She Makes Me Give Good Brains

tumblr_nil4xo93ST1thte97o1_r7_500i love when people keep me on my toes.
the foxhole does when it comes to stories to write about.
one of my dear friends,
also does the same.
that’s one of the many things i love about her.
she is extremely intelligent and very pro-ed.
her cub is super smart.
as much as we like to talk shit,
she also sends me activities or articles to keep my brain working.
earlier this week,
she wanted me to try a writing challenge with her.

100 words.
subject: good buddy.
due: yesterday

well i had done thursday.
this is what i wrote…

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How To Have Raw Sex and Still Keep Your Walls In Tact.

tumblr_mlbj7c0EtM1snqwvlo1_500tired of having sex with a condom?
completely over “baby is it still on?”
no adult diapers in your future?
well look no further foxes,
and hybrids
have i got the device for you!
introducing raw dawg!.

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Would You Let This Baller Wolf “Rumba” Your Brains Out?

jacoby jones is killing it on dancing with the stars.

jacoby-joneseach week,
he beats that floor DOWN.
last night he did it again
this time,
with no shirt on…

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I Don’t Feel Like Giving Head Tonight

Foxes, check this scenario!

You go over a Wolf’s crib on late night.
You are both laughing and talking.
Things are looking like a +.
He pulls you close and you already knows what that means.
You are ready for some of that great cheek poking.
He whispers in your ear:

“Just give me some head.”

…and that is it.
Nothing else.
Just head.
He is what you would call “The Head Wolf” and he is only interested in you giving him dome.
He is usually fine as hell and only about your mouth meeting his dick for a passionate rendezvous.
But, is it wrong when you want more than to be some Wolf’s head-line act? 

Have you ever dealt with the Head Wolf?

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