oops! britney did something weird on IG again

speaking of severe mental health issues…
so are we still pretending britney is just “voicing her thoughts“?
i’ll continue to play along.
so britney has deleted her instagram again and had her army scared again.

this time,
she posted something bizarre again and…

i mean,
this is in line with all her ramblings tbh.
one of those things is just like the others.
i don’t understand why didn’t put a pic of her uncle up,
instead of brad pitt,
but i guess she wanted to remind us of how handsome young brad was.

i’m sure she’ll reinstate her ig soon and dance in a circle again.
i’ll continue to ignore her newer antics and listen to her older music.

lowkey: she needed much more after she was released.
she seems to have way too many yes people around her.

2 thoughts on “oops! britney did something weird on IG again

  1. Ol’ girl needs some serious help. She looks fuckin’ terrible in that pic.
    Hubby just biding his time until he can get that alimony. smh

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