guillotineya know,
i have never said this before.
i usually like to stay humble,
but i gotta say this.
i mean it too.
after looking at that video of peanut on facebook…


i can even go on record that my readers shit on him too.
that little gremlin is everything that is wrong with this lifestyle.
these females are eating this up too.
they love when a queen has dirt to spill.
(until it’s their dirt right?)
that video (x click) and how he was acting in it.
he’s not funny.
he’s not cute.
he has no manners.
he’s tacky.
that nigga,
and he is a nigga,
is common.
worst of all, new money.
that’s the type of person i CANNOT stand.
male or female.
he sat in the car like a typical hoodrat who doesn’t know class.
i kept asking why was someone opening the door for him?
everything he wore didn’t make him look like he “made it”.
he had to tell us what the labels was.
show us what they were.
almost like he was bragging.
i been around all that and it never phased me.
he looked completely pressed.
he is the epitome of taking a shower and putting dirty underwear on.
then he gonna sit up here and talking about he makes up words.
nigga what????

“*lip smack* i made up a word today.
yes ma’am!!!!! *neck roll/smile combo*
i don’t hear people use it.
it’s called the.
uh huh,
yes ma’am.
i made up the word the.
people use it all the time because of me.”


tumblr_mgq93cTC151ql5yr7o2_250you know what tho?
kerry is gonna take the blame for this too.
it take two to tango.
i’m also gonna put some fire under his ass.
i don’t know if he is deaf,
and blind
but you gotta be something.
how could he not see that peanut had the wrong intentions?
his name is hollywood for god sakes.
peanut is trying to be a star.
he said it many times in his video.
there’s peanut.

papasomeone in my past,
when i was hanging with the wrong people,
had to pull me to the side real quick.
school me on life and people.
to this day,
i keep this saying with me:


if kerry sat around here,
hanging out with “the obvious”,
then i have to look at him side ways.
i can even say without hesitation:

he wouldn’t even be able to talk to me with all “that” going on.

i don’t care how cute he is,
how much muscles he has,
or what kinda whip he got…
miss me with that.
all i would have to see is his peanut and curve him.
i don’t rock with messy people AT ALL,
but i had to wonder if low key kerry is messy?
unless kerry had no friends and found comfort in peanut.
no way would someone get involved with “that”.
that is if they weren’t a drama queen themselves.
makes you wonder…

lowkey: surprisingly,
this one:

article-2307694-193EB9B5000005DC-336_634x606… looks like he was actually doing his job as an assistant.
peanut tho:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

101 thoughts on “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”

  1. Lol i just watched the video here.I’m just gonna throw some reality to this.

    Shit on ok.. he is still on a private jet. Messy? You don’t know his story don’t judge just like you ALWAYS insist i should not judge u.

    unless kerry had no friends and found comfort in peanut.
    no way would someone get involved with “that”

    “that”? Your 10 is a 1 to someone else vice-versa. and who are you/what position are u in to determine the reason behind Kerry and this guy? He “LOOKS” like it huh…never judge a book by its cover. I told u time and time again – sagging pants/timbs/fitted hats/muscles etc DOES NOT equal to masculinity, swag, right attitude etc

    unfortunate circumstance but oh well to the birds

    1. ok3


      …you were saying?
      davon caping for someone who is clearly in the wrong?
      whats new.
      excuse: “at least he is sitting in a private jet”.
      oh ok.
      so he is your type?
      i’m guessing you would date him then?
      bring him to your fraternity gatherings?
      introduce him to your parents?
      oh no no no…
      he will be your assistant while you work on being a producer.
      maybe he can add some background vocals to a track!
      coming from someone who use to call people “fags” every chance he got,
      and is completely judgmental in his own right,
      i’ll take this answer as a obvious trolling for attention.

