oops! britney did something weird on IG again

speaking of severe mental health issues…
so are we still pretending britney is just “voicing her thoughts“?
i’ll continue to play along.
so britney has deleted her instagram again and had her army scared again.

this time,
she posted something bizarre again and…

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The Jackal Who Is Sorry For Giving Out HIV (He Sorry Ya’ll)

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.48.39 PMeveryone remember this face.
so this jackal,
who we will call “hazmat”,
was out here giving out hiv like it was candy.
the way he announced it to the world tho is absolutely despicable.
one of my fbi sent me this story and i’m at a loss for words.
look at what hazmat posted on his now deleted instagram

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I’m A Hoarder For Your Love (Maybe Penis)

inside_a_hoarders_640_07i am a hoarder.
that’s right.
i like to hoard things for the memories they provide.
that movie ticket with that wolf that gave me a good time.
the umbrella from my daiquiri to remember the fun times with friends.
that used condom from when a wolf blew my back out.
i’m totally kiddin on that last part.
i like to hoard these things to hold on to the “past”.
one thing i use to hoard was people.
holding on to what they use to bring,
rather than seeing that they don’t bring that same joy anymore.
i know you felt that one.
some of them just vanished.
others we had falling out.
then the ones who you see in public and they try to avoid you.
i still kept their numbers just in case.
just in case what tho?
so i had to ask…

Do you hoard people in your life?

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@NFL_NBA_Hoe: This Groupie Hoe Smashed All The Foxhole Legends


…or did she?
@NFL_NBA_Hoe got froggy,
her ass leaped off twitter once dez bryant threatened to sue.
trickin’ definitely ain’t for kids.

lowkey: i need those emmanuel sanders,
kyrie irving,
daniel gibson,
and devin thomas dick reports/stroke resumes on my desk by monday tho.

The Vixen Who Now Has The Biggest Balls on Twitter

meet the vixen who ran breezy wolf off twitter last night…

ignore the complexion.
she went toe to toe with breezy wolf in a heated twitter fight…
and is now got herself some new followers and his balls….

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