Would You Let This Baller Wolf “Rumba” Your Brains Out?

jacoby jones is killing it on dancing with the stars.

jacoby-joneseach week,
he beats that floor DOWN.
last night he did it again
this time,
with no shirt on…

you can’t tell me he doesn’t have good:


i bet he will take you on a ride.
i bet he will tap dance,
and moon walk all in ya shit.

tumblr_mhrd1xCJZ61s3gtg7o1_500-1lowkey: everytime a baller wolf gets on that show,
they show the fuck out.
why is this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Would You Let This Baller Wolf “Rumba” Your Brains Out?”

  1. Yea, I like Jacoby anyway so I would hit him. He comes off as husband material too. I did not know he was that sexy tho? He is looking really good.

  2. Like I said previously he will have you hitting all kind of high notes and feening for more not necessarily for his size but because he’s sensual and probably down for the freaky. And I know the sistahs are probably calling him a punk for his hands jesters fuck it who cares

  3. Damn I havent watch this show in years, I got my own boycott going since they never let a damn Sista besides Cheryl get close to that Mirror Ball, but one of my homies told me about this dude, I hadnt even heard of this dude before and I follow sports, but he is the truth, I can tell he can F%CK by those moves he has on the dance floor and being from the N.O. probably doesnt hurt either lol. This dude is actually a natural dancer, I was like wow he is really good. I hope he snatches the trophy. I also saw tired ass D.L. Hughley with his unfunny ass on there, I was like I thought this was Dancing with the Stars, dont you have to be a Star. Oh well, go Jacoby….

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