      1. man did not say “at least” correction “he is” . he being wrong or right has nothing to do with fact. I’m marvelled (am i really?) that you threw this to be about me in a beat.
        I am NOT kerry, this is about him. My point is you can’t sit from afar and make your presumptions

        Do you even read or you simply see my name and already start typing an aggressive reply? Brah take the time to get my point before you start attacking me au

    2. Lmao.

      Sitting on a private jet means—what exactly? I know people who drive around in Maseratis and can’t pay their phone bill.

      Simple people are impressed by simple shit.

      Are we judging him? Yes. He has put himself front and center to be judged. No one went looking for him. He sat his narrow behind right in the middle of a publicity shit storm and invited everyone in.

      And I don’t see what anything else you said has to do with the situation.

      Fact is, he’s a messy little girl with ill intentions and bad manners.

      The end.

      1. Silly ho. Not impressed it’s a mere fact. Why go around (hating) on a guy who is obviously in places you haven’t been.

      2. Lol.

        This is the problem with basic people. To them, having an opinion is hating. God forbid it actually be the truth.

        You’re trash. And basic. Birds of a feather, I suppose.

        1. ^and hating on what tho?
          that’s what i’m not understanding.
          he could have been masculine as hell,
          pulled this stunt,
          and still be judged.
          how many times have we judge the hoes who out dick pics,
          sex tapes,
          and texts when they get mad.
          this isn’t some new “lets hate on peanut because he’s gay,
          he was fuckin kerry rhodes and we wasnt,
          and he sat in a private jet and we didnt so wahhhh!!!” convo.

          this caping is very bizarre and telling…

      3. *contemplates giving you a valid response*…. decides against it,… I can see you will drag me down to your level of stupidity and then beat me with experience.

      4. Right. I totally agree with you Random. We’re crying cause we ain’t on private jets lmao.. I have never really even thought about shit like that. My main focuses right now are school, and getting my man lol . Anything other than that is just…The silly niggas worry about shit like that.

    3. I think everyone has valid opinions and points.


      I have seen demonization of “cunt” dudes a lot here like they are some lower-functioning type being. It really makes me a bit upset to see that from gay men, like we aren’t already hated by a great deal of our Herero counter parts. We don’t know Hollywood from a can of paint but yet here we are insulting and berating his intelligence and almost every other aspect of his life.
      I don’t think he intentionally meant to hurt Kerry in the way that he did, meaning that I’m not sure he fully understood the repercussions of him speaking to these interviewers and providing all of this unnecessary information to these sites. I’m sure he was just trying to get his side of the story out. I’m positive he was hurt in some kind of way because someone he cared for is trying to deny his existence and his relationship with them. I’m positive everyone would feel a bit salty about that. But still we can call him all kinds of ugly, new money trash all we want but that does not change the fact that Kerry choose him for a reason.

      I think that was the point Davon was trying to make
      “You need to sweep in front of your own porch first.”
      Meaning yes we can criticize but we need to also realize we are not perfect ourselves. I’m almost positive that not everyone here has ridden on a private jet. (Hell I’ve never been on a plane.)

      Do I condone any of these bullshit ass shenanigans? Hell fucking no. I’m not saying any of these two are right or wrong because I’m not qualified to. But I still feel its nobody’s business but him and his baby’s.

      Also, sis. Them cunt boys put it down like a new area rug. Just saying.

      Another thing, what one queen does, doesn’t affect what I do. So yeah Peanut/Hollywood (whatever this young man’s name is) may have ruined his chances to be taken seriously as a professional in any sense of the word but that does not adversely affect me. That’s like saying all the gays fit the same size 10 Timberland boot we don’t. He ain’t ruin shit for nobody but himself.

      I’m done. I think. I’ll be back though.

  2. I couldn’t make it through the first two minutes. His voice irks the fck outta me and he’s not cute AT ALL. It’s too late for Kerry to do any sort of damage control. He needs to just on TV and say “Yea it’s me…I like men. Now who gon check me boo!?” And this will all be over

  3. This has nothing to do with being gay or any lifestyle. It has everything to do with character.

    Why would a grown man surround himself with another man/woman who acts like a spoiled child?

