f0x Asks: Has Anyone Ever Been Overly Homophobic To YOU?

have you ever met a person….

maybe very uncomfortable around you.
maybe didn’t like being around you.
very homophobic around other people.
if they saw a gay person walk by,
they always made an effort to talk shit.

maybe even you.
don’t be scared to admit.
you are not even “out” or “feminine.
you could be quiet, have an aura about you, or even just be different.
all foxes are.
but they just don’t want to be around you.
you did nothing to them to understand all the hate or even judgement.
why would anyone not like you?

so my question is…

these people who are so uncomfortable and overtly homophobic

Can we say that they are hiding their inner feelings?
and is that inner feeling usually to be fucked aka the fox?

any stories of someone who was homophobic heavy turning out to secretly crave:



Or, can some people really just be genuinely uncomfortable around gay people?

9 thoughts on “f0x Asks: Has Anyone Ever Been Overly Homophobic To YOU?

  1. I had a class in Human Sexuality-Psychology that the professor said, all men have gay tendancy it is up to them if they want to act upon. This guy evidently, is very insecure and could have been dealing with one of those guys like it wa stated above. What he was trying to impose was to make them get and leave, because he could not face the fact that his cut-buddy was sitting across from him. I tell guys all the time who claim to be str8 that I can walk pass and not even think that you exist. I cannot hinder myself from going and coming, because you want to uphold your persona!!!

  2. OMG, Jamari, you are a mind reader, I am so glad you brought this topic up let me tell you about a incident that happen when I was out with a str8 Vixen just last night.

    Well I was at this spot that has a mix of str8 and gay people, and these 5 obviously gay guys walk in and sat down and were just chilling, and after a little while, these 2 str8 couples walk in and I guess notices the gay guys sitting together one of the dudes in the party stands up and starts saying not that loud, but not that quiet either-” I hate these fruity, faggot motherfuckers, these faggots are looking at me, and i cant stand that shit man” Me and my friend was just like WTF, just ignorant, well this dude was not satisfied with making his opinion known at his table, he had to go to the table with the dudes and tell them how they better not be looking at him because he was not down for that faggot shit and many other hateful things. The dudes really didnt even address him, I was surprised by this, because most out gay dudes are mouthy and dont mind fighting or reading your ass when they feel threaten, maybe they were scared or just didnt want to draw anymore attention to the situation. Many of the customers were also getting up leaving. My str8 friend told me that he was obviously hiding something in himself for him to act like this. I concurred. Mind you this is a pretty upscale place, and its always a mix of races and sexuality all co-existing without any incidents. The irony of the whole thing was this dude had to pass me to get to his chair after his rant, and he was like real cool and respectful toward me, because he perceived I was str8 because I was with a cute female. Im still trying to figure out what was that rant all about, and why if you are a secure heterosexual male that you will be concerned that someone looked at you. Hell, you cant tell me what I can look at with my eyes. Maybe he was trying to impress his date, his party didnt seemed that embarrassed by his behavior either.

    1. ^he is an idiot.
      they came in and sat down.
      nothing else.
      i don’t get the issue.

      don’t these wolves know that if vixens and foxes/wolves/or hybrids are hitting on you,
      then you must be extremely fucking sexy?

    2. Boys that cry wolf, usually wants one.

      Textbook homophobic homosexual. Either this dude was fucking one of the guys at the table OR he’s a sadistic sociopath–some people inflict pain just because they can.

      A lot more gays need to start bashing back. I have never in my life met a knife-proof man or bullet-proof man.

      Haven’t had any nigga moments as an adult, which is a good thing, lawyers cost money.

  3. I don’t agree with the assumption that people that are really uncomfortable/ hateful around gays or people they presume to be gay because they are gay themselves. That’s the very reason why some of them go out of their way to shun and separate themselves from gay people because people make assumptions

    Some people just don’t get it and they can’t understand the fact its not always for them to get.

    Some people have been raised to be leery of homosexuals because of certain stereotypical behaviors they are known for too.

    I think most of it is perception though. We can act evolved as a society, but generally if you see someone too comfortable around gay people or having too many gay friends you’re going to assume they may be gay.

    1. ^i always assume they were straight,
      to be honest.

      i’ve always had the unfortunate pleasure of knowing the ones scared of anything “different”…
      … ready to suck my heart out my asshole.

  4. I think most of them are uncomfortable because they are hiding their inner feelings. Some men see themselves in gay men and it’s hard for them to cope with it. They just don’t want to accept themselves the way they are, but they shouldn’t do that because all they will do is continue to suffer. You can’t fight gay away.

  5. I Use To Have and Still Friends With Some Straight Guy(Some Was DL) in High School Who Was So Uncomfortable Around Real Feminine Guys and Say Some HURTFUL Shit But Will Be Like You Ok Cause Your Not Too Gay But I Will Feel Uncomfortable Like Shit They Just Like Me But Over Top So I Would Be Like in My Head What You Really Think About Me

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