The Vixen Who Now Has The Biggest Balls on Twitter

meet the vixen who ran breezy wolf off twitter last night…

ignore the complexion.
she went toe to toe with breezy wolf in a heated twitter fight…
and is now got herself some new followers and his balls….

this is his final tweets..

and the sadness that followed:

#teambreezy has bad grammar.

who knew that breezy wolf was so sensitive?
how is he going to let that vixen make a mockery of him?
he didn’t run when frank ocean and tyler the creator got in that ass (no pun intended).
he always brings these issues on himself sadly.
ive never seen rihanna run from a battle.
that is bad when she has bigger balls than you too.
#teambreezy has taken the war to jenny however…

breezy wolf = -10.

oh! don’t forget

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Vixen Who Now Has The Biggest Balls on Twitter”

  1. Oh, did he actually delete his Twitter account? Tell me why I should care again?

    He’s spoiled, entitled, and takes no personal responsibility for his actions…and he’s kinda of an azzhole. Eh, next.

  2. Chris is such an asshole man. I can’t even blame the woman for arguing with him lol.

    Some of his followers have bad grammar. SMH.

    1. In fairness, she needs to have a seat because consistently harassing & haranguing someone for a year (let alone two) via Twitter is just…no.

      We get you don’t like him & think he’s an a-hole. But do like most of us and ignore his azz. You’re only making yourself look bad.

      They both need to have several seats, and i hope he never tweets again – he’s consistently shown his azz whenever he does eventually…

      1. She is a comedian, she makes a living doing jokes and ‘harrasing” folks, you should get over it.

        Did Chris brown really say society is immature? My head really hurts with these excess foolishness….What did Sarge say he’s doing with his life again?

      2. Like I said, comedian or not, when it goes on for almost 2 years on random tweets he makes – it’s harassment. My opinion, you don’t have to like it or agree.

  3. I am over Chris Brown/ Rihanna and their mess. I wish that 2009 incident would have NEVER happen but it did and people won’t shut up about it.

    And what is worst is they can’t seem to leave each other alone. I know it’s all a publicity stunt to stay relevant..

    Chris needs to grow the fuck up and learn how to be the bigger person. People are going to talk about that incident until the day he die. Kill their asses with kindness or stay the fuck off social media.

    I hope this times he STAY off twitter. Isn’t this like his THIRD time deleting his account.

    He sounds like a spoil 14 year old… MAN UP!

    His fans are notorious for being delusional btw..

  4. Apparently, that girl has been harassing him for awhile now. I do agree that he needs to realize that people are going to try to bait him and be smart enough not to engage, but at this point—people need to leave him the hell alone.

    It’s ironic to me how people can sit and condemn him for all the wrong he’s done and sit on some moral pedestal while harassing him and engaging in cyber bullying.


  5. Remember once you are in the light so everyone can see you one must carry oneself in an appropriate manner inorder not to be ridicule. Chris has got to growup and be a man stop playing and acting silly all the time. It is a time and place for all things. I would still breeze breezy!

  6. “Says something about society that calling a womenbeater a womembeater gets [you] punished, while the criminal is lauded.”

    That tweet is basically what my whole perspective is on Chris(Tina) and everything associated with her. Its baffling to me.

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