when i woke up today, i didn’t think i’d be an extra in dune

i woke up today with the idea of being productive but instead,
i’ve been filled with anxiety.
the day when i should have drank tea instead of coffee.
we are living in a real-life dune atm.
i’m legit waiting for the monsters to show up tbh.
canada had some destructive wildfires and all the smoke came to us.
how can you not feel anxiety about seeing this

first off,
we’d only be out there going to a bodega.
not only does it look creepy but there is a loud quietness.
not only that,
the air quality is really bad too.

I’m wondering how will this affect us in the future.

they don’t even want us to go outside.
it was all good yesterday.
i went into the city with the sun shining all bright.

they are saying this may go well into the weekend.

Sending prayers to all the NY Foxhole.

we will get through this like we got through the other shit.
this latest saga will be called: “we got the smoke“.

lowkey: the fact they made people go to work today.

lowkey 2: thank GOD it ain’t like a hot ass summer day.

2 thoughts on “when i woke up today, i didn’t think i’d be an extra in dune

  1. It’s the entire tri state area I believe and New England. Unfortunately I should be wearing a mask but I’m not and I have my windows open cuz I rather have the breeze than my air conditioner on lol. God please protect and bless my lungs and my health!

  2. That shit was crazy! I didn’t realize until around 2 that it was sooo damn orange outside. But it was crazy yesterday w the fire smell in the air everywhere. Only in NY.

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