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I think Vain is amazing.
I love his opinion on things.
He has become a real fox-ture over here at IJF.

I was recently at his site and caught an entry that made me think.
Are Alpha Wolves like this?
It seems as the culture changes, so do our Wolves.
What was considered an “IGNORE” has now become an easy “DETOUR”.
He summed it up perfectly in this entry.

Check this out…

Some of the things I’ve come to realize so far since I began dating:

– Alpha Men are really sensitive and easily get their feelings hurt.
– Alpha Men don’t like it when you pursue them in the same aggressive ways that they pursue you.
– Alpha men hate being ignored.
– Men communicate through actions and not with words.
– If he’s doing nice things for you, it means he likes you. He won’t say he does unless he’s provoked.
– You don’t have to be cute to get sex.
– The finer the guy is, the more he wants someone who looks just like himself.
– Light skinned boys with tattoos are considered highly valuable.
– Couples that I’ve seen aalways consist of one light and one dark boy.
– High yellow boys find me really attractive. Dark skinned boys not-so-much.
– To get a boyfriend, you have to find a man who’s in the “i think i want a boyfriend” moment.
– Alpha Men fall in love accidentally.
– You can’t work hard enough for two people.
– Acting aloof and disinterested to make a guy like you only works if he’s already into you.
– Light skin boys are insecure.
– If he was a whore when you met him, he will be a whore while hes with you.
– Older alpha men want to settle down a lot more than the younger ones do.
– They would rather hit you up online than approach you in public.
– Straight men are simpler than gay men and come with less instructions.
– Daytime dates don’t really happen as often as television makes it seem.
– Total tops are pretty much the only men I prefer.
– Versatile= Girlfriend
– You cannot compete with real fysh for a man’s attention, they will always win.
– Alpha Men would rather sex you with no strings attached frequently than pursue a relationship.
– You cannot sex a man into love.
– When a man says he doesn’t have a “type” he’s probably lying.
– The thicker you are, the more they just want sex out of you.
– The thinner you are the more “wifey” material you are considered.
– Meeting men at the gym is a lot tougher than i thought.
– Atlanta is the best city to meet men because there, they actually speak up.
– Alpha Men will stay up at night despite having to work the next day if they know they will get sex.
– Ugly boys are a lot easier to get.
– Masculinity does not equate to being “of value” when you dig deep enough. Most Alpha Men want someone soft.
– Bisexual means at some point he will ultimately want a
wife and kids and you will be put to the side. Even if he says he’s satisfied with either/or.
– If he wants to talk to you, he will find a way.
– If he isn’t hitting you up, you are not on his mind.
– You can tell right away if a man is interested in you.
– Online dating is a bunch of people waiting around for prince charming to show up but will settle for sex in the meantime.
– Half naked pictures on social media will grant endless amounts of groupies if you are an alpha male.
– Alpha Men tend to be loners and are therefore harder to find.
– Meeting men in public doesn’t happen as much as it should.
– If he obsesses about wanting “masculine only”, he’s a bottom.
– If he stares at you for a little more than a glance, he thinks you’re attractive.
– If he goes out of his way to see you or be around you, he’s interested in you.
– There are men who are attracted to you but will not cross the threshold of wanting to take it to a physical level.
– Alpha Men will keep you on the back burner if they aren’t completely sure you meet their criteria.
– Southern men are more likely to take you out and pay for dates than northern men.
– Fat boys are very quick to be touchy-feely with you.
-If he cheated on you once, he will cheat on you again.
– Cute faces makes you more “wifey material” than a nice body does.
– If he hits you once, he will hit you again.
– They will lie and tell you anything you want to hear if it will lead to sex.
– If they like you enough, you can lay there and not do much during sex and they will still be satisfied even if they say they wouldn’t be.
– Something happens in their mind during sex and they completely lose themselves and turn into another person. They get very aggressive and “thuggish” in their lingo, tone of voice, and actions.
– Alpha Men copy exactly what they see in porn and do it during sex because they think its what they’re suppose to do.
– Alpha Men deep down just want someone to be around them most times. Someone to watch television or lay in bed and cuddle together… not necessarily to always have sex with.
– Most Alpha Men prefer to pursue someone who is not interested in them than be with someone who is just as attractive who is and then turn around and complain that boys “play games.”
… I’m sure there’s more to come…
As usual…
saying everything I have been thinking.
Keep up the good work Vain! 
I think I’ll add one before I leave for the night:

Alpha Wolves tend to be the biggest pussies.

I’ll get into “Why Wolves Are Intimidated By Me… As Said By Someone Else” tomorrow. 

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10 thoughts on “foxtrails: They Smiled Real Wide For The Camera Lens”

  1. That was some good stuff there…I like to add that Alpha males that are thinking of settling look for nurturing qualities in a partner

  2. Thank you Vain for lettin it be known. So far everything posted is the 100% hands down truth. When the Fox Guide 101 comes out, Vain and Jamari, want the first copy!

  3. yes I loved it too when I read it on his site. Vain is truly an asset to the Fox world! Everyone should go follow his blog!

  4. Aaaawwwww…. Thank you!!! I was frustrated that day and had to sort of write down everything if been through to try and make sense of this dating thing. I’m tired of meeting men who are comittmemt phobic, unattractive, and unsuitable for a relationship. I feel so behind on the relationship front… Like I should at least have a steady guy I’m dating right now as unrealistic as that sounds.

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