Name: The Fox Who Has Cum To Quit Touching His Pipe


i know.
i’m serious.

yup, you read right.
jamari fox hasn’t choked his chicken, manhandled his meat, or dribbled his basketballs in 2 days.
an accomplishment if i do say so myself.
i’m trying something new.
something that has me feeling like a hungry werewolf locked up in a cage.
i have this new found energy that has me on a total high.

in this lifestyle,
we are either gigantic hoes or big time meat beaters.
some of us don’t want to have 20 dicks in and out of us,
so we wake up and look at about 20 dicks going in and out of someone else.
but if too much sex with random strangers is bad for us,
is too much jacking off worst?
some of us get caught up in fucking ourselves,
that we dismiss trying to get fucked/fuck someone else.
do we become addicted to that safe feeling that we forget to get someone to touch us?
i started to wonder…

Are you fucking yourself by fucking yourself?

now i’m not becoming some monk or a goody too shoes.
i am still a low down freak behind closed doors of my nasty mind.
but i was jacking WAY too much.
i did it 8 times in one day.
pretty good day.
i wanted to try not jacking for a week.
if i can maanage without exploding,
i’ll keep going.

the reason i stopped is because someone mentioned “sexual energy” to me.
as usual, i went on google and did some research.
of course, the links started pouring in.
there were sites you had to pay for,
but there was one site that was free and gave me a good read.

sexual energy is that energy you have that gives you power.
it can almost be compared to gas.
you ever been so horny that you had this energy radiate off you?
you felt it especially between your navel and the shaft of your dick.
well, that’s sexual energy.
once you jack, you lose it.
but when you have sex,
it gets stronger.
when you get some dick/ass/pussy,
you release endorphins which make you feel good.
it makes you glow and it attracts other people to you.
again, when you start fucking
other people want to fuck you.
but when you jack off,
you release dopamine,
which gives you the same rush,
but then makes you tired and lazy.

i noticed after i jacked off,
i was tired and lazy.
i didn’t even want to think of another wolf.
i would lay around and do nothing all day.
feeling satisfied off the fact i came all over my abs.

now that i stopped,
i feel different.
i’m waking up early and actually getting shit done.
anytime i think about sex,
my body starts to feel extremely sensitive.
i started just watching porn and i like that feeling i get.
that feeling of being insanely horny.
that same energy i feel inside me,
i channel it to doing some constructive.
i actually want to go and meet a wolf so he can beat the brakes off my shit.

i also read that some of the most influential people in the world go off their sexual energy.
they are probably fucking like crazy,
but they are going off that feeling of the after-fuck.
nothing is a better feeling than getting some dick/pussy/ass.

i started to wonder,
with the rise of STDS and other diseases,
is it that easy?
do we find comfort in jackin’ off because we don’t want to catch anything?
unless our hand is radioactive that is…
for a fox like me who isn’t out there,
not on the online sites or the clubs,
will it force me to now look for pipe?
i really want to get my brains fucked out on a regular,
with a steady wolf i can explore my freak level with,
but i’m really not into all the extra that comes with trying to get fucked.
not trying to be on a first name basis with my pharmacist.
so, what am i to do?
be the celibate ball of energy who isn’t getting any?
or keep on waiting until he comes along?
i’m sure by that time,
i’ll be the best sex he ever had because i will unleash all this pent up fury.

i had to ask…

Is it really easy to stop jackin’ off?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “Name: The Fox Who Has Cum To Quit Touching His Pipe”

  1. It is usually mind over matter. I can find some active activity to redirect my energy, but when I focus on other things that will keep my focus off of sex, I am much better. Since I am rolling solo, there is no need for me to be out freaking everything and everybody or watching everybody freak everybody. I am looking for the one that can bring way more to the table than sex. Nowadays, people are so lazy that they want you to jack your own shit during a freak session with them. Shit, I can do that without you next to me. How are we gone foreplay(lost art), get down and dirty and you won’t put forth the effort for me to climax? You just want me to jerk my shit in front of you? You just wasted my

    I say all this to say that when I go without masturbating, everybody and their relatives are giving me the goggly eyes. Animals since that too,so be careful around people’s pets. They will try to freak you too. Lol.

