don’t say black males need therapy because you’ll get fired for it?

^this vixen who goes by @unusuallybree,
who happens to be a therapist,
paid the price for being vocal.

she stated that black males need to go to therapy.
this is what she said on tiktok:

many black males weren’t happy with what she said.
she even got written about ( x here ).
it ended up with her getting fired:

and she is crying in a new video because the blowback has been heavy…

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according to porn jackal, ricky larkin, most black males in porn are too ugly to be visible

i don’t understand most people.
i’m starting to think they do/say dumb shit just so they can go viral.
it baffles me the shit jackals say out loud that they don’t realize comes off offensive.
porn jackal,
ricky larkin,
seems to have that “tone deaf” problem.
he was trying to sound wise,
but ended up looking like a doofus.
he had this to say this about why black males aren’t visible in porn and well

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black males are more than “BBC” to sex hungry white folks, okay?!

*the following entry is rated R.
viewer discretion (as you can tell) is strongly advised

i learn so much from the foxhole.
in straight environments,
i’ve seen black males giddy because they fucked some white girl stupid.
i’ve seen them seek out white vixens to fuck at past jobs and even happy hours.
it was like a prize to them.
there is a whole porn channel based on black males sexually satisfying white women.
( x see it here )
in my own ignorance,
as a fox who is attracted to dominance in another male,
it turns me on to see the dominant black male using “his bbc“.
after yesterday’s discussions,
the foxhole has taught me about what its like to be a fetish.

for many other races,
black males are looked at as neanderthals that are good at sports,
and fucking.
we aren’t supposed to be emotional or show that we have feelings,
which is why many of us are so damaged and wear masks in size “fuck boi”.
even if the gay forests,
some white twinks prey on us.
the same max konnor we fonted about yesterday,
and even rhyheim shabazz,
are the current contenders in dominating white males with their bbc in gay porn.
someone sent me this past (or current?) video with max using his bbc to dominate a white twink.
in the heat of the moment,
check what the twink called him

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the fear of black males

i had to been about 9.
around that age,
one of my best friends was a black cub i met at church.
we were like legit best friends.
even though i was different than his other friends,
he appreciated me for me.
i remember his crib was the spot everyone would go to.
all the parties happened at this particular crib.
i would sleep over there regularly in the summer.
one evening,
his cousins came over and ended up sleeping over.
one of his cousins was cool and a damn pro at “street fighter“.
i noticed he would rub my head periodically.
it was weird,
but most straights are weird tho.
since there was no room in my best friend’s bedroom,
i had to sleep in the living room with best friend.
he was on the couch; i was on the floor.
the next morning,
i woke up and he was already gone.
i figured everyone had resumed playing “street fighter”.
it was like slow motion walking to that bedroom.
i’ll never forget it what i heard…

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