    Seen plenty of friendships, careers, and relationships destroyed because a person surrounded themselves with a horrible partner.

    My brother lost 10 years of his life and his military career marrying some stray cat.

    Leave these stray cats in the alley. Put the cape down! Blessings get blocked involving yourself with the wrong one.

    1. ^you know what?
      i will say that my wording on “gay and the lifestyle” is wrong.
      you are right in saying its a character.
      peanut comes off like a messy new money queen.
      seen a ton of them throughout the industry.
      i have also seen females act like this.
      straight guys.
      opportunists has no gender.
      that’s why “show me your friends and i’ll show you who you are”.

      spot on with the spoiled child comment.
      i was getting that throughout the video.

      1. I didn’t grow up rich by any means but I was comfortable. You gotta act like you are used to things, at least have some (common) sense and put material things in perspective. Labels go in and out of style. Leases run out. Houses get foreclosed. Sometimes your money might be funny, but good character and class is priceless.

        1. ^110%

          by peanut doing this,
          does he think people will hire him for a another job?
          how about someone else who maybe interested?
          they will always have that “what if” in the back of their mind.
          reputation can make or break a person.
          he spoke out against kerry.
          he and love bottoms are cosigning what is going on.
          kerry didn’t say anything about him.
          people get so caught up in ratchet,
          “well he sat in first class so he deserves my respect”,
          and this reality show life people seem to live nowadays that they aren’t getting the big picture.
          peanut wanted to be a full time star and didn’t have patience/let it naturally happen.
          i apologize tho if he made me prejudge him that way.

  4. This whole thing is crazy, I think Kerry should have been with me… Absolutely no one would be up in our business, and I definitely wouldn’t be so flash. Aside from all this mess I’m kinda feeling this other assistant…. Idk how we got the two mixed up.. LOL!

    1. ^i feel you key!

      i don’t want to call it to early,
      cause this story has so many twists and turns,
      but i like the other assistant.
      he looks like he is about his work and staying in the background.
      again all alleged.

  5. an f-bi sent me an interesting quote.
    i wanted to share:

    “Perez tried to out me many times and I hate that guy for doing that. I was already gay and living a gay lifestyle but he wanted me to talk about it. Why? My brother and the rest of the guys don’t go on interviews saying ‘I’m straight’ etc. so why do I need to just because I’m gay? People like him want me to talk about it to make themselves feel better. They think ‘I’m gay so I want to make sure everybody knows I’m not the only one out there.’ Interesting Quote: Jonathan Knight.

    any thoughts?

    1. Many men are that way. They want you to broadcast your shit for no reason. Now if you get exposed it’s something different.

      1. He is all on his face. DAMN. Really Kerry? I guess we were all right last year when we first seen them together. Yo I’m tryin to see the sextape tho. I’m not gonna lie.

  6. WOW where do I start firstly, we don’t how this guy acted when he was around Kerry maybe he hid his messy,spoiled attitude.Maybe the video was Kerry’s first exposure to that side of this Guy’s personality and he broke up with him shortly thereafter. Maybe Kerry thought the person in the video was just a character in the same way some rappers are studio gangsters or studio thugs.I am giving him benefit of doubt because I know what it feels like to be duped. I still have friends and family asking me how could I not know my ex was on the DL.So I won’t judge Kerry I don’t know how long they were together. FOR all we know this trip could have occurred early on and Kerry dumped him soon after.

    1. Valid point he did say FORMER but yeah this guy is ridiculous I kinda feel sorry for kerry even though he is partly to blame

  7. Im about to READ THIS NIGGA KERRY. Yes Jamari i agree with you. The fact the Mr kerry Rhodes deals with. A nigga at the calliaber IS MIND BLOWING niggas like this just dont GAF and that fact he is so messy is the gag!! I HONESTLY have been trying to figure out what he sees in the tricked out ghetto Elmo with braces/ Male FANTASIA lookalike has kept my mind intreged. hmmm im speechless!

