foxtrails: They Smiled Real Wide For The Camera Lens

I think Vain is amazing.
I love his opinion on things.
He has become a real fox-ture over here at IJF.

I was recently at his site and caught an entry that made me think.
Are Alpha Wolves like this?
It seems as the culture changes, so do our Wolves.
What was considered an “IGNORE” has now become an easy “DETOUR”.
He summed it up perfectly in this entry.

Check this out…

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… Yet, I’m Single In This Bitch.

I just read an amazing entry from one of  my loyal Foxes, So Vain 1.
It left me sorta speechless, angry, confused, and content all in one breath.
I love someone who can do that to me.
Means you are more than just a pretty face.

But, that entry got me to thinking about my own issues within The Concrete Forest.
Things I have gone through in my privacy.
Thoughts that I have had in my own confused mind.
Look I’m not trying to be full of myself (well a little never hurt),
but let me run down my resume…

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