A Trip and Fall Down Memory Lane

letter,love,words,quote,roma,envelope-c019a671c5d81c4c2adbe21cf329bc0c_hi get great emails.
the foxhole is always in constant communicating with me.
if i don’t get back to your message,
please do not take offense!
i was speaking to an foxholer about “him” from my job.
“that guy”.
“him whose name shall not be mentioned”.
anyway he showed me this old entry from 2011:

x “Yo Straight Gay Wolf, Do Wanna Be My Manz? PAUSE and NO HOMO.”

honestly reading those comments helped me find my golden crown again.
thanks to the foxholer who had to refresh my soul drive.
well i was talking to vain,
one of the foxhole vets,
and showed him the entry.
well in a reponse,
he wrote the following
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foxtrails: They Smiled Real Wide For The Camera Lens

I think Vain is amazing.
I love his opinion on things.
He has become a real fox-ture over here at IJF.

I was recently at his site and caught an entry that made me think.
Are Alpha Wolves like this?
It seems as the culture changes, so do our Wolves.
What was considered an “IGNORE” has now become an easy “DETOUR”.
He summed it up perfectly in this entry.

Check this out…

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He’s So Vain (He’s Gonna Know This Entry About Him)

I have been following Vain for a minute…
And only because he has a Body That Needs To Be Fucked.

…. oh he has other talents too lol

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