The Silence of The Werewolf

a_560x375when i turn into a werewolf,
like any other fox,
it’s usually NOT pretty.
that means i am either fed up or super horny.
either someone will get cussed out real mean…
or a vicious nut will be pulled out his pipe.
maybe even both depending on the situation.
i’d like to think “ratchet jamari” is my werewolf side.
when i do turn into a werewolf,
and can’t express it the right way,
it leaves me having the craziest mood swings.
so much so,
i was so restless that i couldn’t even sleep last night…
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Name: The Fox Who Has Cum To Quit Touching His Pipe


i know.
i’m serious.

yup, you read right.
jamari fox hasn’t choked his chicken, manhandled his meat, or dribbled his basketballs in 2 days.
an accomplishment if i do say so myself.
i’m trying something new.
something that has me feeling like a hungry werewolf locked up in a cage.
i have this new found energy that has me on a total high.

in this lifestyle,
we are either gigantic hoes or big time meat beaters.
some of us don’t want to have 20 dicks in and out of us,
so we wake up and look at about 20 dicks going in and out of someone else.
but if too much sex with random strangers is bad for us,
is too much jacking off worst?
some of us get caught up in fucking ourselves,
that we dismiss trying to get fucked/fuck someone else.
do we become addicted to that safe feeling that we forget to get someone to touch us?
i started to wonder…

Are you fucking yourself by fucking yourself?

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The Emancipation of The Fox Who Created His Own Restrictions

I woke up with an Epiphany this morning.
Before I could wipe the cold out my eyes and pop a toothbrush in my mouth,
I was awoken by the sound of my inner voice screaming.
Sounds psycho, I know.
But, I have been feeling somewhat… down and disgusted these last few days.
I have been feeling “tired”, “worried”, and “over it”.
It has been making me sick and throwing up.
Somehow and somewhere, I picked up bad acid reflux or something.
I would rather be in bed sleep than actively doing anything.
And when I had to go somewhere, I wasn’t fully invested.
I must have been hit with some kind of depression that crept on me like a vine.

But, where THE FUCK did it come from?…

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I Have Been A Bad Fox and I Need A Spanking.

The Wolf man
Evelyn from Basketball Wives

Do you know what they all have in common?

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Would It Rude If I Wanted Him To Bench Press Me?

Guess who I just saw that was looking at me like I was lunch…
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MEAT (The Intro)

I see fine men daily.
I also see fine ass men online hourly.
I always seem to click the right thing and then I’m going through pages of sexy ass men.

Then I start wondering:

How can I get that?
or Why am I not with that?
What is wrong with me?
Maybe I am not insert what I THINK I am lacking here.

A total mind fuck if I ever saw one.
You know you do it too.
So I thought I’d try something new with IJF.

Something I’m sure my Foxes would enjoy.

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