Would You Let This Man Be Your Mentor?

brad+pitt+short+hairstyle+1listen im about to be all the real honest.
you know i don’t give a damn.
ever since i was a teenager,
ive wanted to sleep with brad pitt.
he sealed my attraction to him in “oceans 11” and “mr. and mrs. smith”.
he is vintage white penis.
anyway even though angie j has sucked the life out him,
i’m sure literally,
he has taken an eye to my lupita nyong’o.
so much so he wants to mentor her career.
uh oh?

Brad Pitt is said to be mesmerized by Lupita Nyong’o.

The two star together in 12 Years a Slave, which won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Drama and is nominated for nine Oscars.

Brad and Lupita attended the SAG awards and Producers Guild Awards together earlier this month, and Brad is said to be keen to help 30-year-old Lupita’s career.

“He thinks she’s mesmerising on screen and wants to mentor her. InAngelina Jolie’s absence they went as each other’s dates to both ceremonies and were locked in conversation all night. They also had brunch at his LA home on the day of the SAG Awards after Brad flew in from Australia,” a source revealed to British magazine Grazia.

Angelina is yet to meet Lupita, but is keen to do so with sources commenting that she’s a big fan of her work.

“Angelina’s desperate to meet Lupita. She thinks she’s incredible. They’ve invited her to stay to discuss what they can work on with Brad’s Plan B Entertainment company,” the source remarked.

tumblr_mzbyneKXR51s0s1epo1_500-1“kick in the door,
wavin’ the foh-foh,
all you heard was “lupita don’t hurt em no mo”!!!
lupita just got into hollywood and is making crazy movement.
to have someone like brad pitt take her under his wing.
that’s a big fuckin’ deal.
i am so happy for all her success.
i’m rooting for her in my little foxhole.
i will tell you this lulu…
watch that angie j.
now i love angie,
and she is my spirit animal,
but lets not act like she wouldn’t be wanting a threesome of epic proportions.
don’t do what i would do a little tipsy and inhaling brad pitt all night.
plus he low key loves the sistas.
stay strong and good luck!

article courtesy: independent

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Would You Let This Man Be Your Mentor?”

  1. Every white man in Hollywood wants a piece of Lupita. They drool at the very sight of her and Brad Pitt beat them all. Good. She’s in better hands with him anyway. Remember, he loves the sistas and always has and he also took a real shine to Taraji P Henson some years back. Angelina liked her as well. Very much so.

  2. Im sort of worried about her do you think studios will pair her up with a White Male Lead?.I want her to have success but not just success in Black films.I dont want her to be just a younger Viola Davis ,serious,dramas,etc.
    I want her to do diverse films like Jennifer Lawrence.
    BTW besides being beautiful,intelligent,charming,etc I read Lupita is a singer too.

    1. What success can she even have in Black films?All Oprah makes is slave shit and Tyler Perry isn’t taken seriously when he tries to do serious films.Plus, he sucks.His writing lacks something but I can’t pin point what it is.

      Of course they’ll pair her with a White male lead.She is a Black female after all.White men are everyone’s love interest.Always have been, probably always will be.If no one in Hollywood pairs her with a White male then Oprah or Lee Daniels definitely will.

      I think it’s very hard to be an actor nowadays because the film industry has been lacking in quality which is why many actors are doing television series now.

      1. ^i agree with zen.
        more than not,
        she will be with some white actor as a lead.
        lulu looks like she will be doing a lot of dramatic roles.
        she has the acting chops for that.
        i doubt they will put her in a tyler perry movie.
        tyler perry casts actors and actresses who need attention again.
        no offense.

      2. Tyler also only cast eye candy, mainly male models, which explains why his movies and TV shows suck.

  3. I actually trust him to look out for Lupita and not let her get any shitty roles.I just hope their relationship stays professional.Not because he’s White but because he pulled that shit on Jennifer Aniston when he was married to her.Remember a few years ago when Jen said “fuck you” to Angelina because Mrs.Jolie-Pitt made a comment in an interview that on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith was where her and Brad fell in love.Jen read that comment and reminded people that she and Brad were still married when he was filming that movie with Angie so she felt that was disrespectful and a slap in the face to their marriage.It was though.She basically admitted he was cheating on his wife.

    Brad don’t be a ho again.Kids are involved this time.

    I do think he’d be a good mentor for her though.More actors should do that for the young talent.

    1. Jen was screwing Justin Theroux while he was still living with his girlfriend of 14 years Heidi Bivins.So she is a hypocrite who can STFU.Brad explained that they filmed some of MMS after he dumped his wife( my words).I can’t stand double standards so if Angelina is a homewrecker so is Aniston.

      As for this article it’s BS Grazia is tabloid worst than Star Magazine.Lupita met AJ last November when AJ received her honorary Oscar for humanitarian work.Lupita attended SAG with her brother.
      Im sure both Brad and AJ will help her w advice but she seems to be closer to Oprah,her most likely mentor .Oprah is having a party for her and introducing her to Black Hollywood like Tyler Perry,Potier,Forest,Cicely Tyson,Halle etc
      Yes I am Angelina Stan

  4. Yea, he could be my mentor. I think he is mad cool. He is handsome and suave. I’ll stop there, what I am thinking is inappropriate.*smirks*

    Is Lupita a threat Angela? *runs away*

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