  8. One more thing I noticed in all these new pics they are never looking at camera the forehead kiss pic,the lei pic,the pic from today and the pic of them walking taken from behind. I cant recall ever taking a pic of a couple walking from behind.The pics were taken by either a professional or taken without their knowledge.Well as messy as Peanut is, they were taken without Kerry’s knowledge, at least some of them IMO.

    1. ^that is what it looks like.

      these look like set up pictures.
      none of them are candid shots where two people are smiling and looking into camera.
      the new one I posted looks like someone was hiding out and snapped it.
      peanut probably wanted blackmail pictures.
      some of these shots look professional too.
      like they were outtake shots.

      like random said,
      I’m surprised this is going on for this long.

      1. It has been going on for too long. Kerry wasted all that finess on a dude like peanut. SMH. It was brothers out here who wouldn’t have done this to him, I sure wouldn’t.

  9. I see your demographic here exist mainly to carry on whatever you ramble about. Private Jet or not the FACT here I made is that YOU, can’t sit in NY/ whereever and “shit ON” a guy who clearllly does not GAF about your preaching on him being wrong or right. HENCE the analogy to him sitting in his private jet, however your drones refused to see the point and just rambled on a tangent how I am impressed etc. Smh If your proclamation had any weight he would be a “different” person , don’t you think smartie?

    1. ^you are having a bad day today!
      all this projecting.
      this issue has obviously struck a nerve with you.
      just lashing out!
      well you know what?

      we need to bow down and kiss his feet.
      he is better than us!
      davon doesn’t like it that we disrespect the great peanut!
      okay everyone?
      we will talk good things about peanut from now.
      is that better?
      ill go first:

      i love the fact peanut’s swim trunks were that shade of black.


    2. Damn, not pulling out the demographic card. Bro, I used to give you the benefit of the doubt, thinking you just brought another perspective to the table, but clearly you are a agitator and a typical attention whore, how is it that someone who has as much as you got going on you know with the frat and school, and look as good as you look, even have time to waste giving an opinion about all us lesser beings. All the men presented here are always average, or not that attractive to you, all of us are followers and are stupid from your point of view, yet you always come back. I just dont get it. Personally, I think that the owner of this blog should be able to state their opinion about what they want too, whether we like it or not, we can always delete the bookmark and keep it moving. Any other day you would be saying that this dude is a hot faggot mess but today you wanna take up for him. GTFOH with that bullshit. You are the typical gay dude in this lifestyle, you get a thrill in seeing others fail, or brought down.

      1. Wait tajan. Just cause someone is good looking, in school, and is a part of a frat doesn’t mean they are happy and satisfied. It’s all smoke and mirrors, trust me. Don’t be fooled by an online persona.

      2. none of that wit your last sentence. I LOVE this blog. It is entertaining. I told the owner, he knows this. I don’t agree with a number of his stuff, he knows this. I keep coming back here because this is the only link I have that keeps me in touch with the gay world. and a few comments to support the other guy’s blog. You may see it as a war between I and the owner, I don’t take it that way and I’d hope he doesn’t either

      3. @theman smoke and mirrors? lol tru.. I don’t know why I always turn out the singled out. I never said I was better than anyone YET that seems to DRAG into anything . Why can’t I leave a comment and it’s taken like everyone else.. Geesh…and as for me not being happy……….good one, nigga u don’t know me …but I’ll give it to you ….. I will be happier once I get a Bentley

    3. Davon…..

      If you don’t like what Jamari or ANY of his readers, WHY are you wasting your energy on here?

      It seems as if you are looking for a fight and it’s starting to show your true colors…..again.

