what is the price for your good stuff?

let’s say you are a blogger and this is around 2018.
you have a successful entertainment blog that rivals the shade room,
neighborhood talk,
and hollywood unlocked.
you get a lot of traction for speaking about celebs on a daily.
this means you can get into bed with many blue checks.
you have a reputation for reporting everything,
whether good or bad.
you get a dm from…

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I’m Hungry

being home from the plantation today…
the air smells so much sweeter.
the sun was beaming through my window.
my blankets were scattered about around me.
it was like a whole scene.
like in the beginning when they introduce the character…
mi also had to be in work at 8am so i’m home alone.
i feel at peace.
like in the first time in a long time.
as i laid in my bed,
i couldn’t help but think about some issues in the forefront…
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The Angry Email From The Pre Baller Wolf’s Mama


ever so often as a blogger you will get an angry email regarding your content.
comes with the job.
you can’t get insulted by it.
some people will not want their brand associated with you.
put on your big boy pants and keep it movin.
i got a nice email from a very angry mother of a pre baller wolf today.
don’t ask who it is because i’m not tellin’,
but check it out…

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Jamari Fox’s Guide To “So You Wanna Be A Blogger Eh…”

blog2-1i get a lot of emails asking about blogging,
how to be a blogger,
tips on being a blogger,
etc etc etc.
i’m not an expert,
as i’m still kinda new,
but i have been around the blogging block a few times.
i could see a butterfly fly past and get inspiration to write.
i’m always surprised by who is reading my stuff.
it is such a rewarding experience.
soooooooo here are some simple tips i live by…

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