oops! britney did something weird on IG again

speaking of severe mental health issues…
so are we still pretending britney is just “voicing her thoughts“?
i’ll continue to play along.
so britney has deleted her instagram again and had her army scared again.

this time,
she posted something bizarre again and…

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the day the internet crashed because two exes had googly eyes at an award show

one of my favorite movies is “mr and mrs smith“.
you can feel the “we’re fuckin each other good” from brad pitt and angelina jolie.
so the day it was revealed that they got together,
i already knew what time it was.
i felt sad for jennifer aniston during that debacle.
rachel green from “friends” has always been cool with me.
it’s crazy how people dragged a wife for getting cheated on and left.
after years of getting dogged out by brad and angelina,
karma finally struck in 2018 when they both got a divorce.
jenn held her head up high and kept doing her.
well i guess she has a forgiving spirit because at the sag awards…

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The Divorce That Broke The Internet (Sorry Kim)

how-she-stole-himit’s funny how things end up working.
i remember when this whole “brad/angie/jen” scandal started.
it was right around the time “mr and mrs smith” came out.
angelina jolie saw brad pitt,
who was married to jennifer aniston at the time,
and fucked his entire brains and common sense out his head.
giphy-1…or vice versa?
they probably fucked each other’s brains out until they couldn’t anymore.
he was allegedly fuckin her so good in africa,
around the time when they first started creepin’,

the guards thought she was getting killed.
well jennifer was pretty much humiliated during the whole situation.
she was either…

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What Diet Is Angelina Jolie On?

0672_f725_696so everyone knows i love angelina jolie.
she is definitely one of my main contenders for “spirit animal”.
well she finally got married to super wolf brad pitt,
and i’m so happy for her and all,
but what the hell is this below?…
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Would You Let This Man Be Your Mentor?

brad+pitt+short+hairstyle+1listen im about to be all the real honest.
you know i don’t give a damn.
ever since i was a teenager,
ive wanted to sleep with brad pitt.
he sealed my attraction to him in “oceans 11” and “mr. and mrs. smith”.
he is vintage white penis.
anyway even though angie j has sucked the life out him,
i’m sure literally,
he has taken an eye to my lupita nyong’o.
so much so he wants to mentor her career.
uh oh?

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f0xmail: How Do You Act Like A Prince, Instead of a Pauper, In Public?


What’s the word, Jamari?

 I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for posting “The Foxy Rules of Getting a Sponsored Lifestyle.
Actually, I took that post for more than just talking about how to get a “sponsor,” and saw a lot of ways where you can just improve on being a down-ass Fox.
More than that, you gave a lot of advice about knowing your own self worth.
I always respect a hustler, and Jamari, my blog/lifestyle Guru, you are just that.
I was wondering if you planned on doing any follow up posts
about how to conduct yourselves in certain environments?
What do I mean by that?
Well, I’m very new and very green to this lifestyle having just graduated from college and just now getting my feet wet.
I’m always wondering how you’re supposed to act/conduct yourselves in different environments.
For instance, I feel you’re saying be laid back, BUT, you’re also saying make sure you get noticed.
Just curious if you could elaborate!
One of your newest/biggest fans….