Tyrese Gives Us His Many Sides to Django Unchained

Style: "04"actor,
life guru,
and sometimes angry black man,
tyrese tried to get a role in django unchained.
you’ll see why i said “a role”.
anyway somehow his audition tape leaked and well…

well at least he gave us “dramatics”.
so he was trying out for leo’s role as the slave massah too?
yeah so tyrese needs to stick to:

a) driving a car
b) battling angry hood girlfriends
c) being angry
d) driving a car while battling his hood girlfriend and being angry

i’m glad┬átarantino made the right decision.

nooooo!!!!!” @ the end.
when i say i guffawed?
i think that was my favorite part.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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