The Wolf, Who Just By Looking At Him, Makes Me Lose My Gatdamn Mind

i haven’t seen a wolf that turns me on more than bkbrandon.
you know i like those big hulk smash pretty boi looking wolves.
i like arms, pecs, and thighs.
well, this one here:

look at these just visuals

i remember seeing him back in the day.
i even featured him a few times.
i thought he was cute with a nice body,
but now,
it’s like he has pumped up the sex appeal in 2013.
he turns me the FUCK on…

look at that work of art.
he deserves to be treated like a sex toy every day.
his body is yours to do as you please.
he is the type that you learn new types of sexual shit to do with.
“fuck me in a tree up sided down”.
let’s do it.
i would never be able to keep my hands off him.

oh course,
he is a personal trainer wolf:


all i can see in my head is this:

i know this is about to be vulgar as hell,
but i would swallow every drop of his nut.

lowkey: now that ive regained consciousness,
i hate that people steal his pics on chat sites with his watermark on it.
false advertisement.

oh! don’t forget

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “The Wolf, Who Just By Looking At Him, Makes Me Lose My Gatdamn Mind”

  1. His face is average and I’m just about tired of seeing every damn person who is now a apersonal trainer since they have a banging body. Dexter from RHOA, everrry gat damn person! Niggas need to get more creative in getting ppussy than this damn excuse of personal training

  2. funny you say that.
    things i found odd.
    he does a lot of personal training in his apartment.
    it’s a nice apartment,
    but still.
    all the women have fat asses and he has highlighted that.
    one comment said something about:

    “i would love to work out with you,
    but my man will not allow me too”.

    things i noticed.

    1. It’s like “personal training” is the of black people..My boy is a personal trainer and I will not pay him $0.5 to train shit, he was a skinny nigga before, now he’s just a built ug nigga too. the irony is when how most use God + some bullshit online quote to interject their pussy supply, ex “#Gym flow, hard work and motvation, God is good”and then posts a half nude pic from a bathroom. Ironic bs. The logic goes like this:

      Hmm, I want pussy, so I have to look good, I see most women won’t do the same hardwork, so they lust after me and my packs, I want to “escort” but I don’t want to feel like a prostitute or get with the grimy legals of masseuese etc, plus I want my boys to see how many “bitches” i can get to Like my photo and I don’t have a good enough intellect/failed in my dream of the NFL/Military etc or I din’t make use of education to go further in life, so, I’ll just act like everything is cool and be a personal trainer. If he’s “talented” then he’ll be a “model”, “rapper/singer” too. Ps: Anyone who takes a pic with a guy who has access to a studio or professional enough looking camera, IS a model (in 2012). Once a dude tried to act greek with me and when i found out he wasn’t the pathetic loser admitted he was doing it to get ass from niggas.. “gonna do anything to try and get some ass from niggas” which included him fronting like he belonged to a greek org..the point – niggas will do anything for ass/pussy, it’s a nigga mind-program.

      I haven’t seen half as many white/other ethnicities “personal trainers” and when they are they are most times making BANK. Certifications, licenses are required for these things and the broke ass niggas CAN’T afford those. A good apartment can be
      1.His boy’s apartment
      2. His parents apartment
      3.He AND his boy’s place
      4. Rent-A -Center etc
      Not downing him but those are not VALID measures of success
      He has a good body, he knows how to take pics (who doesn’t after Instagram, and 3million+ photo editing content)

      Online every(MOST) people can look better, in person they are 90% of the time bland, boring, not half as good looking without all the instagram filters.

      1. Man you have spoke nothing but the truth, my take from seeing trainers at the gym, its a fine line between-Trainers, Models, Actors, and Strippers, they all equal WHORES-Point Blank Period!!!! Most of these trainers have a price. At my old gym, I know first hand of a couple of trainers who would provide personal services other than gym services. This one dude who I would never even suspect get down because he was married and was “oh so str8” or at least I thought. I found out that he let this older unattractive dude with money fuck him on the regular. Another trainer at my gym who would never even speak to me or any other black dudes for that matter, and who was drop dead gorgeous btw, was caught in the steam room letting this old disgusting white queen suck him off. I never put nothing past these pretty boy types now, because they want to taste the high life so bad that they will do anything including throwing their so called str8 persona out the window if the price is right.
        S/N I follow this dude on Instagram and he has a couple of kids, and he says he works so hard to provide for them. Another attention whore.

        1. I think the thing is a lot of people don’t love themselves enough so they love others who seem to have what they want in THEMSELVES . Inside you know he is notching spectacular but since you are not where YOU may want to be you project your deficiencies and wants on him and lust after him. #fail he is a broken spirit (seems like it, if you need unknown instagram likes and twitter followers to validate you , yourself , worth and your “hardwork”(ESP with kids)) and like birds flock together thus he/”they” cling to ESTABLISHED and stable (mental, spiritual and otherwise ) folk who may happen to be …ugly . See him as another guy and all your expectations and assumptions will vanish and you won’t put him sucking a 60year olds dick past him

        1. ^i just have to say…
          if you were gay,
          your dick would always be in my mouth.
          #idgaf and #unapologetic

          thank you for visiting and clearing up those issues suraqah.
          many blessings for the new year.
          my foxes love to look at you.

      2. LOL@you Jamari. The Foxes are not the only ones who love this dude, us Wolves do too. You can keep the pipe in your mouth, and us Wolves can keep his ass on our faces lol

    1. At least his body hot clearly not mom project and to much for the Fix a wolf foundation. Personal Tranier and Model he a total hit it and beat it wolf cause at the end of the day some big old Queen has him in her purse.

      Guys like that if they are not big foxes playing wolfs in the daylight they usually with a big queen not that anything wrong with being a queen.

    2. He just had to say that he liked attention. It’s ok to think it but never say it. I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed though. He’s just fine lol.

  3. I appreciate guys who work out because that shit takes hard work and dedication. Going to the gym everyday is a mind game.

    That said, the whole personal trainer thing is bullshit. I remember a woman asked me to be her personal trainer. Just so happened her husband was never in the city and she preferred that I train her at her apartment complex.

    1. You have to be really careful with these trainers because they’ll have 350lbs dudes doing ab crutches with a straight face. Lol I have one though for motivation purposes, but I read a lot about fitness and exercise on my own as well.

  4. He’s attractive of course, but as I’ve said before, a personal trainer is NOT legit if they only train women. Most women fear being too muscular and avoid weightlifting (which is actually beneficial) so all these “trainers” have to really do is watch their ass jiggle on the elliptical and take shirtless pics in the gym. You have to work harder with men.

  5. Suraqah has it going on remember money talks. Then if you go to a gym and a trainer is assigned to you the first day take advantage of it and then motivate yourself to continue to workout. Trust me it can be done. We do not know what alot of the trainers are doing, so if they are not meeting the $$$ that it takes to live within the means that he wants of course they are going to try things to get extra money.

  6. Bkbrandon?? That’s me I don’t know how these fake profiles keep getting more attention than the real me Instagram @Suraqah twitter @_Suraqah Facebook Suraqah Shabazz

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