    1. ^!!!!!

      I went to go run some errands and vixens were giving me the googly eyes.
      one vixen even came up to me to ask me directions…
      … and chick was looking at me like she wanted to fuck me behind the tree.

      I like this power.

  2. It is for me. It helps to not watch porn & the like to feed it, but when I stop thinking about it so much, things get easier. Of course there’s that period of insane horniness & erections, but it subsides. I haven’t jacked in at least a week – haven’t had sex longer than that. I find I’m either on or off – now I gotta work up to it…feed the beast (so to speak) if I wanna get off.

    So yeah, it can be done – and you’ll find more time & energy for other things…at least I do.

    1. ^i get my early,
      i started working out more,
      and i have more things to write about.
      i don’t feel lazy as i was becoming.
      literally i’d be on porn sites looking for more shit to jack off too.

  3. You can do alot with that energy. I remember I went about 2 weeks without releasing. If I started to have a wet dream I would wake up so I wouldnt cum. I had plenty of energy to focus but my pelvic area started cramping, so I had to release. I believe its called Sexual transmutation. As of now I havent jacked off in 5 days so I know how you feel Jamari lol. Another way to build up that energy is to jack off but dont cum. If you do cum, think about a goal your trying to acheive and after your finished youll be way more focused on that goal.

  4. In this life self love is a life saver, due to STD’s and crazy ass pieces who you dont want to deal with to have sex with them. I have gone upwards of a year without having any sexual contact with another individual, and if it wasnt for my girlfriend “Fistina” I would be crazier than I already am. It gets to be not normal because we were put on this earth to interact and have sex with another being. The only time I can go for long periods of time without self pleasure is when I suffer through a tragedy such as a death, then I shut down and dont think about no type of sex. Its funny when I have sex on the regular I dont even really think of jacking, unless the person is a dud. I cant say that other activities curb your appetite, because I work out all the time now, and it only makes me more horny especially after seeing all the fine dudes in the gym.

    I dont know about this extra energy, no jacking or sex and I become a mean hateful asshole. I assume thats why so many people who I see who are angry, bitter, are just sexless. I cant imagine anyone who is getting sex on the regular not be a happy individual.

    The only drawback is too much self pleasure, you start to forget about the pleasures of another human touch, and when you do get with someone, its hard to sit back and relax and let them pleasure you, because you get so used to pleasuring yourself, or if they are wack sexually, you dont want to hang in there with them to teach them what turns you on because you can do the job yourself.

  5. I have this policy, where I only jack off on weekends (Saturdays, mostly). I see sex as a distraction, so during the week when work needs to get done, I refrain from jerking.

  6. I am too much of a sexual being to not please myself. The longest I can go w/o doing so is when I am away with family. For some reason, I have no desire, (or fear of being caught/interrupted). I guess it is because family is near.

  7. No it ain’t easy. I ain’t gonna lie I beat off at least 5 days a week, and sometimes more than once a day. The longest I think I’ve not done it is three days. I guess it depends on the person though, we are all different. Some can do it but others can’t.

    S/N: Rocky and J. Cole look good in those gifs.

  8. whats crazy is that I am having this problem now! Its like i cant stop jacking off its become apart of my daily routine smh and that’s the problem i swear i don’t want it to be. But i feel like its become a comfort zone for me so I do it daily, sometimes i wont even be that horny but ill JO anyway because it made me happy and i definitely felt lazy afterwards. 🙁 I know its a mind thing. i WANT to stop.

