Would It Rude If I Wanted Him To Bench Press Me?

Guess who I just saw that was looking at me like I was lunch…
….but I kept it moving and left them with their jaw on the ground?

I ran an errand for work and I was just taking my time to go back,
when I saw this  big muscular force coming towards my direction.

I felt nothing.
Usually I would have gotten nervous,
but I replaced that emotion with “Body I’d Like To Fuck“.

Yusuf Myers of City Gym Boy fame…. and ideal Wolf jump off in my head.

He walked towards me expecting me to be extra.
He almost looked like he was waiting for it.
His eyes told the whole story.
But, I smiled and kinda kept it moving.
That is when he busted out with the bedroom eyes on a Fox.
But alas, I continued work bound.

(even though secretly I wanted to say, ” *halle berry voice* daddy make me feel gooodddd!!!)

He is much better looking in person.
Nice clear skin and his arms are MASSIVE.
He was wearing a wife beater that highlighted EVERYTHING.
Defect: he is a tad shorter than me.

I should have stopped him and asked him to be my MEAT OF THE MINUTE,
but I figured every homo has thrown himself at him.

Why be one of the same?

When the Wolf is use to Foxes (and Wolves) throwing themselves at his feet,
it loses it luster and becomes predictable.
I have seen the light.
I’m sure we will meet again in a more intimate setting.

That is when a Werewolf will strike… 

Check out his site: http://yusufmyers.com/

and which Twitter page is he?
This dude has more knockoffs than a box cart on Canal Street.
They stayed tryna play him on BGC and a4a. 

15 thoughts on “Would It Rude If I Wanted Him To Bench Press Me?

  1. Yes ! This is the respect we need to start giving ourselves ! Every homo has thrown hisself onto him… Why put ourselves to that level and be labelled “just another hoe”?! Good job Jamari !
    Now you actually probably stand out more to him than if you had thrown yourself to him 😉

  2. Ight I’m going to give you my take on this Jamari. Upon reading the post about three times to ensure I had absolute clarity, I want to commend you for not falling into the trap of being a groupie. On the other hand though this is what I would have done and why. After he realized that I wasnt going to be extra and switch to the bed room eyes, I would have stopped introduced myself and him at the same time, like “*extending my hand* Hey I’m Jaden, nice to meet you and correct me if I’m wrong, but arent you the one of the guys from The City Gym Boys”.

    I would have done this because I want to see if he has the ability to have a regular conversation. Secondly I want him to know that even though he is fione as hell, my god *licks lips* that I’m not intimidated by his fame or muscles. I have done this to just regular guys who stare at me in the subway and on the street when I’m going to lunch. I believe that this method gives you the ability to control the coversation to whatever means you desire. Be it that you just want to walk away and say nice to have met you and have them think about you all day or to get their number to keep in contact with as a acquaintance or more if thats what you wanted.

    And I’m sure you knew this but I feel we all foxes/wolfs/vixens should use this becuase you when you look back might think why didnt I say more to him/her when I had the chance.. I’m just saying..

  3. Does he get down? He looks a little too polished in the face…like Little Richard. lol

    I’d still do some things to that body though…

    1. exaccccccccccccccccccccccccctly.
      the only thing i am shoppin’ for is “a good time” and i think that may cum when invest in something of his (if you know what i mean).

  4. oh and congrats Jamari i know it was a lil hard containing yourself, but you did it. Let them wolves know who run it. FOX POWER!!!

  5. Damn he fine good thing i seen his pic before i hit the sack. Maybe ill have a dream bout him hmmm?

  6. I usta be ascurred to comment. It’s so intimidating. But then Jamari left that heartfelt, warm, inviting tweet on his page and I mustard up the courage to say this…Altho I’ve never heard of dude,,,hes sexy,,,with a nice ass,,,id def let him sh*t on my chest 🙂

  7. My lightskinned, quadroon mother has always said “I don’t like fair-skinned men. They simply don’t look right.” I disagree with her, but this fiiiiiiine mofo makes a compelling argument!!

  8. I need one of y’all to come and get me off this mofu flo…and to answer you question, YES it would be rude because you would be interrupting him bangin’ my mofu back out! #FAINTS

  9. jamari r you crazy i woulda been all over him like a cheap pair of jordans lol!!! but seriously i would have done the same (even though in my mind we would be fucking on the street) i mean he does need his privacy. and i cant count the times i ran across all his fake pages

  10. I hope he has cakes, cuz his print looks…okay (though he’s not likely full mast). I like shorter men – I can manhandle them easier… 😉

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