He’s So Vain (He’s Gonna Know This Entry About Him)

I have been following Vain for a minute…
And only because he has a Body That Needs To Be Fucked.

…. oh he has other talents too lol

I’d have my hand on his pec too…

He looks short.
Don’t matter.
You know what they say about the short Wolves…


All I think when I see him is this:

He looks like the type to do this LOL

Bonus video of that Body That Needs 2 Be Fucked…


….and he is from The Concrete Forest.
Ima need Vain to pay a visit to the Foxhole immediately.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “He’s So Vain (He’s Gonna Know This Entry About Him)”

  1. I knew people were going to think this is UrSoVain. Lol

    His face is just ok, but again I’d do some things to that body!

  2. I though this was UrSoVain too…I see why you like him…he looks a little like D. Thomas in the face. :-/

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