless. I’M lost

      1. Well I just saw the new pics of Kerry and Peanut or Hollywood on MTO.My first reaction is sadness and confusion that he released that statement to TMZ last week.From what I have read Kerry is a nice guy and hopefully his career can withstand this scandal.

      2. When I saw that you commented, I was like she just got finished seeing what I did. Today’s pics where really intimate. I love Kerry, but this shit has to stop. He is making himself look bad. Admit it Kerry.

  6. I think peanut is the old assistant and alton is the present one??maybe peanut is doing it cause kerry got a better looking assistant.Or maybe kerry dumped alton and he is the one doing it.hmmm what a mystery.

  7. I think a text message or an actual video of whoever the person is in question will have to be released. Hell you go on Kerry’s twitter page and his latest pic he has put up is a pic of him and Karina Smirnoff from DWTS like he trying to save face or cover up the fact that he and the PEANUT GALLERY FAIRY GHETTO FABULOUS Bitch in question did in fact have relations. Putting a pic up of a woman will not take away the fact that he had his big 12 INCH DICK up a FEMININE DUDES ass or the other way around

  8. And the other bitch had some Texturizer in her hair unless this boy has got some GREAT Texturizer ABSORBING formula, this can’t be him. He looks totally different and he is a little light complexion but he did have shades on in the pics that surfaced on MTO…Well this whole story is SHADY and the fact that Kerry wants to deny ever having relations with the dude only shows that his BEDROOM game aint all that GREAT, lol

  9. Alton is his assistant, but the gay issue isn’t about Alton. The relationship was with Russell Simpson.

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