      Go find something to do man…

  10. Until last week I had never heard of Kerry and now I’m worried about him and his career?Thats crazy right? I just read on a sports blog that Friday is the deadline for teams to sign free agents,the deadline is always a week before draft.If Kerry is passed over because of this asshole Peanut releasing these pics I will hunt down Peanut…Just kidding but I hope some team offers him a contract.He is only 33 so he can still play a few more years I think.Like I said I don’t really watch football but this site has got me interested in this guy.Damn You !!! 🙂

    1. I thought he was only 30. I hope he gets signed so he can shit on Hollywood and them. I could hear them laughing if he didn’t.

      1. That explains it. No wonder why he is so intimate with peanut. Aww y’all have the same birthday. Y’all are only a couple days ahead of mine

      2. Oh good he is only 30 .When you mentioned Hollywood I was confused thinking Hollywood the movie industry. I Forgot Peanut goes by the name Hollywood.Where do these guys live Are they in LA,Atlanta?

    2. After watching the video of this popping Queen (THANKS JAMARI!) here’s my theory…. I don’t believe Kerry fücked this dude and I somewhat believe Kerry took him under his wing to be his mentor. This dude, Peanut, has a goofy personality as it is. So I’m sure Kerry thought nothing of taking pics with him in his arms, with him with his hands over him, and so forth because Kerry probably thought this dude would never turn around and bite the hand that fed him. I’m sure Peanut initiated said poses, while they went to clickin’. All this dude have is ONE day of fun between the two with no change in outfits. That is what screams set-up to me! If I take pics with my lover, I might take several pics with him instead of one day with several ackward poses.
      Do I believe Kerry is gay? Yes. But do I believe Kerry fücked this dude? Nah.

      1. There is another pic that disproves your theory that Kerry had a one day encounter at the beach with Peanut. A previous poster put this pic in the comment section showing Peanut with Kerry’s current personal assistant. Kerry definitely had some type of relationship with Peanut. I agree 100% with Jamari & everyone else that has said Kerry being associated with this guy makes him look messy smh. You are the people you CHOOSE to associate with.

        1. ^thanks for the comment jay2.

          i wonder if a new pic will leak today?
          peanut has been persistent with the bs.
          i read kerry was traded from ny because he was becoming too “hollywood” and it was effecting his plays.
          his ex coach,
          rex ryan,
          revealed it in his book.

      1. After watching the video of this popping Queen (THANKS JAMARI!) here’s my theory…. I don’t believe Kerry fücked this dude and I somewhat believe Kerry took him under his wing to be his mentor. This dude, Peanut, has a goofy personality as it is. So I’m sure Kerry thought nothing of taking pics with him in his arms, with him with his hands over him, and so forth because Kerry probably thought this dude would never turn around and bite the hand that fed him. I’m sure Peanut initiated said poses, while they went to clickin’. All this dude have is ONE day of fun between the two with no change in outfits. That is what screams set-up to me! If I take pics with my lover, I might take several pics with him instead of one day with several ackward poses.
        Do I believe Kerry is gay? Yes. But do I believe Kerry fücked this dude? Nah.

  11. Hold up.

    Wait just a minute.

    There will be absolutely no Leo libel here at the Foxhole.

    Save that for those vindictive Scorpios and those lying ass Geminis!

    Not all Leos love the spotlight.

    When you’re ruled by the sun…you just can’t help certain things.

    J. Fox, you and Jay have been partly cloudy today. lol

      1. Geminis stay lying. It’s whatever you get when you mix cognitive dissonance, exaggerations, and bald-headed lying.

        I have never seen a group of people fake whole relationships, rearrange facts to suit themselves, you name it, all with a straight face. They make excellent politicians, but horrible best friends. Don’t let the friendliness and intellect fool you.

    1. ^lololol.

      all of the people i’m really close with in life are leos.
      it’s funny everyone who befriended,
      or had a crush on turned out to be a leo.
      i can’t escape em.
      you were spot on with the wretched relationships.
      i can’t tell you how much you all date the wrong people.

