The Only Reason I Tune Into Single Ladies

TERRENCEsingeladiesyou all should know terrence (played by harold “house” moore) by now.
if not then say “hello”.
he is the wolf swagged out brotha of malcolm on single ladies.
besides him,
the clothes,
and maybe the gay one…
huge yawn.
not a huge one,
but if i missed an episode,
i definitely wouldn’t cry in my pillow.

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “The Only Reason I Tune Into Single Ladies”

  1. I happened to turn to VH-1 and see him.I was like “Oooo.”

    Sorry but even he ain’t enough for me to sit through that awful acting and crappy dialogue.I’ll stick to looking at pictures.

  2. this season is HORRID since they got a new show runner. The white girl LACE FRONT WIGS are a wreck those edges…

  3. I happen to like tbe show. I think they’re pushing boundaries, and that’s cool. I also think they portray the life of successful, black, educated, middle-aged folks pretty well. (Terrence and Gabby’s love interest are beautiful to look at too)

  4. Damn, I was going to tell you about him lol. Here is an interesting fact about him that you may not have known. He was Kelly’s boyfriend in Destiny Child’s “Girl.” Yea that was him, and he was in “Solider.” Go head and watch the videos now. I know someone is.

    I’d go ape shit in that ass. *pounds on chest*

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