How To Have Raw Sex and Still Keep Your Walls In Tact.

tumblr_mlbj7c0EtM1snqwvlo1_500tired of having sex with a condom?
completely over “baby is it still on?”
no adult diapers in your future?
well look no further foxes,
and hybrids
have i got the device for you!
introducing raw dawg!.

73876_7406x see how it works

the description killed me:

Is this the Toy of the Year? We are waggin’ and boned over the Raw Dawg. This knotted k-9 shaft is 3 TOYS IN ONE…a cock sheath…a butt plug…and a jack-off toy. Unlike other cock sheaths, the Raw Dawg is not anchored to your cock, but knots and stays in his hole…the ultimate freedom for the Top. And yeah, it’s ass-pluggin’ sensory OVERLOAD for his bitch bottom.


obviously a snow wolf wrote that.
that actually looks like an interesting idea.
i don’t know what to say.
as long as it promotes safe sex
thank you to my f-bi who sent this in.
i can see this flying off the shelf.

would you purchase this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “How To Have Raw Sex and Still Keep Your Walls In Tact.”

  1. looks like its meant for worn out asses…. My hole is tight i dont need an extra layer of dick to stretch me out… condom will do just fine, Idk whats wrong with condoms, dudes be acting like they cant cum with it on…lol

  2. So you can have it in you and still get fucked at the same damn time?! If so that’s amazing!!

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