faintoh yeah.
someone is out to get kerry BAD….

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Clinton+hand+to+mouth2who wants to take bets that peanut is leaking these pictures?
i got 50 dollars on it.
who is going higher?

lowkey: well on lighter news,
kerry and i will live happily ever after.
well hell can i even complete with peanut?

kerry seems to like them fun sized and fem.

lowkey2: if peanut is leaking these pictures,
he is everything wrong in the lifestyle.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

69 thoughts on “KERRY RHODES… WHO DID YOU MAKE MAD?!!?!?”

  1. I have lost all respect for Kerry. It is his life, but at the same time you have to be honest when you get caught. It’s ain’t nothing worse that getting caught red handed. Lets say I forget to lock my door, and one of my roommates busts in my room and see me kissing some dude. I’d be like; “damn, it is what it is, I guess I’m busted” Now that would never happen cause I ain’t sloppy lol.

    I believe that peanut is leaking them, but I have a better question. Who is taking the pics? See you have to think about that too.

    S/N: Is this why I cannot get some of the guys I want. Am I too masc. for these guys lol. I give up *cries my eyes out*

    1. i feel sorry for him.
      i won’t even joke or laugh.
      someone is trying to ruin his life.
      he is a free agent and someone is mad.
      they are using these pictures against him.
      that hurts the most because people are so evil.
      he literally was forced out the closet,
      BUT and there is a BUT,
      we don’t know what happened.
      kerry could have been very messy.
      so we don’t know the fully story.

      you are also very right on the person who took the pictures.

      1. I feel sorry for him too, but the charade has to end. He is going to deny it once again. I think he’s bi tho.

      2. He is fucked either way at this point. He might as well say nothing. I feel bad for him. I wanna see a sextape tho lol. Yea, I wanna see him smash that lol.

      3. My boi going to talk with KR tomorrow. Your right someone mad at him. His money has been tight with no income coming in so which ever family member had the pics is upset that either their rent isn’t getting paid or the lease on the BMW had to be turned in.

    2. Well he’s feminine but at least he’s Black. Just imagine if he was fem and White.I am puzzled by why the photographer is taking these intimate pics especially the kiss pics and the pic of them from behind walking. When I take pics at reunions, parties,vacation, etc of friends. I usually ask them to pose, smile, look at camera ,etc.I’m wondering if these were taken by a professional as someone mentioned last week.

    3. Lost respect for him for what reason?

      Because he’s gay and didn’t want to say that he was? I don’t get it. He’s allowed to be private with his life and live as he chooses. I’ve never once heard Kerry bash homosexuals or say anything nasty about the homosexual community, so what business is it of your’s if he chose not to be out?

      1. Did you not read my comment Random? That’s not what that comment was about. As I have been saying the whole time, I do not like the fact that he’s lying, fuck if he is or not. We are men, and when you get caught red handed it’s wrong to lie, period. When you choose to be messy your rights to be private are gone. Do you understand? Just like with the example I gave up there, if I leave the door open I’m taking a chance for anyone to come in on us, but when I get caught why lie? You might as well tell it. Some of you would get caught getting fucked in the ass and still lie and tell people you are straight. When you get caught doing something in the dark don’t lie when it comes to light. Be a man.

        Why do you think Bey and Jay are so private? If they chose to share intimate revelations about their relationship that would leave the door open for people to attack. Kerry should have not been taking pics with a fem dude who obviously has nothing to lose. That is being sloppy and taking a chance.

        I do not respect people who lie when they get caught, period.

      2. Lmao. So what should he do, exactly? Stay inside with his blinds shut because he happens to have a boyfriend who can’t pass?

        The shit sounds ridiculous.

        He made the decision not to discuss his personal life in a public arena. He chose not to disclose something that’s none of your damn business.

      3. What he should do is be honest since his sloppy ass got caught, that’s what he should do. You man enough to get caught, you should be able to deal with it. You can run, but you cannot hide.

        And don’t act like you have never been in no one’s business.

  2. Hell hath no fury like a …hopefully this isn’t Terrell Carter 2.0 a jilted ex seeking revenge.Did Terrell deny being Gay or just stay silent ?

  3. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. I looked at the picture about 3 times to make sure my eyes are correct. I thought he may have been telling something in Peanut’s ear. Then I saw the second picture of them walking, and I was like “Ok, something’s up.” Someone must really be mad at him, and is trying to ruin his life in a major way. Then what’s making it worst, is these pictures come out a few days after he made a statement denouncing the “rumors”. I think he should lay really lowkey until this blows over, but I doubt it if he will. Some people say bad publicity is good publicity. *shrugs*

    1. ^his best bet is to continue acting like it’s not happening.
      go about and do him.
      when queen latifah’s pictures leaked:


      she was in a shit storm.
      she never responded.
      let things slide.
      another scandal broke and people moved on.
      he fucked up speaking to the tmz,
      BUT he needs realize he fucked up and handle it now.
      bad pub can be good pub,
      or no pub at all.