      1. You better run, but I have made bad decisions regarding my personal life. I have a real struggle with Aries’ tho. They give me hell. I’m supposed to be a perfect match with them but yea… The last three people I talked to were all Aries by coincidence. I’m ready to try something new, maybe a Cancer, Virgo, or a Scorpio for once.

      1. Not more than Aries…

        They do things just for the rush and worry about the consequences later.

        They funny as shit though and they always have your back, especially after you bail their asses out of jail.

        Ol’ hot headed asses.

        Oh and quiet Aries is either sleep or extremely dangerous!

  12. What I will say about this that makes sense to me, is that I don’t have ANY gay friends, however all of my straight guy friends, of whom know I’m gay, outwardly flirt and mess around with me, because they look at us as FRIENDS!!! I’ve been kissed, butt smacked, hugged, held hands with, sat on laps and more, all with straight guys… And the bottom line is, they allow these things to happen because one, they don’t see me as another dude, but as their gay friend, and its a natural way to show affection. Now I’m not saying that this is the case between Kerry and peanut, but it is my personal experience, that there are men comfortable enough in their sexuality to be affectionate with another man and they are not gay!

    1. Naw. I ain’t buying that Richie. Those “straight” friends wanna piece of that ass. Your sitting on their laps, they kiss you, and they smack your ass. If someone touches you like that they would let you get it. They are dropping hints cause they know you won’t come on to them first out of respect you fool lmao….You better go and get them niggas.

    2. You’re comfortable with them not seeing you as another dude but as their “gay friend”? Really?

      Kissing, butt smacking, hugging, holding hangs, sitting on laps (feeling that wood!) is not flirting that’s foreplay. They are just testing the waters waiting to see if you are gonna give it up OR seeing if they are gonna have to snatch it from you–whether you like it or not. Been there, done that, beat the charges.

      There is a fine line between being affectionate and being appropriate. I look at my guy friends as brothers.

      Most of the above does not go down between brothers–at least it shouldn’t, but that’s another post.

    3. True. I know I call a boy baby on campus but I am not attracted to him like that, not that he is ugly or anything, he’s good looking – he just looks so pretty and fragile, I mean home boy says wassup like a regular dude or sometimes even a lil thug , he hoops and whatnot at the gym with us but I still say “wassup baby” to him right in his face everytime. he is straight, I won’t play that with a gay flaming queen though, that will just be OD, if he was masculine maybe I would treat him like a girl, be nice etc.

    1. J i dont like to say stuff like this but honestly the purse literally fall out of his mouth. All this says is kerry is a messy messy messy dude, seriously Honestly i hope the money he was stunting on is his cause it would be sad to think that kerry money pay for all this shit. An now will be forced into retirement. See if kerry goes and kills the peanut can you blame him

      1. but davon has a point why we feeling sorry for kerry he was out and about with the peanut in public with friends and personal entourage following him on his vacation getaway. An honestly Queens are mess but usually to inspire a full out attack thy have to be provoked or looking for a pay day, To me exposing kerry not gonna help him in the long run so something is provoking him i mean getting dump for and replace with a guy you intorduce to a man could make anyone lose it just saying

        1. ^maybe kerry felt comfortable enough to do it feeling he could trust him?
          sometimes we drop our guard.
          we don’t know someone will turn on us.
          maybe he started out one way and got around the “good life” and changed?

          other people won’t do what we would do.

  13. I’m telling ya’ll Miss Peanut probably takes dick like he works for breeditraw and the rent is due tomorrow.

    I’m talking swallowing, snowballing, spinning around with the dick still inside.

    Thats the only explanation I have.

      1. He’s not cute to me at all. Like really.

        Fem or not, sexy is sexy and he isn’t.

        I’d probably smash if it was 3 am and there were no other options…and it was really, REALLY dark outside. Lol

        I will never, EVER support any of these niggas.

