bostonpabsolutely haunting image…

to the foxhole in boston:
i hope you are all safe tonight.
i hope no one was caught in this senseless tragedy.
i hope your families and friends are safe as well.

the world is changing.
people don’t give a fuck.
they are out to hurt any and everyone.
this marathon was supposed to be a joyous occasion.
who knew it would lead to terror and bloodshed?

let’s send a prayer up to everyone in boston,
and everywhere for that matter.
god bless everyone.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Panic.”

  1. This was very sad. Why did they do this? I saw people with lost limbs and stuff. People just don’t care anymore.

    1. ^imagine going to have a good time.
      see a family member run.
      then you get blown up or lose a limb.
      what in every fuck?!?!
      it’s scary how things can jus change like that man.
      I always pray for everyone who reads and comments on this site.
      be safe everyone!!

  2. I cant even wrap my mind around this senseless tragedy right now, Im thinking that this was probably the work of some home grown USA terrorist group, who knows that a couple of incidents in the US can wreck havoc on our way of life and make us a virtual police state. Things like this make us stop in our tracks and remember that all the trash of reality shows, the messy shit that is started on twitter and instagram everyday dont really mean nothing in the big scheme of things, you have to live your life because it may be your last day on earth, We are all at the mercy of God and we are living in some perilous times. I hope we will all come together and pray for the families of this tragedy and the city of Boston. Dont forget to tell those closet around you that you love them and appreciate them.

  3. Why are these muslims always starting shit? If you don’t believe what they beleive they want to blow you up. I know some arabs and they are extremist as hell. Diss american culture and women, yet want to be American so bad

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