Peanut: “Half of The NFL Is On My Side To Destroy Kerry Rhodes”

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 1.56.26 AMpeanut has locked his instagram,
but he had something to say first…

image_1 image_2tumblr_mfrwrb0G6k1qeuoquo1_250x love bottom

x peanut

well there you have it.
be careful who you fuck with.
this is what happens when you let the wrong person in your life.

lowkey: real housewives of atlanta?
stop smoking that dust bitch.
this sounds like a bad breakup/some massive shit went dwn.
he is about to drop a bomb on that rhodes.
run for cover.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

43 thoughts on “Peanut: “Half of The NFL Is On My Side To Destroy Kerry Rhodes”

      1. He is an ignorant little shit…I swear lil fem boys like him make me sick…this why the fems (and gays) get such a bad rep in the worst way. So now he mad at Kerry and trying to set him up?

    1. ^peanut knows whoever is in that “love bottoms” instagram.
      something went wrong and now he is trying to out kerry.
      judging from this video,
      he wants to be a star.
      he has a ton of videos on his fb.
      the video i posted was from december.
      kerry has an appearance in it.

      1. This is sick….I still think Peanut is ignorant. All mexicans have babies…and tacos?

        Ugh I can’t……I gotta do an update since I been posting about it…I am just going to send them to you..

        1. ^don’t even get me started on the black people loving chicken.
          he is a fuckin’ assistant.
          why is he not assisting the star,
          which is kerry.
          see kerry has to take some blame for this too…

  1. that video was some ol’ bullshit.

    wth did i just watch?

    i swear dudes end up with some annoying asses, literally.

    i’m embarrassed for all parties involved.

    this ain’t nothing but hot a hollywood boughetto country-fried mess.

    how can your boo be that vapid and shallow, like for real? A grown ass man is proud to prance around like that ON PURPOSE? Filming and riding and gliding, cheesing and shit. SMH.

    and the million dollar question is: how did an annoying dude who sounds like Waymen from Low Down Dirty Shame and looks like a cross between Gargamel from the Smurfs and Fantasia hook anybody, much a less a baller??

    tons of chill fem dudes who are not vapid nor shallow, I dunno what part of the game this is? confused up, seriously.

    It’s like damn K. Rhodes, do you have any taste at all? all the dudes in the world and you ended up/associate with this dude and now wonders why you trending on gossips sites and Twitter?


      1. Naw Luckey, this ain’t no first time bullshit! lol

        If a person has attended middle school, high school, and college, hell the damn NFL!–and K. Rhodes has–then they have run across all kind of gay/bi men. Masc, fem, and in between.

        So to end up with Peanut, that shit was premeditated, and he must like that annoying shit!

        Ain’t no “oops, we fell in love” bullshit, he had to overlook some character flaws to deal with all that!

        His boys probably discussed it, family members pulled him to side, somebody that loves K. Rhodes said to him eyeball-to-eyeball, “Are you sure playa, for real? That’s you, huh? Oh, okay, just checking.”.

        I can’t accept or imagine anything else.

      2. I wonder what Tyson Beckford thought? Him and Kerry are close friends. I love Tyson by the way, I’ve always had a thing for him.

      3. I’m with you. I was done after 2 minutes. It’s obvious that miss thang is a messy queen so I don’t know why all of this is a surprise to Kerry.

      1. That was before the footage.

        Jay, that was partly cloudy, you tried it. lol

        Huge difference between fem dudes and petite messy country-fried stunt queens.

  2. He is trash and this is the exact reason why the gay community (and more specifically, fems) get a bad rep. No one wants to put up with this kind of shit. Whether it’s over a break up or whatever the fuck else. He just looks stupid. A typical bitter queen looking for a come up because she doesn’t have the capacity to do much else.

    What exactly is he hoping will come from this? That someone will make him into a star? No one is going to want to be associated with that. People tend not to like other people who are vindictive in this way.

    He won’t be able to secure another job in the entertainment industry. I can promise you that. After three months, this will blow over and what will he have to show for it? A few IG photos? All he really did by releasing all this shit is ruin his credibility. No one is going to sympathize with him and THAT’S what you need if you’re going to win in the court of public opinion. Dumb bird.

    As another note, who the fuck is doing Kerry’s PR? Because I would’ve nipped this in the bud a long time ago.

    1. ^kerry must not have the money for a publicist.
      this makes entirely no kind of sense.
      this should not be getting this far at all.
      he needs to trade in that aston martin he got,
      take that money,
      and hire a good team so they can destroy that little gremlin.

      1. I’m mad you all feel that because Kerry looks like a “wolf” of Wolves, he should be with some OD masc looking fitted hat wearing Trey Songz brother dude. Come off it, he has his preferences and you may not see IT in “peanut” but kerry sho loves him that. Let the man be

  3. I just watched the video, and I’m about to be mean. What in the fuck does Kerry see in him? What do men see in guys like that? It’s like repeatedly fucking a bottom with no walls, it ain’t nothing appealing about that, and it’s nothing appealing about Hollywood either. I know everyone has a different taste, but what does Kerry exactly see in Hollywood? The comments that he made bothered me. I know all fem. guys aren’t like this, some of them are real cool, but ones like peanut make me look at them all differently. No I’m not bitter or angry, but it makes me wonder. Can someone who is reading who likes men like peanut tell me what’s so interesting about them? I just don’t get the fascination, and I haven’t for the past four years I’ve been dealing with men.

