Sisqo Has Some Peen Leakage… A Couple Years Too Late

first it was method man.
i actually wanted to see his.
now it’s another blast from the past by the name of:

tumblr_lpshc57Jbm1qj3uuto1_500although no on really cares.
this should have happened during “the thong song” era.
funky divena,
or “the meat packing district” as i’m starting to call her site,
has the leaks.
you know i copped em.
definitely NSFW

short and thick.
just like him.
in all honesty,
i’d rather see pictures of those butt cheeks.

tumblr_m2oayvgk8W1qj58cko1_500i’m sure he would get more attention with that release.
probably even some wolf attention.
depends on the wear and tear inside tho.
he and those butt cheeks are a throwback.

lowkey: i’m starting to think foxes are sending in these pipe leaks to funky d.

7 thoughts on “Sisqo Has Some Peen Leakage… A Couple Years Too Late

  1. The first picture you posted reminded me of that time he was on that dating show or whatever and he was wearing a black singlet.

  2. That shit is mad small, I’m just keepin it real. Is it even five inches? I always wanted to see him get smashed cause he has a nice ass. If he wasn’t giving it up maybe he should have rethought his decision cause it might have helped his career.

    After all that being said, I still like him, I always did. He was really sexy when he went solo.

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