    By the way this is my first time commenting, just want to say keep up the good work I usually check this joint out like 2 times a day, im sure by now you can guess

  9. If you dont masturbate for a while, your body will just take over and give you a nocturnal emission to release the old sperm. We masturbate to keep our pipes clean. We have a “use it or lose it” system where if it isn’t exercised it breaks down. The pent up energy will feel interesting, I tried going without it for a while. But eventually i just figured I might as well use it as often as i can because eventually it’ll stop working. Its a healthy activity but it doesn’t detract from me still wanting the touch of another man. Actually, when i go without doing it, i find myself more eager to find a wolf and will often find a quick jump off.

    What I don’t like, which speaks to what Anthony said, is when wolfs are on some “I just want someone to jerk off with” type stuff. One time, We were both completely naked, lube ready to go, minimal foreplay and right as things are about to get good this one wolf hit me with the “I don’t fuck on the first date” ish and i was like… Excuse me?! What type of fuckery is this? You were talking all this “I wanna fuck you so bad” and “you’re so sexy” stuff and all you wanna do is touch yourself and watch me do the same? Get the fuck outta here! Then had the nerve to try and ask when we could see each other again… psh!

    1. ^WHAT?!?!?!?!

      he would have been dropped.
      how he gonna pull a vixen move like that tho???
      ya’ll naked and this wolf bullshittin?

      naw son.
      the door is thattaway——>

    2. I died reading that because Ive been the wolf who played that role of I don’t fuck on the first date. I don’t know about his reasoning behind it but I would think most times that excuse falls out in line when expectations aren’t met either chemistry, setting , feeling, looks etc

    3. The irony of the whole thing is one time when I was 17/18 I met this finnnnnnne dude online who on the day I met him I wasn’t really in the mood per se. He was a “top” with the stereotypes down light tats etc he came thru and I was blazing with my boy, when he text me he was on his way I too him to pick up a soda for me on his way, he replied ” nigga what you think this is? This ain’t a date” ehh he bought me my soda nonetheless , he came thru and blazed and I guess he felt real comfortable cus that’s when he went back to his car to get me my soda and after like 2 hours later when my boy left, mind you I really wasn’t in a fuck mode and somehow just hung out , he came up to my dorm room with me.. Yay single rooms.., and I fucked the shit outta this “top” literally . That was my first time I got head with a condom on … Anyway when I was done he actually said ” I don’t fuck with people first night I see them and talk more of letting anyone fuck me, don’t get too attached now nigga and start missing me” I almost burst out laughing like shit cus I almost said nigga fuck outta my room…long story short homie gave me a kiss on my forehead before leaving an texted me when he got back saying why dint I check up on him.. Fast fwd later that week (we met on Sunday night/mon morning) and J is taking me out on a date and he ends up being my first serious boyfriend. First time I ever took a dude serious, that was almost 3years ago .., point is maybe you were too focused on the sex that it dint happen… Jamari u need me send u some more dick pics baby

    4. I was all the way confused. I was like, this isn’t a date! I couldn’t understand. Wolves out here in the DMV be on some other shyt. Talkin a big game with ZERO follow through. He was asking me if I could pick up his dry cleaning on my way out.. huh?! Was I going to call him when he came back from his trip? What?! I couldn’t understand. He started trying to flirt with me as I was getting ready to go. It was too late for the cute stuff by then. I gave him a big hug before we left to get one last feel of his body. He was big an muscular and dark skin. Average in the face. I’m not here trying to wife you… you are a piece of meat! LOL We don’t love these hoes.

  10. I have to bust bust at least twice a day, especially before bed. Lol

    I’ll be the first to admit masturbating so much makes me somewhat detached and selfish in bed.

  11. It is a very difficult thing to with stain from. I have self control over letting someone pentrate me. The most I have gone has been four years. I am looking for the right individual who wants more than just sex. We all have five senses and a mind that we can control unless there are issues. I do jackoff just about everyday, but can go several days without it it is a mind thing.

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