    Kerry is a professional football player, he knows good and got damn well he is not supposed to be kicking it with a dude like that. He should be ashamed of himself, yes ashamed. Hollywood was prancing around like a damn female, throwing his voice and shit, and the racist comments he made were rude. I am I’m tired af fuck at some of y’all masc guys giving us a bad name by dating trashy, filthy dudes like that, I want to give up men at times now, I used not to feel that way. Shame on the ones who Kerry shouldn’t come out. What’s the point of lying when all the evidence is there? Fuck the pics, Hollywood is enough evidence, all he has to do is talk. A sextape will leak before the week is over, watch what I tell you. How much y’all want to bet that he won’t get signed behind this nonsense either? Don’t think the NFL isn’t watching it due to the fact that it’s getting messy. Kerry is caught, Mr. Rhodes goose is cooked and it’s well done. He needs to sit down with his PR team and plan the come out. When gay men are angry they can be very messy whether masc or fem, so he might as well kill it and tell the truth cause it will only get worse. I blame him for most of it tho. You have to watch who you fuck with, and can’t tell everyone your biz either. The dude from my class that I talk about all the time is very laid back and anti social, I don’t have to worry about him telling anyone if I hook up with him. I know who to go after and who not to. From the pics, Kerry seems like a really intimate dude. It’s many out there who want a dude like that, especially a football player. Some of y’all would be happy to be with a man like that. I know Kerry is someone crying. I hope he doesn’t hurt himself.

    And if anyone doesn’t like what I said, that’s too bad cause it ain’t nothing but the truth.

    1. ^well he is “fun sized” like jay said.
      he also is “like a woman and understands him like a man” like davon said.

      i personally don’t know him and I didn’t like the energy he was giving me.
      kerry let him all up in his world and got him running round here acting like some new money queen.
      ray lewis is next.

  4. Well this is my take on the matter. All of us can be happy in the fact that Kerry Rhodes is no longer with this clown. He just busted his ass up and probably made him feel a TEARING IN HIS RECTUM and kicked him to the side. HIs bussy was not good enough to KEEP KERRY RHODES at his side. SO now Kerry is back with women for the time being and not even thinking about this low life and thats why this 1980s box Kid n Play House Party Antoine Dodson clone is so angry. Kerry dont want him no more. But me myself have had plenty of guys who fit the bill of Kerry, even taller and the guys I have been with have had ASS ON THEM and were TOTAL TOPS and did not wear SKINNY JEANS like Kerry is doing in the pics. So neither one of them is FINE TO ME, but I have to commend Kerry for finally STEPPING AWAY From this GHETTO BOZO Homie Da Clown reject. Im glad he didnt try to go after Shawn Wayans or Devin Thomas. Them fools would have put a hit out on him i mean her, lol, lol..Kerry too nice.

    1. ^thanks for the comments jun.
      im surprised kerry hasn’t stopped this.
      peanut must have some crazy blackmail against him.
      he would have gotten a cease or desist letter a long time who.

      this whole thing is getting bizarre.

  5. That video OMG, it had me cringing at the beginning and I couldnt watch much of it either. I am shocked as hell that Kerry would even associate with a flaming queen such as this and be in the NFL. I would think that he would want to be far away from someone like this to keep the light of suspicion off of him, I know that his teammates had to give him the side eye if he brought this nigga around them. If he continues to play for a new team, opposing teams will have some ammo to throw and it may cause controversy for his new teammates. Its almost like he is in a no win situation. This is one of those situations so messy that even bounty papertowels is not going to be able to clean it up. This queen has been dumped and is out for blood. Maybe his secret frat brothers Ray Lewis, Braylon Edwards and even retired players Yancey Thigpen and Kordell Stewart can provide him with some advice or at least comfort on how they have been able to live in the shadows and not be exposed. The old adage is certainly true, when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

    This whole situation seems like one of the foxhole” When We Role Play” come to real life. Kerry I hope someone guides you to the foxhole archives so you can get some much needed advice on dealing with hyenas, and not be so messy with your brand in the future.

    1. “When We Role Play come to real life”. You’re absolutely right. Pro Football player meets flaming queen. What happens next? What doesn’t happen next would be the question? LMAO…Poor Kerry.

  6. And they wonder why gay men are typecast as messy, catty queens in the media.

    Of course this little dudette thinks he has the world in his hand. He’s gonna learn one day, because the only thing that can grow from the seeds of misery is more misery.

    I, for one, will not show him the least bit of sympathy.

    Kerry should have chosen wiser. If my shortie turned out to be this little pixie, I probably would have lied about my sexuality too…smh

  7. Why is he doing this to him?
    I feel really bad for Kerry.
    All I know is that now that he’s seemingly single, I will definitely find him when he is in NYC
    But peanut is really looking bitter now, I wish this all would stop
    However, I just had a thought, what if kerry dogged peanut out?

  8. well, kerry went with him in public…so he must not have a problem with people seeing him with a flaming queen. why yall sad for kerry again?

    1. Exactly!

      Clearly he wasn’t a “smash and dash”. He was into Miss Peanut for some reason.

      He probably takes dick like a nasty slut.

      His bad. No sympathy here.

  9. I haven’t read everything that people have posted but WHO CAN TOLERATE that dude for an extended period of time and why would Kerry think this would not see the light of day and that this guy was recording all of this……….dumb dummy

  10. This young bitch is stupid. I thought he was cute until I saw this video but dude is nothing but a messy ass Queen. Kerri is fine and can do so much better.This is a thirsty young hoe who is looking to cash in and make some coins off this shit .

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