she was in the mood for sausage so she decided to cook his

*the following entry is rated r.
viewer discretion and graphic images ahead.

we fall for pictures like ^this on social media all the time.
well some of you,
but i’m not impressed as i once was.
when you font for the foxhole,
you start to learn a majority of these #relationshipgoals are legit scams.
relationships aren’t cutesy pictures and highlight reels.

There is ALWAYS some shit going on in the background.

folks don’t want to post when they’re down bad after flexing.
i told ya he/she/them was trash” is a hard pill to swallow after the flex.

dayane cristina rodrigues machado
who is pictured above with her huzzband,
decided to show the world how much she loves cooking.
she needed her husband’s sausage to complete the meal tho via “the daily mail”…

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I Like Sausage

tumblr_kw4gzsjQmi1qzw5cri like sausage.
i like it for breakfast.
i like it between my egg and cheese on a roll.
i also like it in between my bunz.
everyone been telling me about this new song and video,
they said it was from lil mama.
the title made me eye roll almost instantly.
i decided to take a peak at the video and well…
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How To Cook A Sausage In Wrestling Pants

wrestlermeatdon’t you like wrestler wolves in those tight stretch wrestling pants?
  lycra fabric been known show a slow cooking sausage.
well this faceless wrestler wolf for unc-pembroke wanted to show us just how he cooked his meat.
hope this video works…

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WOLF MEAT: (300)

8362dinner_platewolves and hybrids,
i got some breakfast for ya.
my foxy friend has the buns

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Sisqo Has Some Peen Leakage… A Couple Years Too Late

first it was method man.
i actually wanted to see his.
now it’s another blast from the past by the name of:

tumblr_lpshc57Jbm1qj3uuto1_500although no on really cares.
this should have happened during “the thong song” era.
funky divena,
or “the meat packing district” as i’m starting to call her site,
has the leaks.
you know i copped em.
definitely NSFW

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f0x Asks: Has Anyone Ever Been Overly Homophobic To YOU?

have you ever met a person….

maybe very uncomfortable around you.
maybe didn’t like being around you.
very homophobic around other people.
if they saw a gay person walk by,
they always made an effort to talk shit.

maybe even you.
don’t be scared to admit.
you are not even “out” or “feminine.
you could be quiet, have an aura about you, or even just be different.
all foxes are.
but they just don’t want to be around you.
you did nothing to them to understand all the hate or even judgement.
why would anyone not like you?

so my question is…

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