      1. Well we know she’s a lesbian so that is not the same. Queen doesn’t care, she just hasn’t came out, and she never will. Queen don’t give a fuck.

      1. whoever this bitch is in the love_bottom page is doing this because he wants kerry and peanut to stop “telling lies.
        he doesn’t know them personally,
        he is just stirring the pot.

        read the comments under the pictures.

  4. Maybe I’m missing something, but how actually is K. Rhodes’ life being ruined by an accusation of homosexuality?

    People, we see/interact with unconfirmed homos, heteros, and bis on daily basis.

    What exactly is the outrage?

    Most of us are not gonna blow out his candle or cut his birthday cake. *shrugs*

    It’s not that serious.

    Open and the closet door and relax, please. One day the closet will be a coffin. Wake up before it’s too late. Whatever is hidden will rise to the surface sooner or later.

    1. ^well its not like he didn’t say anything.
      he said,
      big and bold headline on tmz,
      that he wasn’t gay.
      at all.
      not even the slightest.
      he was keeping the closet door closed.
      the public saw the initial pictures,
      made their jokes and judgement,
      and moved on.

      now it’s monday on mediatakeout.
      someone is trying to “ruin” his career.

  5. I’m laughing my ass off right now!

    It’s not even me taking pleasure in his misfortune or because of who he is.

    Why do these dudes be lying with a straight face when they know they love these cunt dudes?

    Lil sweetness clearly has him wrapped around his finger and its hilarious. Lol

      1. because nobody really likes or can long-term deal with that frontin bullshit of overly trying to LOOK masculine. The fem boys are DTE and are themselves REGARDLESS, they fulfill the role of a woman and still understand you better as a man, so niggas will claim to want a masculine person because it SOUNDS better

  6. Even if I wanted to ever bring a dude to meet my family it damn sure couldn’t be a fem one. I imagine that would be the equivalent of bringing home a white woman to my mom.

  7. Yall stay hating fem dudes, but they always pull the dudes you want to be with.

    What’s that about?

    Hell Peanut could cracking that back, you never know, just saying.

    1. I don’t hate on them, never lost to one, prob never will. They are not a threat to me. Don’t let the jokes we crack fool you, it’s all jokes. I can have any man or any woman that I wanna have, they all want some lol. I got it like that. If Kerry likes my type I could pull em. Not being conceited ijs.

  8. In my opinion, someone is leaking these photos. Likely the ex-“assistant”. And if it is him then he deserves to be excommunicated from the foxhole. Messy ass little girl.

  9. Question though.

    Why is this suddenly news? Some of these pictures, I’ve seen before. They aren’t new.

  10. Damn its most likely a hyena behind this attack. I see a 3rd person in the 3rd pic with the pineapple, a black thong sandal, this might be the person behind the pic, someone on his team had to take these pics and he probably stop paying the blackmail fees. His close friend Braylon Edwards was caught up in a photo scandal on MTO a couple of years ago with a little hispanic looking dude and he ignored it and the it went away, of course the rumors will be here from now on thanks to the internet. Things like this does make it harder for someone to snag one of the celeb type dudes because they probably will see a everyday person with having nothing to lose and they will become even more isolated and only fool with only other famous wealthy dudes who have a lot to lose like them. At the end of the day, its nobody business and I hopes he doesnt say anything and it blows over for him and he can get another job.

  11. so what is everyone’s views about people saying he needs to come out the closet now?
    every black woman on every message board is calling for him to come out.
    if he’s not ready, should he?

    1. The assumption is that he is closeted. Hard to come out if you’ve never been in the closet.

      No man has to tell a thirsty ass man or women shit about his personal business.

      Being discreet about your private life and lying every goddamn day to yourself and to any and everybody about who you really are is not the same thing and it never was.

      Going out of your way to appear to be something you are not is a problem. Keeping your mouth closed about your own life has never been an issue. People conflate the two all the time.

    2. Yea he should be ready. There is too much evidence that says he is down. If he went in front of twelve jurors he would be found guilty lmao….

      1. ^this is getting messier and messier.
        well he is an assistant so he probably could be working with ray lewis.
        i have heard some things about ray.

        hollywood seems to know everyone.

