Say Goodbye To My “Ratchet Side”

0767well everyone the time has come.
pour a little likka out for my ratchet side.
its over…

blogger_iconblogger just sent me the email that they deleted my spot.

Hello, Your blog at has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: OTHER_ABUSE. In accordance to these terms, we’ve removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible.

i guess my ratchet side was too much for them?
or maybe someone reported it?
you know there are a lot of jealous jackals that lurk these parts.
who knows.
all i know is that site provided a lot of good times.
well great times actually.
i’ll keep everyone updated if i decide to launch another.
right now:

aW6x40rlowkey: i always try to look at a setback being a setup.
hell where i’m trying to go,
maybe that site didn’t need to come with me?

you never know.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Say Goodbye To My “Ratchet Side””

  1. I didn’t know they could do that. It must’ve been some jealous jackal reporting it because there are tons of blogs with naked pictures and sex videos featured through out. Maybe you’re right and it’s a sign. I’m still gonna miss it tho.

    1. ^yeah it had to be zen.
      there are plenty of blogspots with porn/naked pictures.
      i barely posted and usually they would send an email erasing the entry and move on.
      this is just like when someone allegedly reported my “” and that got shut down.

  2. Wait so this site is gone now! What’s going to happen with your blog?! Please keep us posted on what’s going to happen with your site!

  3. Oh I was a little confused at first! So your blog where you would post sexy stuff has been taken down right? Lol I almost had a heart attack! I thought they shut this blog down!

      1. Good! The first thing I thought was “oh lord! maybe the person he talked about in the sex party story might have called his lawyers and had his whole blog shut down!” Lol Thank God that’s not the case!

  4. Jamari, I didn’t know that you had that site with all of it’s rich nastyness. If I had known, I would have visited it early and often. But alas, some jerk probably got jealous and reported you to “the authorities”.

  5. DAMN your blogspot help me get my rocks off often either by reading or by the videos…someone reported it because you have countless tumblr pages that have the same type of content such as dick_down_nigga tumblr page and etc

  6. Oh man that sucks hopefully you have have a backup or something. Idk I know if a blog awhile back I used to go on where the writer would have private entries and you could only see it if you had the password she had given out. I think you had to request it by email or something. Maybe you could try something like that or reach out to some of these porn blogs and see how they keep their shit up .

  7. Aww man 🙁 But I like Ratchet sex site. Couldn’t you used Pornhub or wateva so shit like this don’t happen again? But I think you were setup too.

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