black males are more than “BBC” to sex hungry white folks, okay?!

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viewer discretion (as you can tell) is strongly advised

i learn so much from the foxhole.
in straight environments,
i’ve seen black males giddy because they fucked some white girl stupid.
i’ve seen them seek out white vixens to fuck at past jobs and even happy hours.
it was like a prize to them.
there is a whole porn channel based on black males sexually satisfying white women.
( x see it here )
in my own ignorance,
as a fox who is attracted to dominance in another male,
it turns me on to see the dominant black male using “his bbc“.
after yesterday’s discussions,
the foxhole has taught me about what its like to be a fetish.

for many other races,
black males are looked at as neanderthals that are good at sports,
and fucking.
we aren’t supposed to be emotional or show that we have feelings,
which is why many of us are so damaged and wear masks in size “fuck boi”.
even if the gay forests,
some white twinks prey on us.
the same max konnor we fonted about yesterday,
and even rhyheim shabazz,
are the current contenders in dominating white males with their bbc in gay porn.
someone sent me this past (or current?) video with max using his bbc to dominate a white twink.
in the heat of the moment,
check what the twink called him



“yeah n*gga.
yeah n*gga.”

even being called that,
max didn’t stop fuckin him.
it didn’t look like he was offended.
he started giving him a meaner and harder stroke.
it might have turned him on even more.
i feel this is why many black males get off to fuckin women and twinks.
anytime you see a show or movie centering around white vixens,
and she happens to start fuckin a black male within the story,
it’s met with:

“So are the rumors about black males true?”

…in which she responds that his bbc destroyed her walls in orgasmic pleasure.
i saw it in an episode of the golden girls the other day.
sophia was asking an older black male if the rumors about “the bbc” were true.

i can see why some black males,
gay or straight,
would get addicted to that.
some people’s only accomplishments are how good they fucked someone else.

it all stems back to how it was in slavery.
it’s no secret that slave master’s wives fucked the slaves on the low.
slave masters use to rape slaves to establish domination and humiliation.
black vixens aren’t immune to this as well.
some get off to playing “the mammy“.

they use to take care of the master’s kids,
fuck/be raped by him,
and end up having his children.
it’s different when they snag a white male these days tho.
for them,
and even black (gay) males in this current climate,
it’s all about money and elevating in status.
smutted out be damned!
it can be a deep self hate still runs deep between all genders.

i’m not fonting that all white folks view us in that way.
some can see us as humans and are fighting along side us during this climate.
for many others…

Black males are objects used for sexual gratification.

…and you’ll be surprised who is okay with that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “black males are more than “BBC” to sex hungry white folks, okay?!”

  1. Sounds like he is saying….. ‘F _ _ k me Good”… ???? I really cant tell .

    However ,I do believe that we are objectified.. Especially sexually.

    This why I question Interracial relationships and its not for me. ( I have no proof of this and I am sure that there are interracial relationships that are based on love and other factors)

    1. Nah he said Nigga!!! But what I notice about some black people that are fetishize they kind enjoy it as long they are the dominant one and are getting to hit!

  2. This reminds of that episode of Insecure when Lawrence got them white girls and was a disappointing to them

  3. As much as we call out these white sluts, these country fried jiggaboos need to be called out as well. You’d be surprised at how many black men have no problem fulfilling these “Mandingo” stereotypes. A lot of these niggas don’t care that they’re seen as nothing but sex toys as long as they get to lay up with a white man/woman.

    1. these country fried jiggaboos

      No more internet for me! I can’t with you!

  4. There’s a vid of another black porn guy fucking this white guy BiGCMEN at some point the black guy asked me to call him nigga…and that guy is friend with max

  5. What we really need to discuss is the people that find this ” stimulating”? Where does the need to dominate or submit come from especially when it comes to another race…Why does this idea even exist???

  6. I honestly don’t see the prize in smashing someone white. Although I find some attractive, Black and Hispanic men have always been on my priority list 🤤. (Different strokes different folks) Some blacks feel so eager to be accepted by whites, that any type of recognition they get from a white person augments them and boost their ego. It’s a modern day slave mentality. Feeling like you’re special because massa approves. Who the hell are white people, for us to feel like we have to prove ourselves worthy of their company. At first I didn’t get it, but I can somewhat see why black women feel so betrayed when black men choose non black women. Having a preference is one thing. But feeling like you’re superior because someone white chose you, exudes self hate. But some black men are too oblivious to know or care that they’re being objectified. It’s more degrading then flattering.

  7. Will y’all quit. Max no chin having ass ain’t dominating nobody. That clip was so dry. He was using the sound of effect of his pelvis smacking against the white guy’s butt cheeks to seem like he was really putting it down. He wasn’t.

    Also the number one creators & supporters of black men fucking white women are white men. Make of that what you will.

    1. True, even married “straight” white men fetish black men, not just the gay “innocent” white twinks. That gross cuckold shit, that I find absolutely disgusting is a real practice in these streets. These well off middle to high class white couples love propositioning young black beautiful athletic men, and refer to them as bulls. I get a vibe the white men vicariously live through their wife getting pounded in front of them. Another form of us being their slaves. But straight black males think it’s the shit to smash white pussy and get paid for it. Not aware of how low they’re stooping.

      1. ^jax slayher use to do that a lot.
        he was the bull and he was banging some man’s white wife into oblivion.

        i feel like a lot of baller wolves have done this for white males.