  12. Damn, I guess I am naive, I did not know this story had blown up like this, I just did a search on this story and it has spread like wildfire and even mainstream sports and the national media have picked it up. I guess it shouldnt matter cause he dont know me, but I really feel bad for Kerry, I know the conflict and torment one feels when you have to hide and not be able to live your life fully in this unforgiving world. Its sad it so many people out here who want to see you fall, If he is in the secret fraternity, I am sure all of the other members who are rich and famous are shaking in their boots hoping none of their business finds it way to the public spotlight thanks to all these messy ass hyenas in the game today. That instagram is beyond messy.

    1. That instagram is kinda scary. Neither Hollywood or Kerry made that, which is more scary. I feel bad for him as well. That’s why I say he should come out, it just doesn’t look good for him. They want him to hide and deny, as long as he continues to do that, the worse it will get. Coming out will kill all of it. I know he’s hurting tho. It’s a struggle for some.

      See guys, this is why you can’t take pics with everyone, you never know if you may get blackmailed or if another person will get there hands on them. There are gay guys out there that don’t like me, and if they see a pic of me from an instagram page they can make a story off of it, that’s why I don’t even have an instagram in the first place. Surprisingly it’s the fellow masc guys who I have issues with, not the fem ones. Most of it is cause of me rejecting them.

  13. For some strange reason, my feelings are hurt by this. Like I feel left out lol. There’s clearly some type of secret clique I’m not being allowed initiation into, but somehow Peanut found his way in. Him and these other lesser hoes are winning. HE’S the one I want to speak with, not Kerry.

    1. Aww Don’t feel bad CJ, and keep doing what you are doing. Every gay and bi man doesn’t want another masc. man, but there are many who do. think of the ones you know, and I know plenty, and dated a few.

  14. This brings me back to my earlier point. People complaining about athletes who do want to come out fail to realize it’s not just about football. It’s about life.

    If they don’t come out, they can’t live a “normal” life. Just look at Kerry, simply having pictures exposed is causing a sh*t storm. When celebs/athletes engage in “normal” relationship activity (i.e. holding hands, strolls on the beach, etc…), it’s defacto coming out. The only way to avoid it and stay in the closet is to be a ninja 24/7, living in the shadows.

  15. Off topic I’m watching CNN waiting for President to address the nation about Boston Marathon attack.If anyone on here has loved ones in Boston I pray they weren’t injured.Gotta Go

    1. Yea, I’m hearing about that. I heard the run was for the kids in the Newtown shooting. So sad. Something has to be done.

    2. This revelation doesn’t surprise me. I remember his Cribs episode back in like 2009 where he had some sexy ass niggaa lounging around his place. He tried to pass it of as his friend, haha! I’m surprised this current dude is fem cause the nigga from Cribs was masc and waaaaaaay finer. Someone find the damned episode I swear

  16. I think its a friend of both doing this some heyna who was playing friend, this would explain how they got those close up shots and why the two were so comfortable being photographed. Its not peanut cause Kerry would have chatted with him before he made the nephew comment but the person release the images in stages to damage kerry credibility.

  17. lol i need Kerry Rhodes to get on the phone and call Olivia Pope…but overall i pray everything works out for him i just feel like nowadays people are just so pressed on releasing pics and etc about people it’s like the media just has to know everyones sexuality smh i’m a gay male but in no means am i’m trying to find out whose gay or straight…jamari thanks for the story i <3 your website ;-0 and Kerry rhodes.*sigh*..that brotha can have me anyday ;-0 just saying lol

  18. i don’t think thats kerry typing under his twitter.
    how he types on instagram and twitter are totally different.
    his publicist is a white chick so i wouldn’t doubt she is taking over that account.

  19. I really don’t care anymore because after this Kerry is not fine to me anymore. He looks like he takes dick up the ass and gives it. He does not have that HOOD persona anymore and I just can’t really look at him anymore. He is totally opposite of who i thought he was. But i will say this, On Kerry’s Twitter, there are pics of Karina Smirnoff being posted and Kerry didnt post anything from April 10-14 ALL WEEKEND which is when he was probably trying to put a stop to the mess that was threatening to sideline his masculine sexuality. I will also say there is more to the story that will air during the summer time in which Kerry will have to admit at least to being bisexual but by then everyone will not be focused on him because he will have become BORING, lol

  20. it is sad that some guys take stuff to far. why is it anyone’s business on what these pros do. I know for a fact that all men regardless of their sexual perference all men have gay tendencies. I learn this in a Deviant Sexuality Psych. course @ UGA. The professor told use in his lecture.

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