you been rocking with:

tumblr_ml5f02rbba1qazf6co1_500cute huh?
i know.
you got good taste.
ya’ll met and have kept it on the low thus far.
he is discreet and happens to be entering the draft to the nba.
…um, score?
well not so fast.
meet his ex…

tumblr_mia4hkb94f1rxvapuo1_1280they broke up on bad terms.
after putting two and two together,
she finds out he left her for you.
he didn’t want to be in a relationship with a female while dating you.
he isn’t that kind of guy.
that was supposed to be HER meal ticket.
she contacts you and says she will out him to the media if you don’t break up.
she will also out you to your parents and everyone at your job.
she also says she will sick her dog on you:

leif YEAH.
she cray cray.
your man doesn’t know this is even happening.
he is focused on the draft.
do you tell him?
do you back off?

do you fight?
do you try and reason with her?


20 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (57)

  1. Interesting my first instinct is to handle her in private. But again that isnt politically correct so if I tried the ideas Random said is it a guarantee that they fans or public support him? I actually dont know how to handle this.

  2. I don’t tell him. Or anyone else. I call Pope and associates and get Olivia Pope on the case. Lol. Just kidding. However, no I would not tell him. I would find a way for her not to out us. What information does she have on us to even do that? Call me crazy but I would get some of my goons to shake her up physically and mentally, and threaten her, that if she ever talks to anyone about me and my man again, she and close family members will be killed.

    That part I am serious about. She was using him, she wasn’t good for him, he ain’t want her. He with me now. If you try to harm us, you can get seriously hurt. I am being real with you guys.

  3. I like your style, Random, and have since I started following this site about a year or two ago.

    Interestingly, my mother used to always say never let anybody blackmail you. She would say this sometimes at the dinner table or wherever, seemingly just out of the blue. When I reflect, I wonder if my mother was telegraphing this to her young son, since it’s said mothers know.

    1. Omg my mom says the same thing! Lol

      I always took that as if they try to blackmail you, rub them out Don Corleon style.

  4. Stay with my dude. How is she going to tell my fam. and the people on my job when she doesn’t know my fam or where I work? If she did, and she has no proof I’m taking her ass to court for defamation of character.

  5. I tell her to kiss my ass and use my skills in PR to spin the story to our advantage.

    He’ll be the first openly gay NBA player ever. The media appearances, the endorsements, the interviews. He’s making history.

    Teams will want a piece of that. I can see it in the papers now, “Miami Heat Make History”. His contract will be huge, I’ll be the supportive lover, and she’ll be the bitter bitch with old world views.

    Sucks for her.

      1. If he doesn’t want to come out, then we find him a beard. We write up a contract with a strict confidentiality clause and hire an attractive woman looking to get her career started in the industry. Probably a family member to ensure the trust is there. I’ll officially become his “assistant”/homeboy. Being that I’m masculine, it’ll be completely believable.

        When the ex girlfriend comes forward with her story, she’ll look stupid. Just another deranged, bitter ex girlfriend who’s upset she didn’t get a piece of the pie. I’d advise him to not even address her claims and let it blow over.

        3 months from when the story drops, it’ll be all over. Not soon after, we’ll release the beard, pay her a small portion of the large contract he’ll inevitably get, and we’ll be on our merry way.

        Random Pope saves the day.

    1. Random that sounds rosey but remember the consequences, you will have to convince him to come out and he, other team managers and members will have to be comfortable enough too.
      Worth the risk?

      1. If he decided option A, then yeah; it would be worth the risk.

        Public opinion regarding homosexuality is changing. If there were ever a time to come out in sports to not only feel comfortable with yourself, but to capitalize off of doing so, it would be now.

        Sports owners and managers couldn’t shun you for your sexuality in this day and age and other players would hurt their brand by doing anything, but accepting it.

        The challenge is being comfortable enough within yourself to be recognized as a gay man. If you treat it as something to be ashamed of, people around you will too

  6. draft for NBA …tsk…I don’t want a dude with a large bank account I want the Owner of the Bank the HNIC

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