drake is in his soft life era and we may just have to deal tbh

…or is drake in his “serving cunt” era?
i heard straight wolf,
hasan abi,
describe himself as that
on a stream i was watching.

i was blown tf away at how comfortable straight males have got.
as drake ages,
his f’s to give get less and less.
my manz has too much money to care what folks think nowadays.
you can tell he is getting comfortable with him.
it could be him going to therapy.


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therapy but it will have you feeling free as a bird.
the straights were losing their minds over drake this weekend tho.
his painted nails made their debut…

someone said drake is in his soft girl era and i went into orbit.
they say the painted nails are from hanging out with lil yachty.

as you know,
or didn’t,
but yachty had a unisex nail painting brand called crete.
he has since cut ties with that company.

i don’t mind the painted nails but…

Can we get those cornrows sent to the bottom of the ocean,

i like my drakey poo to be clean-cut.

4 thoughts on “drake is in his soft life era and we may just have to deal tbh

  1. Umm so I didn’t know Drake had Big Tits 😎😎😎😎SIGH…He’s not my type of guy but whatever 😊😊😊

  2. I thought the nails were an “Artificial Intelligence” generated image.( ha ha ha).
    [For the record, I do not like Drake’s music period. His voice is annoying af ]

    As a person ,personality , etc. I like him .I think he’s cute and like his braids. I like him even more that he is wearing nail polish! (A man ,Gay or Straight being that comfortable is hot to me.)

    Anyone who criticizes Drake or any other male who expresses himself and goes against archaic male stereotypical views is mentally challenged to me. This is such a turn off to question another man’s masculinity.

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