        1. I’m sure, also add in half of the other straight black male porn stars. Shane diesel is notorious for those type of scenes. Amazing to know how many “straight” white men love salivating over black penis.

      2. I remember my father telling me that he used to work in a nightclub/bar where wealthy white men (and sometimes white women) frequented and used to spend thousands of dollars on drinks. My dad was in his 20s at the time and his role was the night manager. He told me that he was propositioned by a white man asking him to fuck his WIFE. And he (the white man) wanted to watch my dad fuck his wife. Money was also offered.

        My father told me that he declined because he was weirded out by the entire situation, plus he was dating my mom at the time also. He then told me that on that same night he then saw that same white with a tall muscular black man walking into a different room. Go figure.

        I remember a white guy telling me that white men are intimidated by black men which I am not surprised by. The fascination with the black male anatomy will always be an unsettling thing for me.

    2. “Also the number one creators & supporters of black men fucking white women are white men.”

      And THIS. RIGHT. HERE. is what needs to be talked about!!! Quiet as it is kept, white men have a dual-sided obsession with the black man’s phallus (and his presumed extraordinary sexual vigor) that is deeply rooted in racism and history. One side representing fear that got so many innocent black men hung from trees and even who black neighborhoods terrorized (e.g., the 1923 Rosewood Massacre in Florida). The other side is fascination. I think the follow excerpt perfectly describes the homoerotic fascination white men have had with black men’s sexuality.

      ‘In 1787 an enslaved man in Maryland raped a free black woman. The story comes to us from the female victim in the incident, Elizabeth Amwood. One white man, William Holland, had her “Pull up her Close and Lie Down he then Called a Negrow Man Slave” “and ordered him to pull Down his Britches and gitt upon the said Amwood and to bee grate with her.” A fourth individual in this horrific scene, a white man named John Pettigrew, operating with Holland, pointed a pistol at the unnamed enslaved man and Elizabeth Amwood. All the while, Holland taunted them both, asking if it “was in” and “if it was sweet.” Afterward, William “went up into the Company and Called for Water to wash his hand, saying he had bin putting a Mare to a horse.’ – ‘The Sexual Abuse of Black Men under American Slavery’ (2011) by Thomas A. Foster.

      You are absolutely right about white men being the biggest buyers and creators of this BBC/interracial/cuckold porn. It’s incredibly weird to me because these same white men wouldn’t want their daughters coming home with a black guy. The cognitive dissonance is astounding!!!

      Lastly, whites have (and still do) practice racism through sex. They’ve done this with non-black POCs too, particularly East Asian women.


      1. ^i always thought when those nfl players walked across the stage at the nfl combine,
        in damn near their underwear,
        it can off very homoerotic and slavish.

    3. Glad you brought this up. We always talk about gay white men and white womens lust for black dick. But straight white mens obsession with the black mans genitals rarely gets the same discussion.

      Throughout history heterosexual white men have fetishized black men just as much as the others.

        1. Interesting enough, white porn vixens are told to be careful about interracial scenes, because once they have sex with a black guy their stock will drastically decline.

          White guys want to see it, but then are turned off by the vixens afterwards it’s seems.

          1. Women of color are paid half to three quarters of what white actresses tend to make, according to a 2007 NPR interview with Miller-Young. She went on to say this “reflects the ways in which black bodies have historically been devalued in our labor market since, you know, slavery to the present

            Not sure about the men.

  8. Those lips don’t look right on her. Am I the only one who thinks roots of hair being a different color looks lazy and trashy? Like getting half of a haircut? It’s not like having highlights. Just looks a mess to me.

  9. This fetish known as “race play” has been around for a while and pretty much falls into the typical stereotypical bracket of most pornography.

    It sounds like he says “Fuck me up.” the first time. The second time it sounds like he said “Fuck me nigga” and after that it’s a jump cut in the video to him getting power fucked by Max Konnor.

    Also, the last line in the article is a rather interesting:

    Black males are objects used for sexual gratification.


  10. Good Bye, Uncle Tom is an excellent film to see how deeply we are sexualized. FROM BIRTH.

    1. Uncle Tom wasn’t a bad guy. Sambo the Freed Black overseer that beat Uncle Tom to death was the bad one!!

  11. Girl have you seen some of those videos the gay bears make. They do not say nigga. Some of them straight up say fuck me nigger. I’ve even seen it in straight porn. Most cuckold porn is white guys watching their husbands get fucked by a black man as if that is the ultimate insult to white manhood. I saw one wear the woman told her husband to come suck his com out of her pussy if he didn’t want her to have any black babies.

  12. LMAO

    I love Samantha. She represents most white females that only date black guys. They do so for the sex, nothing else, nothing new here. This is the plantation system out in public and its now ‘kool’ to fuck a white person or be fucked by them.

    Sadly some of our gents and women cannot get over their dick or pussy and fuck white people . some exclusively white Athletes are at the top of the list. They do so for many reasons- whitening of their kids, money status in the hands of a white woman or man, changing their social ladder by fitting in to the System as it allows them to forget they are black..and many more reasons but this inter-fucking will continue. Look at the make up of the present protesters …a good amount of white people are protesting, THEY SAY for equality but I don’t buy that as 100%.

    Some white people hate black people and will not fuck them or be seen with them
    Some white people fuck black people ..but don’t want a social connection
    Most white people see a BBC the minute they see a black man…they just wont express it.

    Its the way of the world. We all fucking each other now and white people still killing black people in the US and it takes a video of a dying brother for everyone to wake the fuck up and see that you should not sleep with the enemy.

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