don’t say black males need therapy because you’ll get fired for it?

^this vixen who goes by @unusuallybree,
who happens to be a therapist,
paid the price for being vocal.

she stated that black males need to go to therapy.
this is what she said on tiktok:

many black males weren’t happy with what she said.
she even got written about ( x here ).
it ended up with her getting fired:

and she is crying in a new video because the blowback has been heavy…

there is a lot of unpacking to do.
first off:

What did she say that was wrong in the original video?

i might be missing it.
there are some of the comments from angry black males:

she said what other black vixens have been saying about black males.
“n*ggas ain’t shit” wasn’t created last night.
there have been movies and tv shows highlighting our behavior.
waiting to exhale and insecure are two of them that come to mind.
dating many black males can lead to trauma and abuse for many.

You know it’s bad when black gay males and trans-vixens are sick of black males and our own shit.

many black males are hurt and offended in 2023?
what is going on?

Am I in the Twilight Zone?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “don’t say black males need therapy because you’ll get fired for it?”

  1. I agree with her, as a former marriage and family therapist, Black men can definitely benefit from therapy. I don’t think she was necessarily fired because of this but maybe because she kept calling bitches “bitches”, they hate that shit. I know a bitch who has held a 30 year grudge because I called her a bitch at a college tailgate event (in my defense, I said “you bitches”–plural after a group of girls tried to include my steaks on their plates of “leftovers”). I mean these were Ribeyes, not Salisbury steaks and they were supposed to help cook (they didn’t), bring the liquor since we paid for all of the food and paper goods (they didn’t) and clean up since they didn’t cook (they didn’t). So, I responded with “you bitches” have lost y’all damned minds. She was the only one who took offense because the others knew they were being trifling so they removed the steaks and stuck to the hamburgers and chicken. I eventually apologized to all of them for the name calling but not for my frustration and conveyed that I felt used. But of course, she was the only one who didn’t accept my apology–still.

  2. Straight black men aren’t used to being held accountable, so of course there’s backlash.

  3. So if the same message came from a BLACK MALE THERAPIST would it have turned out the same?

  4. I don’t always comment on here but I’m surprised to hear you not understanding why some BM can feel offended by this. Now I’m not one of those BM but — a therapist, woman or otherwise, can’t claim to be a mental health advocate and not nurturing a safe space for those who need to seek it. I get it, it’s widely known that most women think niggas ain’t shit. And for good reasons. And that lady may very well believe the same. Shit! As as man who fucks with men, I think niggas ain’t shit. But as a therapist, she can’t just be out here calling us out like this. She has a duty to promote a healthy way of addressing that so those men can feel safe enough to open up. Of course they’re not always gonna have the correct words. It’s a new thing for us. Even those like myself who goes to therapy don’t even fully buy it just yet. But I make a point to try and do the work because I’ve seen progress. But this ain’t like that for every men out there, especially our fellow BM. And she, of all people, should know that. I don’t agree with her being fired but she did deserve some heat for her approach.I’ve read some of the comments from those BM that you mentioned, and I found some of their argument compelling. I think they unequivocally articulated why they feel some type of way. Anyway, love your blog.

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