        If I even buy you a McGriddle we go together. Lol

  14. Oh and everyone can’t be phenomenal lovers, excellent friends, attentive boyfriends like Aries men.

    We set the bar pretty high. Lol

      1. True. I’ve fucked some international hoes. Lol

        I don’t save them though like back in my earlier days. I delete their number out of my phone on my way out the door.

        We’re still superior in every way though. Lol

      2. Aries please know a few in fact my brother is one nothing special Aries men have a temper doe . But the best sex is a virgo every body know that but they alittle to free.

  15. Not too much Jamari. Lol

    I try to be good for a few weeks and then I go into my fuck it mode and everyone is a smash and pass at that point. Lol

  16. Kerry Rhodes is IN the video with Peanut at 8 seconds so it’s clear these two are a couple and Love_Bottom is the person exposing them. I saw it first but didn’t know for sure until Bossip took a screen shot.


    1. ^thanks sb.
      if peanut wasn’t such a messy little queen,
      i would have given him props.
      starting out as an assistant,
      or anything to help the “talent” is your foot in the door.

    2. The comments on this story on Bossip are disgusting. I know MTO always has homophobic comments so I don’t read them but I guess I can’t read Bossip comments either. I googled Kerry and see Michael Vick’s brother Marcus tweeted anti gay comment about Kerry’ former team referring to them as fruit tarts warning other players to be careful when playing the Cardinals.This is the BS an out NFL player will have to deal with people watching how they tackle.Analyzing how they touch other players on the field….

      1. ok

        tell him shut his dumb ass up.
        ain’t no one hearing what this washed up player gotta say.
        while they are getting “piled on”,
        he is at home watching it.
        ol walking dead zombie lookin dust bunny ass nigga:


        check his stats LOL:

        On January 9, 2006, Vick was charged with three counts of brandishing a firearm, a Class One misdemeanor,[26][27] in Suffolk, Virginia. A police report alleged that he pointed a gun at a 17-year-old in the parking lot of a McDonald’s in Suffolk after Vick’s girlfriend had an argument with three people.[28] Vick claimed that the gun in question was a BlackBerry cell phone and that his accusers were trying to blackmail him.[29]

        On December 14, 2006, a 17-year old girl from Montgomery County, Virginia, filed a civil lawsuit against Vick accusing him of molestation of a minor, fraud, and additional charges. In the lawsuit, seeking $6.3 million,[7] the girl claimed that when she was 15 (below the legal age of consent in Virginia), she was forced into a sexual situation with Vick, who was 20 years old, over a nearly two-year-long period. She also alleged that Vick offered to provide her alcohol and marijuana and forced her to have sex with other men.[8] On September 15, 2008, the parties agreed to a settlement in the lawsuit.[9]

        On June 13, 2008, a bicycle officer in Norfolk approached a couple arguing in a car. When asked for identification, Vick allegedly took off, driving the car at high speed. When another officer spotted the car and stopped it, Vick failed a sobriety test. He was charged with DUI, misdemeanor eluding police, driving on the wrong side of a street, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, and was taken into custody.[30] Vick was living at the time in his brother Michael’s riverfront mansion in Suffolk and Michael’s condominium in the South Beach section of Miami Beach.[31] He was released on bond later Friday morning.[32][33][34] On October 20, Vick pleaded guilty to DUI. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail, which the judge suspended, a fine of $250, and his Virginia driving license was suspended for a year. He was also convicted of eluding a police officer and driving on the wrong side of the road, and fined $280 on those charges.[10]

        In August 2009, a judge ordered him to jail for probation violations including failure to complete an alcohol education program, testing positive for marijuana, missed appointments, and failure to pay court costs and fines. Vick was freed on a $25,000 bond and appealed the decision.[35]

        In January 2013, A judge has sentenced Marcus Vick to five days in jail for failing to produce adequate documentation about his financial status by a court-ordered deadline.

        i love it.
        he is so successful.
        why it always gotta be the dumb niggas who failed at life gotta make jokes?
        too bad his first name ain’t michael.
        that’s whose opinion we may give a fuck about anyway.

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